Chapter 12 – Bird….Slightly Disappointing


I think it’s a beautiful bird.

However, it’s slightly disappointing.

The bird, perched on my finger, whole body is red and its eyes are red too.

The only thing that’s not is its wings.

The feathers on its wings have a gradation from red to white.

And if you look at it closely, you’ll find some shining parts like gold.

It is very beautiful.

However, it is as big as a sparrow.

It is so small so even if it is very beautiful, it’s still disappointing.

If it is big, it will look powerful and eye-catching but….as big as a sparrow.

Too small.

The gradation looks great but I’m sorry.

Did it understand the way I look at it? It pecks my fingertip.

This is the first time I got pecked and it hurts.

When I gently stroked its head, it squinted its eyes.

What a cutie!

I got a little excited.

Let’s calm down.

I check the surroundings.

Thanks to the barrier, the shadow can’t invade.

Let’s take a break.

I found a rock that looks like a chair.

I have a lot of mental fatigue.

This is not only a different world but also a world of magic. There’s no reason for me not to get tired.

I want to relax a little but the wolves are looking at me and the pathway alternately.

Yeah, I know.

I’m pretending I’m not seeing it but I can see it.

Since a while ago, the barrier I put on this space has been emitting strange light.

It can’t be helped. Although I’m scared, let’s check it out.

I’ll look at that pathway while making sure that I won’t be out of the barrier.

It seems like light is being emitted because black shadows are trying to enter this space from that pathway.

It looks like the barrier is preventing them from entering.

Though I think that emitting light constantly is some sort of exaggeration.


The shadow from the pathway disappeared.

Ah, a shadow came out from nowhere again.

When the shadow tries to enter the space, the barrier emits light…it is not repetition.

Looking at it closely, the light runs through the pathway.

And it looks like it exterminated the shadow in the pathway.

….the barrier prevents the attack from the shadows from that pathway….areh?

By the way, the barrier counter attacks even if it was hit by rocks.

Is this barrier attacking the space too?


I don’t remember adding that feature but it’s kind of funny.


I want a teacher.

Magic for beginners is difficult to understand.

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