Chapter 404 – Help




Yours Truly.


Even in Shashaato City, winter is extremely cold.

Everyone, how are you spending it?

I’m buried in work.

Now, the reason I took time to write a letter this time is because I wanted to appeal about a certain event.

The honorary principal of Ifrus School took the four subordinates I trained so hard!

What is the meaning of this!

No matter how much I ask for reinforcements, you have always ignored me and the moment I thought of training children from scratch in order to be a help to me, they have been taken just when they started to become useful! Do you even understand how I feel!

You don’t!

I will protest this matter no matter what!

I sincerely believe that you will return the four to me and receive corresponding compensation.


「This is a letter full of rage.」

I show the letter to Loo, who’s in the kotatsu with me.

The honorary principal that was mentioned in the letter is her, right?

What did you even do when you were in Shashaato City?


She replied with a laugh.


The letter sender is the mercury Miyo.

She looks like a little maid girl but she’s an excellent worker.

I sent her as a backup accountant for Marla and Big Roof Shashaato.

After that, I admit that everything else was poorly handled.

But I didn’t ignore her.

I was going to send some of the new civil servant girls there this spring and I even asked both Michael-san and Youko to send some good people.

I am sure they have sent reinforcements. I heard it from Paula who’s traveling regularly back and forth ever since she gave birth. There shouldn’t be any problem.

For the time being, let’s pull the laughing Loo’s cheek.

「Awsh awsh」

「Now, what does this mean? You took her people?」

「Ehto….To put it simply, the economic power of Shashaato City has risen and there aren’t enough people who could do accounting.」


「The accounting of Ifrus School is a total mess. When I got there, I managed to do something but it would be dangerous if I were to leave….」

「So you took Miyo’s subordinates?」

「There are as many as 27 people from Big Roof Shashaato that can do accounting. I thought it would be no problem if a few were to leave. And I did not take them. When Miyo was sleeping, I just talk to them…..awtz awtz」

Let’s apologize to Miyo.

「Those four, can you give them back?」

「That would be bad. If you return them to her, the Ifrus School will collapse.」

「That bad? Isn’t it a school?」

「All the leading figures in certain subjects are gathered there. Knowledge in economic concepts, accounting skills, etc. are different….When we looked for teachers, we did not look for anyone who can do accounting. I have borrowed three accountants from Goroun company but Goroun Company is also requesting for their return because they don’t have enough accountants too….」


Let’s apologize to Michael-san too.

For the time being, let’s compile them into a “to do” list….

Yeah, let’s have the civil servant girls speed up the deployment.

It’s winter so I’m holed up in my mansion.

I already told them that they will be deployed this spring so they might complain but let’s just do something about it later.

Also, let’s check Bell in Village Four.

If a new mercury can be awakened, that will be a good solution.

Ah, but it is not certain if that person will have an accounting skill.

But it is a race that was made to manage the Sun Castle so there’s still a possibility.


「Accounting-related? I can introduce some from the Garret Kingdom if you like.」

Kierbit’s mother, Malbit, suddenly put her head out of the kotatsu and suggested that.

「You were in the kotatsu…..shouldn’t it be too hot since you are already wearing a hanten? Let’s not talk about that. What do you mean by introduce?」

「Because it’s warm here. Well, in Garret Kingdom, the graduates of schools that focus on academics are finding it hard to get employed.」

「Are those said graduates can do accounting?」

「Yes, however, some might not want to move here because this is the demon king’s kingdom….there are many humans in Shashaato City so they might find it okay there. I can introduce at least 20 people. Of course, you have to prepare some money.」

「What is the maximum?」


「What is the maximum number of people you can introduce?」

「Ah, about a hundred…..」

「I’ll take them all. Thank you very much.」

「B-but, money….」

「I’ll prepare advance payment.」

If I can solve it with money, I will solve it with money.

I never thought that there would be a day where I think like this.


I asked Malbit to write a letter to the Angel’s village.

It is because I want to gather people who can do accounting as soon as possible.

Though it would be faster if Malbit returns home….

「By the way, how long will Malbit stay here?」

「Until spring.」

「Aren’t you the shrine maiden of the Garret Kingdom?」

「It’s okay it’s okay. Gobit is there to take charge.」


「My mother’s alias. Outsiders don’t know that the chief and the shrine maiden are the same person.」

Kierbit came over with a tray of hot drinks.

They are for Malbit, who’s hiding under the kotatsu, for me, and for Loo.

Thank you.

「The shrine maiden is important but even if she’s not there, there won’t be any immediate problem. The problem is the absence of vice chief….」

The vice chief is Tier’s mother, Ruincia, and she’s still in the village.

She’s living gracefully while cherishing Tiselle and Aurora.

And unlike Malbit, she doesn’t wear hanten then go under the kotatsu.

「I would love it if you give me grandchildren instead.」

Malbit pokes Kierbit from the kotatsu.

Kierbit is embarrassed but I don’t have anything to do with that so don’t come here.

Let’s leave these two alone.

「Even if you shake off the topic from Ruincia, you will still have to talk about it.」

「Right, she even consulted me about immigrating here a while ago.」

Loo said that.


She’s Tier’s mother so if she wants to immigrate, I will welcome her but I hope there won’t be problems with the Garret Kingdom.

「If Ruincia moves here, I’ll move here too.」

「Wai, mother, have you gone insane! You are the chief of us angels!」

「At this moment, I will pass my position as chief of the angels to Ki-chan. Good luck.」

「What should I do about the angel’s village if Ruincia is gone! Please stop joking around!」

「I’m not joking around.」

「That makes things worse! Mother, you should stop vice chief and protect the village!」

「Eh? But while I do that, isn’t Ki-chan only spending her time leisurely in this village?」

「I’m not taking it easy here. I went around to patrol earlier. I have a proper job. I’m not like mother who only sleeps under the kotatsu.」

「I’m not only sleeping. I’m working properly too.」

「Working? No way?」

Kierbit looks at me. I don’t know anything.

Could it be that she means the letter she just wrote?

Ah, you’re done writing.

I will keep it.

「Writing that letter is indeed not something that can be called a job.」

When Malbit said so, Kuroyon came over.

「Oh, I’ve been waiting for you.」

Malbit welcomes him.


Kuroyon is super enthusiastic.

What is happening?

「Fufufu. Yesterday, I finally took the lead in chess desu.」


That’s a lie, right?

「Even though I say that, it is only a 6 win and 4 losses. However, I now have the status of chess champion. This is my job.」

Malbit is proud.

No, I don’t think you can call that a job either.

Look, Kierbit looks troubled too.

The only one who’s not troubled is Kuroyon.

He barked lightly as if saying he won’t lose today.

「Yes yes. Let’s start playing.」

Malbit came out of the kotatsu and surrounded a chessboard with Kuroyon.

「How about the matter of being the chief?」

Kierbit asks.

「Don’t worry, I’m just joking with you but….if you want to be the chief, I’ll help you. 」

「No, even if you say that. 」

「Also, about vice chief, I’ll ask her how serious she is about immigrating…. 」

「She already asked me about how much will it cost if a house would be built for her and what job can she do once she started living here.」

Loo told them apologetically.

「She’s pretty serious. This is bad. 」

「You said that but why in the kotatsu again? 」

「….I want to get a little warmer. 」

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