Chapter 8 – In the Depths….the Curse is Stronger


I rush into the depths of the cave with the wolves.

We went to a 5-meter wide road but the shadow became thicker and thicker.

Does the curse become stronger as you go deeper?

Maybe the cause of the curse is in the depths.

Can I even purify it?

We move forward as I purify the shadows as far as my eyes can see.

….but after a while, the black shadows will increase again.

When I looked for its source, I found out that it seems to be seeping out of the wall.

I have a bad feeling about it.

When the shadow thickens, the wolves find it difficult to breathe.

Their bodies seem to be trembling too.

If I don’t do something, something bad will happen to them.

But what should I do?

Even if I purify the shadow, it will come out of nowhere again.

To keep them away, if this was a manga….I’ll need a barrier….

But that’s something that prevents monsters from attacking, right?

Will it have an effect on the curse?

Let’s try it for now.

First step is imagining a barrier covering me, the wolves, and the dog.

…..we are moving around so we should be enclosed like a balloon….

If the curse managed to get in the barrier, there’s no point in having it so I also put a purifying effect on the barrier….


Oohhh, when I thought that we were being covered with a bluish membrane, it disappeared.

However, the shadow can’t come close to us.

It looks like I’ve succeeded.

I think this is effective not only for shadows but also for physical attacks.

This is a world of magic.

I can use magic too.

If that is the case, there’s also the possibility of being sneak attacked.

Can I strengthen the barrier?

Well, let me try.

Ehto, imagining that it can respond to both physical and magical attacks is difficult.

….really difficult.

I’ll just imagine that if the barrier is attacked, the barrier will attack back.

Hmm, what kind of attack should I imagine?

….sword, katana, knife, bullet, bomb, magic, and so on.

Areh? I suddenly imagined a double counter-attack but….well, I guess it’s okay.


A squeaking sound echoes on the path.

And various colors run to the barrier before becoming transparent again.

….did I succeed?

The wolves are all staring at me.

Hnn? What’s wrong?

「Ah, it’s okay. I just reinforced the barrier.」

For some reason, everyone has complicated expressions.

Areh? Did my strengthening fail?

I wouldn’t know until we are attacked.

That would be unpleasant though.

Let’s move on.

After all, the shadow thickens as we go further.

The view is bad but I shouldn’t get frustrated.

I repeatedly cast purification while walking.

After walking quite a bit, we finally reached a wall.

And there’s also some sort of pathway that will lead to the next space.

This cave seems to be bigger than I thought.

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