Chapter 14 – Purification!….Returns


I checked the projection.

The projected image seems to be moving.

Can it move like a drone?

Can I see things from a higher place?

Oh, it worked!

It seems to be moving in the direction I thought….amazing.

Clairvoyance is like a real drone.

I got a little excited.

The feeling of traveling like a drone feels great.

No, no!

I did not cast this for fun.

I took one deep breath.

I made the clairvoyance drone move higher in order to project the whole place.

It’s hard to see because of the shadow but I can indeed see a large rocky mountain.

Looking at bird’s eye view, I can’t see the entrance I entered at earlier.

Now, prepare for purification.

I imagined the whole rocky mountain being covered with a dome.

I was able to clearly imagine it.

That reminds me, in Japan, this might return the curse to the caster.

This is like an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth approach.

Will the curse return to the one who put it when I purify the shadow?

Well, if it happened, it can’t be helped and I don’t care.

The curse you cast will haunt you back.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


I can feel something coming out of my body.

I was a little surprised.

Is it magical power?

It made my heart throb but it doesn’t seem to have any physical effect on my body.

There seems to be no problem.

The projection clearly shows the rocky mountain and its surroundings.

「Barrier. Strengthen」

Spare me from being influenced by the shadow again.

Let’s check the projection again after a few minutes.

「It looks okay」


Hmm, it’s not okay.

A few hours later, shadows entered the barrier.


The answer is simple.

The barrier only covered the area projected.

The rocky mountain was only covered above.

The shadow invaded from below.

The projection shows that shadow is gradually seeping out of the soil.

I feel sick and annoyed.

Let’s purify it again but let’s widen the range a little more.

Not just the rocky mountain but even the forest around it.

I don’t like seeing shadows.

I can’t help but feel uneasy from the shadow.

Clairvoyance can only confirm what can be seen on the surface from above.

It can’t grasp anything with wall or cover.

Let’s think again…..areh? It doesn’t necessarily need to be grasped.

Clairvoyance can see the whole place apart from under the soil.

I should imagine it as something like a stake buried underground and that will be the limit of the range of my barrier.

Since it was only a simple imagination, I imagined five stakes buried deep under the rocky mountain.

I tried connecting my imagined box type barrier to the five stakes one by one.

A huge transparent box popped out underground in my imagination.

….I can go with this!

「Purification! Barrier! Strengthen!」

The shadows seeping out of the ground were so disgusting.

I strongly imagine the curse being returned to the caster.

….I wonder who’s the ringleader of this curse.

Well, since he dares to cast a curse, let’s give it back!

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