Arc 1 Chapter 3.4 – Igrid Race


Kousuke, who brought back the branch of the world tree from the elf Village, headed to the 73rd floor.

The first thing he did was to hand over the world tree power that the world tree of the elf village had given to Kousuke.

After doing that, the world tree grew bigger a little and its spirit, who’s only palm-size, has grown dramatically.

The spirit turned into an elementary school girl. She’s still lacking in her words but at least she’s now able to speak.

That change reminds him of the fairy he met in the elf village.

It asked him to give her a name so Kousuke gladly named her Esena and it made her smile.

Kousuke saw that smile.

(What a cute girl. Am I being awakened as a lo**….!?)

That kind of horrific awakening is another story.

Anyway, the next thing to do is to select the place to plant the branch of the world tree.

This was completely handed over to Sera who came back with them.

Sera chose the place and planted the branch. After that, Esena used her power to make it root on that place.

There was no particular change in its appearance but whether it could grow will be up to those who’ll take care of it.

Kousuke and Mitsuki returned to the management floor after seeing everything over.


—Scene Change—


Two days after returning from the elf village.

When he checked the management menu, the tower became LV 4.

However, there was no major change compared to the change it had when it turned LV3.

Along with new objects and summoning circles that can be installed on each floor, a new <Teleport> function was added.

<Teleport> function is a very convenient way to teleport from the tower(management floor) to the place you like in the Central continent.

It can only teleport you within the continent but it is still a very useful function so it should be utilized effectively.


Kousuke, who was still stuck in the creation of a status checking divine tool, was consulted by Mitsuki.

The 76th floor, which Mitsuki manages, has received a whole clan of the vampire princess Shrine.

The way she summons them is different from the summoning performed by Kouhi and Mitsuki.

Shrine’s vampire family, of course, has a very close blood connection. They can be said to have the same blood as soon as they became part of the family with the use of a vampire contract.

Shrine herself seems to have never made a vampire contract but it is said that family members can be called similar to how a normal summoning method is performed.

The closest thing that can be compared to is Kousuke’s contract with Kou.

Because of that, Shrine easily summoned her family to manage the castle.


「….So? What do you want to ask?」

「It’s about Shrine being able to freely go to the management floor that you “Reject”….can you tell me why?」

「Whenever I think of her coming here, all I can see is her targeting my blood.」

「Areh….isn’t that good? On the contrary, why shouldn’t she target your blood?」

Kousuke’s expression is as if he is pierced by something.


「From here on, the 73rd floor will be busier and the 5th floor will be open soon. On the other hand, Kousuke-sama is always staying indoors like now. Things will be really difficult in the future. 」

「…… that you mentioned it……well, I guess so….」

「That means it is better to have either me or Kouhi’s hand as free as possible but Kouhi’s hand should be full because of the elves’ migration.」

「….I see. So that’s why you thought of Shrine?」

「That’s right. And one more thing, she and Kousuke-sama have a blood contract.」

「Blood contract….?」

Kousuke never heard of that term before.

「When I summoned her, didn’t you give her your blood?」

「All I need to do is give her blood?」

「That’s right. She said she liked you so she’s tied to you from that moment.」

「…….there’s no problem with that, right?」

Mitsuki smiled wryly at Kousuke’s doubt.

「None. She should have become your familiar.」


When the bomb dropped, Kousuke let out a silly scream.

「Why don’t you check her status next time you meet? Things will be clear then.」

After listening to Mitsuki, Kousuke finally understood why she had to bring it up to him.

Basically, someone who has become a familiar of another will never be able to do anything against the master.

However, it is noted they can’t only act against the master so it is up to them if they want to save the master if the master’s life is in danger.

Going against means they can’t betray nor do anything that could endanger the master’s life. Otherwise, the familiar will just become a puppet that listens to what the master says.

This is good news since they now have a new family member when things are getting busy.


「So? Do you get it now? She won’t go for your blood so can she be a manager from now on?」


Kousuke felt like his defense was now crumbling because of logic.

It is certainly important to increase the number of reliable companions for the future.

「….I understand. Let’s make Shrine part of the management team.」

「Kousuke-sama, is that true?」

Suddenly, he heard a voice from behind and the person who owns that voice shouldn’t be there. Kousuke instinctively tried to stand up.

But he’s already too late since he was already being hugged from behind.

He felt like something soft was pressed against the back of his head but decided to ignore it.

「Sh….Shrine, when did you…..!?」

「From the time Mitsuki-dono came here?」

「That’s from the beginning….!?」

Kouhi and Mitsuki both didn’t say anything so Kousuke didn’t notice.

Both Kouhi and Mitsuki were grinning at them.

「So, is it not good for me to join here?」

Hearing the timid words of Shrine, Kousuke clogged up the words he was about to say.

「…..n….no, of course not….right?」


「Yeah, well, of course.」

It was a very noncommitted reply but even so, it made Shrine happy and hugged his head tighter.

「Thank you….!!」

When she said that, she hugged Kousuke even more tighter.

「Uwa…..wait a minute, if you put that much power….」

Shrine was puzzled why Kousuke’s expression looked weird but she soon realized the reason and smiled.

「I see. Kousuke-dono is a man after all.」

After saying so, she pressed her well-shaped chest to Kousuke even more.

「What are…」

Kousuke hurriedly looked at Kouhi and Mitsuki but for some reason, they sighed and laughed instead.

In this way, Kousuke’s defense versus Shrine’s offense will continue for a while.


—Scene Change—



After the skinship with Shrine was over, which was categorically denied by Kousuke, Shrine spoke to Kousuke again.

「Yeah. If my task is only managing the castle, my family is enough but since we need to take care of the whole floor, they are not enough. Because of that, I want to bring a race that has ties to us over there.」

「You have ties with them?」

「…They are a race that chose to spend time underground to avoid conflict a long time ago. They usually live in a place where no other race can get through. At some point, some of them come out of the surface to start a new life. And that’s their problem.」


「Yeah. Their race is famous for excellent appearance which can be said to be superior to the elves in a different meaning. Simply put, they are often described as dolls because of their small physique and never aging appearance.」

After saying that, Kousuke can already guess what happened.

Their race will definitely be targeted by those with bad hobbies. One can easily imagine what will happen to them.

「….Ah. I see, then?」

「To make matters worse, along with their appearance, the Igrid is a very weak race. At some point, a member of my family made a deal with the right compensation. The Igrid has come under our protection since then.」

「…and that is?」

「It’s their blood and they have to make things for our family. They’ve been underground for a long time and they’re famous for being dexterous.」

「….It’s blood after all….」

Hearing Kousuke’s words, Shrine was somewhat offended.

「Let me tell you this. It seems like Kousuke-dono has a little misunderstanding about us. My family certainly drink a person’s blood but it is not a necessity.」

「…Eh? Really!?」

That is the first time Kousuke heard of it.

「That’s right. For us, a person’s blood is more of a luxury item.」

「Heh, is that so?……my apologies.」

「N-no, you don’t have to apologize….No, well….cough. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, they have been under our protection for a long time.」

She nodded to Kousuke, who apologized to her obediently. Shrine stares at Kousuke warmly.

「I see. So Shrine wants to let the Igrid migrate to the tower?」

「…can’t they?」

「No, I think that’s a good idea. I’m also interested in their dexterousness.」

「Really….! No, I mean, great. Then, I’ll arrange to have them migrate here.」

「Ah, oi….wait. I haven’t made you a manager yet….」

Kousuke can only smile wryly as he sees Shrine leave the room vigorously.

「Sorry Mitsuki. Can you chase after her and tell her how to operate the teleportation gate? I’ll set her up as a manager.」

「As you wish.」

Mitsuki nodded to Kousuke’s request and left the management room.

After that, only Kousuke and Kouhi were left behind.


In the end, before the teleportation gate on the 5th floor was opened, the elves on the 73rd floor and the igrid on the 76th floor migrated.

Let’s Manage the Tower TOC

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