Arc 1 Chapter 3.5 – Village Building Start


A week after the teleportation gate from Ryuusen opened.

The “Amamiya Pavillion”, which is the base on Ryuusen’s side, was visited by more people than ever before.

Until that day, only around 10 groups have used that pavilion.

In the first place, it can also be considered as Wahid group’s fault since they only informed those who they met when they were still working as adventurers.

In addition, the usage fee for using the teleportation gate is also expensive.

They wanted to narrow it down to those who don’t mind paying or to those who rented a building on the fifth floor in order to operate in the tower.

The result is the current situation.

Yesterday, some of those who worked in the tower’s village(planned) brought back a variety of materials including medicinal herbs that could sell for a high price.

The monsters there are said to be hunterable for a certain rank. However, they are considered to be rare in Ryuusen so their materials fetch a high price.

The rumor spread around among the adventurers overnight.

As a result, the area around the Amamiya Pavilion was crowded with adventurers.

Some of them are trying to squeeze themselves in to be able to enter the building first and confusion is growing.

That time.

A woman, Sarasa, came out of the building and called them out.

「Please listen. As you can see, many of you want to use the gate today. Unfortunately, the gate can only be used every few hours so take note that it will take time before everyone can get through.」

After hearing that explanation, the adventurers yell “Don’t joke around”, “Make it faster”, etc.

「If you have complaints, you don’t have to use it.」

Those words made the crowd quiet down.

「Thus, wait in line properly. By the way, those on the side and not lining up properly as well as those who have been violent will be banned so be careful.」

With that advice, the adventurers reluctantly began to form a line.

「Thank you very much. Also, this is my advice, if you are not prepared to camp, you have to prepare now. It seems like there’s no more eye-catching things left in places you can go on a day trip.」

Hearing that, about half of the adventurers went back to Ryuusen.

Those who were left behind waited in line obediently.


There was a person who watched everything from the window on the second floor of the building.


「….good grief….even though they call themselves adventurers, they’re not even prepared to camp.」

When he heard what Wahid just said, a man near him smiled wryly.

「There are some rumors circulating since yesterday that you could pick up treasures as soon as you enter the tower.」

「Is that so….? Well, rumors like that will subside soon.」

The 5th floor, monsters’ expensive drops aside, medicinal herbs will not come out that often.

「That’s already expected….」

Nodding to Wahid’s words is the merchant Schmidt.

Schmidt was called by Wahid for something so he went there too.

He was invited to set up a store in the tower’s village(planned).

By the way, Wahid doesn’t know that Schmidt was the first merchant to deal with Kousuke when he first came to this world.

Of course, Schmidt doesn’t know that Wahid is related to Kousuke too.

As a very talented peddler, he had heard stories from several merchants in Ryuusen about Wahid so he made contact with him.


「So, since you have visited me all the way here, does it mean you have considered what we previously talked about?」

「…yes. Looking at what happened, I should definitely jump on it….This isn’t something that a merchant like me can overlook.」

Wahid smiled while Schmidt smiled bitterly.

「Maa, I guess so….So, are you going to accept the conditions I asked you before?」

「Yes, of course. Rather than that, like I asked before, is it really okay?」

The conditions that Wahid put out for Schmidt to set up a store in the village(planned) were quite exceptional.

Schmidt even finds it suspicious.

「Of course. So, shall we head to the other side…is what I want to say but since it has become like this now, do you mind going there later?」

「Alright. I agree. That would be better.」

Schmidt nodded and agreed.

That evening, when the chaos finally calmed down, Wahid took Schmidt to the village(planned).


—Scene Change—


「Oya, isn’t that Schmidt? What is a peddler like you doing in this place?」

When Schmidt visited the village(planned), there was an adventurer acquaintance that called out to him.

「Oya. Zasan, are you here to hunt?」

「That’s right. I heard that you could rent a base in the tower. I rented one to try it out. It wasn’t at a price I couldn’t pay.」

「I see. So, what’s the result?」

Hearing Schmidt’s question, the man called Zasan smiled from ear to ear.

「Did you not hear about the rumors about this place?」

「I did but as a person who plans to open a store here, I want to know things as accurately as possible.」

「….what? You’re going to set up a store here?」

「That’s why I’m here.」

「I see. If that is the case, take a look. If you can take care of these materials so that I don’t have to use the gate, I would not ask for more.」

「Thank you….However, it is impossible for me to buy them today. I don’t have anything with me now.」

「I know.」

After that, Zasan laughed “gahaha” loudly.


While heading to the base used by Zasan’s party, he decided to collect some information.

「So, how does it feel on this side?」

「Not bad. Anyway, presently, if the number of people increases and taking other floors aside, this will be a village for nurturing rookies.」

「….is that so? Does that mean that you have already gone to other floors?」

「We haven’t. But I heard Gazara’s group went to the 6th floor. As expected, it seems impossible to go there as a day trip from here.」

Gazara is a well-known adventurer’s party in Ryuusen.

By the way, they are also the party that brought back materials to Ryuusen the other day.


Schmidt’s eyes popped out after hearing that information.

He did not think that one floor was that wide.

It seems like Zasan knows what he’s thinking.

「We didn’t think that it would be this wide either. I know how you feel….I don’t even know what kind of person will be able to capture this place.」

「From what I heard, there are more than fifty floors.」

「Ah. No kidding.」


They arrived at Zasan’s base while talking like that.

Schmidt was immediately brought to a temporary storage location and popped his eyes again upon seeing the items there.

「These are….」

Those items are not particularly rare in some places.

However, that is “in some places”.

Some of them are needed for daily life and some things can only be obtained by trading in some place outside Ryuusen.

And those items can be found there.

「How is it?」

「This is wonderful. If you can harvest them every day, Ryuusen will change.」

「No, every day is….No, that depends on the amount….ah, if that happens, this place will be exhausted for overhunting.」

「You’re right….」

「Maa, actually, I think it still depends on how big this place is.」

Schmidt nodded in agreement again.

「Thank you in advance. The store you’ll open will be very helpful. 」

「Also….I’d be happy if you open up a tavern. 」

「….I’ll think about it. 」

「I’ll thank you for that. 」

After having such a conversation, the two parted on the spot.


In the end, Schmidt decided to open a temporary store two days later using a medium-sized store that Kousuke had prepared.

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