Chapter 9 – At the Depths….a Black Rock?


When I entered the cave, the whole place was covered with black shadows so I couldn’t see anything.

I did not notice it back then but now, this is indeed a fairly large cave.

I felt like after walking for about 5 minutes, I finally arrived at the next space.

My eyes could only see shadows but when I purify it, I can slightly see the large space.

It feels like this space is similar to the space where I met the wolves when we entered this cave.

I’m not sure though since all I can see is shadow.

Looking at the wolves, they seem to be quite tired.

I think they’re weak because they were cursed.

I wonder if I should have taken a break first before moving.

That would be bad.

I don’t think we can take a break here.

There are shadows everywhere.

Its existence itself can make your mind exhausted.

If we really need to take a break, I’ll have to purify them first.

I control the range of purification using my imagination like what I did in the previous space.

Let’s try if I can purify this place in one go.


It’s annoying to do the same thing over and over again.


Visibility 0, I don’t know how far the interior is.

I just want to cover all this shadow.

I have no choice but to do something using magic.

Since this is a dark space, it should be night vision.

But if it is far, I wouldn’t be able to see it, right? Clairvoyance? What kind of clairvoyance?

….I don’t know.

Something that can make me see in the dark and see invisible things too….

Fufufu. Nothing is impossible using imagination.

Ah, I can imagine using night vision but seeing things at a distant….clairvoyance….


I have no idea how I should imagine it.

Let’s think of a different magic.

It’s nice that I could see this space.

Though I can imagine it…’s subtle.

I’m in the dark and I shouldn’t use my hands to feel things up so can I just imagine the flow of magic? Can I even do it?


I have no choice but to try.

「Night vision. Spatial recognition.」

Though I succeeded, I was scared.

Suddenly, there’s the image of this place in my head but it’s not like in the anime so it’s a problem.

Eh, next is using the image in my head to clean every corner of this place.



It felt great to be able to do it.

By the way, it’s really troublesome because shadows came from nowhere again.


This is perfect!

I put up a guts pose.

That’s embarrassing.

By the way, I realized that this place is really big.

I glanced at a certain place.

「I don’t want to see it but I can see it.」

At the end of my line of sight is a black rock. It is mass producing black, terrifying shadows.

No, I’ve never heard of a curse producing rock in japan.

Or maybe the reason why I’ve never heard of one because there’s no curse like this in Japan?

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