Chapter 11 – Magic…It’s All About Imagination!


I don’t know what will happen if I purify it so I tried and failed successfully.

The purification succeeded but I failed to purify it…I’m shocked.

Maa, I’m a magic beginner so it can’t be helped.

That reminds me, there should be beginner and intermediate level magic.

I’m a super beginner.

I’m self-taught too.


There seems to be a strong curse on the living rock.

Hmmm, my current purification is probably weak.

Stronger purification is needed.

….stronger purification?….that’s too difficult for me who knows nothing about magic.

Should I make a stronger imagination?

Up to now, I’m thinking of making it float and removing dirt….that’s how I imagine purification, washing.

It was easy because I’ve seen those kinds of things in CM(commercials).

However, that has a little effect on the living rock in front of me.

To break the curse….I need a strong spell.

I need to imagine it being forcibly erased.

Curses, various movies come to my mind but they are all different.

I should imagine the washed-out dirt floating in water like a sticky stain being removed.

Speaking of sticky stains, a good example is….oil.

Sticky oil stains, should I go with it?

It’s not that hard to imagine.

To remove it….I must imagine it being scraped off.


The living rock in front of me glows white.

When I look at it, part of the black curse is gradually being scraped off, disappearing into thin air.

I can also hear crunchy sounds but am I doing the right method?

Well, as long as the curse is lifted, it’s probably okay….I sure it’s okay.

The last curse was scraped off and disappeared.

「Ah, this is unexpected.」

Surprisingly, it seems like it was not a cursed living rock.

There’s a bloody bird in front of me.

This bird, it gives off the same feeling as when I first met the wolf.

However, this bird is only as big as a sparrow.

Even though that’s a massive materialization of curse, in the end, it was only a little bird.

I was already surprised by the bird but its size surprised me more.

It is also bloody…now it is more scary than surprising.

Will it attack me if I go closer?

The bloody bird flies flutteringly to me.

It stopped when I put out my finger.

Its bloody state is creepy. It’s too creepy.

Looking at it closely, this bird has a big wound on its chest.

That’s….how did this guy get it?

….Is this wound caused by my barrier?

If so, I apologize.

That wound has to be closed for the time being.

Wound regeneration….that’s hard.

If I imagine an injury, I can only think of blood flowing.

I shouldn’t.

I must imagine damaged cells of the wound being regenerated first and then skin regenerating.

….I’m really worried.

Heal and clean.」

Its chest got covered with a pale pink light and the wound disappeared.

At the same time, its whole body faintly shines and its dirt disappears.

When the blood and dirt came off, a beautiful bird perched on my fingertip.

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