Chapter 72 – Hacking


「Hnn, hnnn…..? Takeru, have we finally arrived?」

「What do you mean by have we finally arrived? Everyone has already started capturing the “White Tower of Trials”. Get up.」

I went to a covered wagon to wake up Oracle-chan who was sleeping wrapped in a blanket.

She’s hugging a large pillow while rubbing her eyes wistfully. She’s still sleeping even though it is already afternoon.

Yesterday, my slave girls were a bit noisy until late at night so they also lacked sleep.

For Oracle, she’s been living underground for a very long time so I can’t help but wonder if this is normal for her.

「Hnn, Takeru, give me more. I’m still sleepy.」

「Get up already.」

Oracle hugged me and tried to pull me into the blanket so I pushed her away.

Don’t hug me, OFF!

「If you give me a good morning kiss I’ll get up.」

「Stop playing around. If you don’t go, we can’t start capturing the dungeon. Get dressed.」

My main objective is speed. To capture the 100 story white tower, I won’t mind using 5000 adventurers.

To cheat more, the power of Oracle, who used to be a dungeon master, is necessary.

In addition to the professionals in capturing a dungeon, using a professional in making a dungeon will surely speed up the capture speed.

「Come here, dress me up.」

「Good grief…」

Oracle, who’s only wearing underwear, raises her hands and asks me to dress her up. How spoiled can she get?

But, it can’t be helped….

Oracle will only act this time if we provide her comfortable service.

I brought her usual clothes with one big shoulder sleeve.

「Umu, dungeon master Oracle, how do you feel?」

「How do I feel….well, I feel refreshed.」

When we left the covered wagon, the first place I took Oracle-chan to is the entrance of the “White Tower of Trials”.

5000 adventurers are going in and out of the tower’s entrance. Everyone seems to be busy carrying monster corpses, dismantling them, and cooking food.

「Oracle, what can you say? I mean as a dungeon master.」

「Well, I’m hungry.」

I hurriedly brought the best piece of fat meat of an orc from the kitchen and threw it in Oracle’s mouth.

Chew and eat well. If you want another one, I’ll get it for you. All for the sake of you starting to work as soon as possible.

「Nmu, maa, ngu….cough. The guardian of this white tower, it is this thing.」

After eating with satisfaction, Oracle-chan goes and hits the pedestal of the 3-meter statue of Asama in the entrance of the tower.

「Yeah. According to sensei, this is a strong guardian.

When I heard that it can move, I figured out that the holy wand on the hand of Asama’s statue is some sort of blunt weapon.

In short, this eerie looking goddess statue is really a golem.

「This is just a stone statue, to be more specific, a gargoyle that can suddenly attack. This golem is made from that kind of technology. It is programmed to move based on certain conditions and attack those who will touch the bottom line rule of this place.」

Oracle-chan fiddled up with the pedestal, spotted something, and opened it.

Who would have thought that there is a console there? It looks like it’s just a piece of marble.

I can also read the ancient language written on the console.

My language cheat became useful for the first time in a while. The console on the pedestal seems to serve as an input/output device for the white tower system.

「There is a command limit on this floor.」

Oracle-chan, who played with the console, freely manipulated the goddess statue.

With just a little touch, the goddess statue/golem fell to her control. As expected of a dungeon master.

「You’re amazing.」

「By the way, if you want to control the whole tower system, we have to get in the main command. The closest place we can get into it is the 27th floor.」

Since Oracle-chan says so, our present target is the 27th floor.

For an experiment, Oracle-chan remotely controlled the goddess statue and had it fight against a group of ogre lords. A raging Princess Knight Eleonora yells at her.

「Eleonora, we’re currently busy so go away.」

The three-meter eerie goddess statue is quite strong.

The goddess statue waved down the holy wand several times to the group led by an ogre lord. The ogre lord’s group made a sound similar to tomatoes being squished with each swing until they turn into nothing but stains on the floor.

The guardian is a scary enemy but as an ally, it’s reliable.

If there is no need to consider the Lanct Duchy, and if the noisy princess knight is not here, I would have used the power of this statue to capture this dungeon.

「You bastards, what are you doing to the sacred “White Tower of Trials”?」

「What do you mean what? We are obviously trying to capture it, right Oracle?」

Oracle and I both nod.

Oracle even makes the goddess statue nod.

「How can you try to capture it with such a cowardly strategy! This “White Tower of Trials” has a long history and tradition. It has an important role of making a hero grow by overcoming the trials given by the goddess. You can’t clear it by cheating!」

When she said that, I must admit that I felt a little guilty.

Having a cheat is cheating, she’s wrong.

「Oi, lass, just now, you said we’re cheating. What’s wrong with our strategy?」

「Attacking using 5000 mercenaries and rewriting the guardian’s program without permission, everything you do is messed up in the first place!」

Well, I’m not sure what the princess knight is trying to say but we are trying to capture this place seriously.

However, Oracle-chan won’t sweet talk a lass with too much idealism.

「Those are not prohibited if you want to talk about the rules of this dungeon. We are not cheating at all.」

「Even if you say that, you certainly are if you use common sense.」

Does she even know who she’s speaking with? She’s the proved and tested great teacher Oracle-chan.

Even if she looks like a little demon girl, she’s a dungeon master maestro with three hundred years of experience.

「Okay, lass, I am having a serious match as a dungeon master against the old queen Liliella who already died. The lord of this “White Tower of Trials” tried to protect the tower with only rigid rules and inorganic objects without leaving a living master like me who can respond to any situation flexibly.」

「What are you saying?」

「I mean that’s her weakness. The lord of this tower already lost when she was not able to assume that someone like me would come. Dungeon creation is a high-level intellectual game where you’ll commit all of your intelligence, physical strength, and imagination to the limit. It is a comprehensive art. It can be said that not using everything you have in hand to capture a dungeon is blasphemy. Lass who doesn’t understand anything, stop being presumptuous and get out of the way!」


The princess knight, who was completely defeated, said incomprehensible words.

If you understand, get back, Princess Eleonora.

「Silesie’s Herooo!」


Eleonora unsheathed a straight sword and charged at me.

Why me? Just because you were beaten in an argument you would suddenly use force against me!

「B-bastard, I can’t stop!」

「What are you even doing?」

If I use the sword of light, her sword will be cut smoothly and it will go straight at her which might kill her so I took out the neutral sword from my left hand.

The neutral sword is shining in dull silver and it is more delicate compared to the sword of light or sword of darkness.

Maa, I can also adjust the power to some extent. It only cut the Princess Knight Eleonora slowly and it is also shallow.

But the other party is the princess knight. It will be possible to fatally wound her even if I sloppily match her.

「You, are you crying….」

「Dish ish four da wyte tower of trial!」

What the. She’s really crying. Is that enough for someone to cry?

Eleonora still looks young but in this world, a fifteen year old person is already an adult so she’s expected to act like one.

Even if she walks another hundred steps, she’s still a smelly brat.

She’s trained as a female knight and her body was able to catch up to that. However, her mentality is still of a child.

「What? You don’t like it? Then talk first and don’t just go slashing someone!」


Even though the difference in ability is clear, I tried to find out why Eleonora suddenly got angry. Too angry that she even tried to slash me.

Dealing with this girl is really troublesome.

To sum up what she said, the “White Tower of Trials” is a memorable place for Eleonora. She has trained here many times ever since she was a knight apprentice.

She admires the legend of Queen Liliella, longed for a great hero who’ll challenge this white tower. As a knight, she can’t permit us to defile this place.

Who cares about your selfish thoughts!

Since this princess knight has come to this, let’s just use swords against her.

「Then, let’s duel. Let’s settle this using sword.」


Eleonora looks at me with a slightly surprised face as she wipes her tearing blue eyes with her hands.

Why are you so surprised? We already started cutting each other and we are originally at war.

「Eleonora, I know you’re not convinced. Let’s make a black and white knight duel.」

「Fu-fuh….great. If it is a knight duel without any cowardly cheats, I will not lose!」

Why do you even think that you won’t lose? Didn’t you already experience our difference in power?

It might sound like she has an unyielding spirit but the Princess Knight Eleonora is just a stubborn girl.

「Since it has come to this, I will fight you thoroughly and beat you up until you give up.」

「That’s what I want. Against a coward who doesn’t deserve to be called a hero, I won’t lose!」

Someone had to break the high bridge of the nose of this princess.

Given her irresponsible and unbearable behavior, I feel sorry for the heavy knight corps who are under this selfish girl. That includes the butler knight Kato too.

「My apologies, Oracle. Please continue checking out the dungeon.」

「Okay. I’ll do that while Takeru is playing with the ridiculously cocky lass. It will be great if you beat her ass.」

Oracle-chan rode on the shoulder of the huge goddess statue and headed to the depths of the white tower.

The Garan Mercenaries are also divided into teams so they are advancing non stop in capturing areas of the tower. I won’t have my turn for some time.

However, that doesn’t mean that I’m useless here. I still have the role of making sure that we are effectively using resources, I’m a merchant after all.

Seeing the strength of Princess Knight Eleonora from her previous strike, I thought of using her as a punching bag for my training against Freed.

There are also times where I can no longer endure my irritation given how selfish this princess knight is.

It might be more fun to beat a punching bag rather than being a spectator general.

From the entrance of the tower, there is a certain building that is very suitable for that.

As expected of the “White Tower of Trials”, it is surrounded by ruined buildings and there’s a small arena for duels among it.

I decided to start a duel with Eleonora while the mercenaries and my slave girls who are members of my personal guard corps are eating so they can spectate.

Then, Ria, who looked worried, ran up to me.

「What’s wrong Ria? Are you worried about how similar you are to the princess knight?」

Well, it’s not like they look alike.

But they both have blonde hair and blue eyes.

「My hero-sama, that’s not it. You’re finally going to have a duel with knight Eleonora.」

No, my opponent is just the princess knight, do you really have to be that serious?

I couldn’t read her intention but I have a bad premonition. Before I knew it, she’s already so close to me.

「Y-yeah….maa, Ria should prepare a healing potion since she’s going to get hurt.」

「Then, I’ll buff you with Asama’s blessing.」

While saying so, she slowly walks towards me with open arms. Then, turned into a beast.

She suddenly grabbed my face and gave me a passionate kiss.


I was dazzled because of the surprise attack.

Her breathing, timing, speed, power, and accuracy are in perfect sync.

If she slashed me then, I would have died. She’s definitely stronger than my duel opponent.

Also, don’t force your tongue in!

「Chooo….the kiss of blessing is complete.」


I should have expected this outcome but I completely let my guard down.

I just rub my lips as she laughs with satisfaction. It looks like she has always wanted to do this.

「To flirt and kiss deeply a woman just before a duel….」

After seeing Ria’s bold move, the princess knight Eleonora seems to be burning like her armor.

Her fighting spirit rises like flame. She looks seriously angry. Isn’t it advantageous for me to have an enemy like this?

「Ehto….Eleonora. You can choose whatever weapon you like. I’ll use two swords.」

I picked up a black cedar sword as my second sword. I feel like Eleonora glanced at my black wooden sword and gave off a “this would be easy” attitude.

What a bad girl. She’s acting like that even though this black cedar sword is stronger than steel.

「Then, I’ll also use two swords. I will use two of my favorite sabers. This is a match but I’ll apologize first. I’m sorry if I killed you.」

「Ah, come on and stop talking nonsense.」

What do you mean by killing me? This girl, she really doesn’t understand the difference in our abilities.

Maa, it is convenient that the other party is dual-wielding too. Freed is like that so this will be a good mock battle.

「Germanicus sword art, Eleonora Lanct Am-main, here I go!」


She made two consecutive attacks that are almost a strong move but I parry them with my wooden sword without any difficulty. However, is this really the Germanicus style?

I wonder if Eleonora can use the emperor sword art that Freed uses. She’s an upper rank noble so she might know.

「Germanicus style, relentless sword!」

This type of fierce slashing that drops defense is something I’m familiar with.

In preparation for my battle against Freed, I had Louise teach me sword techniques. The Germanicus style is a type of western sword art that the founder of Germania Empire mastered himself.

The main point of this type of technique is to mow down the opponent using big swings or to target a weak spot. Given those objectives, the user will need to drop defense especially when dual wielding.

This is also logical since the imperial family and the royal family will be worn out by their magic armors.

By the way, I trained like that too so let’s start with the basics.

「Hokushin Itto ryuu, circle style….」

I moved my sword in a circular motion and smoothly parried the opponent’s sword.

This is a basic defense technique that can be used even when dual wielding.

「That’s, fast!」

「Hey hey, what’s wrong」

However, the Princess Knight Eleonora got caught in a feint too soon.

She’s too easy to play with. I don’t even need to train my advance techniques with her. Let me just calm my mind and increase the precision of my basic techniques.

I continue to parry Eleonora’s large swing, defenseless attacks.

Even though she’s exhausted to the point that her shoulders move as she breathes, she did not stop attacking.

When you clash swords with someone, you can truly understand the character of that person.

She’s direct and straightforward. Like a child, she believes that absolute justice exists in this world.

That innocence may be a virtue even though she’s just a soldier who’s following orders.

However, as a knight who leads others, she’s immature and can be said to be the worst commander of an army.

「Ha…..ha, you, YOU! You’re making a fool out of me!」

「Fumu, do you want to take a break?」

Eleonora, who has reached the extremity of fatigue, is moving too monotonously.

As for me, this is just a parry training so I can continue even for the next 100 years.

「Stop making fun of meeeeeeeeee! Germanicus style, three step thrust!」

Oh, she has changed her style a little. She really has a good spirit.

However, Eleonora, if you use that technique like that, the sword emperor will cry.

「Hokushin Itto ryuu, two step thrust!」

I lightly dodge the first thrust of the princess knight and block the other two.

If you’ll ever use a thrusting technique, you should use a feint first in order to break the opponent’s stance or it will be pointless.

That’s the reason why I easily blocked her other two strikes.

「Uuaaaa, three step thrust! Three step thrust!」

「Jikishin kare ryuu, eight phase blast!」

Eleonora finally went berserk so rained her with attacks using both of my hands.

She was not able to defend against my eight phase blast so I struck her fiery armor with all my might.


Eleonora was blown away when she was hit three times by me on her belly.

As she was flying in the air right now, I smiled a little.

「Oi, are you okay?」

「I can…….not overrrrrr!」

She’s good at taking a beating.

All right, let’s see how far you can endure.

「Hokushin Itto ryuu, meteor!」

I stepped with my right foot, bent down my left leg, pretended to target my opponent’s hand with an attack from below, jumped up, and slashed my opponent from above.

Though Eleonora reacted and defended herself in a moment, I can still easily target her head.

Bashin, the sound of being hit on the shoulder with a big move was heard.

Anyway, I’m here to train so no splitting of head will happen.


「Feints aren’t cowardly. If this is a battlefield, how many times have you already died if you’re not wearing your armor?」

On the battlefield, surprise attacks are the best method of attacking. Eleonora is someone with no common sense.

Both as a female knight and as a vice general, she already experienced it.

Even if she doesn’t, she should have been educated in her knight’s training, right?

Did she use the backdoor by throwing money?

「I will never lose to a cowardly hero like you!」

She’s so irritating that she’s already stimulating my sadistic mind.

Alright, I’ll do what I can to tolerate her.

「Hokushin Itto ryuu, star king sword!」

Due to extreme concentration, Eleonora’s already slow movement seems to have stopped.

I put enough energy to my two swords and hammered them to Eleonora’s body with all my might.

Eleonora could not even scream. She was blown away to the edge of the arena, sunk into the wall, and got buried a little by the ruined wall.

Even though it is not bladed, black cedar is harder than iron. It can kill an ordinary person with a simple slash but if it is a tough one, that person should be fine.

「How is it? Still want to continue?」

「I can still….I will not lose!」

Even if I already showed the difference in power, her blue eyes are still burning with fighting spirit. Even though she’s tattered, she still managed to stand up.

She picked up her straight sword that fell earlier.


「It’s sad that your skill doesn’t match your fighting spirit.」

When Eleonora continued her semicircular attack, I just deflected it using the strength of my upper body to trim all the power behind it.

Eleonora falls face down and crawls on the ground.

「You should train a little more before challenging someone to a duel.」

「I can stillllllll!」

The princess knight’s heart is not broken yet. While covered with dirt, she picks up her straight sword again and rises like a zombie.

She moves forward like that and slashes like an evil spirit. She’s just wasting energy. I wonder if I can use her to generate power instead. Princess knight electric generator……impossible.

「It can’t be helped, star king sword! Star king sword! Star king sword!」

I casually parried the princess knight’s straight sword and continuously slash her accurately on her shoulder, torso, gauntlet.

This is a training to improve the accuracy of my technique using a moving target in order to kill my opponent.

「Gyaaaa, my sword!」

I forgot how many clashes it has met with my sword but finally, it could no longer stand it. The princess knight’s sword broke.

Her flame armor is a durable magic item but her straight sword is a normal steel sword. It will eventually break after clashing continuously with my black cedar sword.

「Your sword broke before your heart, you’re a stubborn one.」

「I can stilllll!」

Even though I recognized it as a good battle and it made my mood good in the end. It would have gone longer if the sword did not break.

Unyielding will, you are like Charles de Gaulle. If you can learn a little more, you’ll probably become a good general.

After the blade broke into pieces, she threw the handle at me.

Uwa, now, how should I deal with her?

「Stay put. Don’t mess with me.」


As expected, I can’t swing a sword against an unarmed woman so I threw my sword and fought her with my fist.

This girl’s punches are heavy and strong. I never thought she could hit me. It would have been dangerous if I’m not wearing my mithril armor.

That was an amazing discovery. Perhaps the gauntlets of her flame armor are better than her sword.

It would be better if you’ve been a boxer.

「But this is just an annoyance because it will not be training if I’m not using a sword.」

「Take thisssss」

This is no longer a knight’s duel but a boxing match.

「Damn it, it can’t be helped.」


Even if it is now a fist fight, there’s no difference. Her attack is monotonous so I used feint and foot work.

I take her arm and twist it up. I don’t know much about grappling techniques but I have enough knowledge to know where the joints are.

「Eleonora, if you don’t give up, I’ll break your arm!」

「Break it!」

Is that so? She probably thought that I wouldn’t do it so I did it.

I put more strength into it and a heavy sound resounded. Her arm is now bent in an impossible direction.

「Gyaaaaaa, it hurrrrttttsssssss, it’s broookkkkeeeennnn!」

「I broke it.」

I showed her I’m serious.

I’m not sure whether her bone broke or is it just her joint but I’m sure it hurts like hell.

「It huuurrrtttsssss」

「Of course, since it hurts enough to make you cry, give up now!」

「No, I’m not hurt at all.」

「Ah, please….」

Even with her sword’s broken, her arm’s broken, her heart’s still not broken.

After thinking about what to do, I pressed down Princess Knight Eleonora’s body and stripped off her magical cloak and also began removing the metal fittings of her flame armor.

What am I doing?

I’m stripping her!

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