Chapter 405 – Extra: Lie



「Ririus, the elves and dwarves available are about 1,200. We’re going forward as planned.」

「Riguru, wait a little longer. The territory army forces haven’t been deployed yet.」

「The territory army again? Why don’t we go and let them catch with us later?」

「If we do that, there will be trouble later. We should make it look that we fought and won together.」


「If you have any complaints, why don’t you go and kick the butt of the territory army commander?」

「Can I? Leave it to me, I’ll yell at that person. By the way, who’s the commander of the army?」



「Yeah, it’s Sil-aniki.」

「When did aniki come?」

「Last night. I told that to you during this morning’s meeting.」

「Ahaha….I was sleeping.」

「Then, do your best and yell at Sil-aniki. And if you can, please tell him that I, Ririus, has nothing to do with it.」

「Ahaha. Ah, yeah….I’m sorry. Let’s wait for the territory army to arrive.」

「Good. It would be nice if Sil-aniki and not me would serve as the commander in chief. It’s annoying to be in charge.」

「This is a question of face, right? “Big Tree Village” doesn’t seem to care about what’s happening though.」

「I think the problem is because I’m the one representing “Big Tree Village”.」

「Yeah, if it is Alfred-sama, who’s plowing the field, would be sent to the battlefield, I’m already sorry for the opponent.」

「Ah….yeah, you’re right. If Alfred-sama goes, Ursa-sama will go too….」

「I’m sure Tiselle-sama will follow too.」

「Hiichirou-sama, Guraru-sama, and Rananon-sama may also go. But I wouldn’t want Aurora-sama to join. 」

「Aurora-sama is the peace in everyone’s heart. 」

「Absolutely. I’m sorry about complaining. I’ll do my best as the commander of “Big Tree Village”. 」

「I’ll be with you, eldest brother. By the way….what is that? 」

「Areh? 」

「Look, the sky at the south. 」

「…….angels and harpies. The flag is….”Big Tree Village”? 」

「Have you heard anyone joining the army today? 」

「I didn’t. Ah, the one leading is Lupumirina-sama. 」

「Looks like she’s full of motivation….I wonder if Kuudel-sama’s there too? 」

「Might be. I like Kuudel-sama’s diving bomb. Were they able to take out the horns? Were they permitted by village chief? 」

「I bet they don’t. 」

「Don’t bet. Ah, they used it. The gate was blown away. 」

「That means we already won this battle, right? 」

「I guess so but that would mean that all the hard work of Ratte and Torain in holding down the fort will be for nothing.」

「Looks like it. 」

「What should we say to the two of them?」

「Tell them the truth. Do I have to tell you not to lie?」

「I see. You’re right. Also, this time, as the commander in chief, I have to lodge a complaint to Lupumirina-sama.」

「Hang in there, eldest brother!」

「This is not happening. Please tell me this is a lie!」


I had a strange dream.

Why are Ririus and the other at war?

I’ve seen this one before.

Is this a continuation?

No, the scene was completely different….I feel like they’ve grown up.

Who is the enemy?


It’s only a dream.

There’s no point in thinking about it.

Let’s communicate with Ririus and the others more.

You don’t need to use “sama” to your siblings.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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