Chapter 13 – Problem…Surviving!


I look at the pathway.

Ah, it shined again.

There are too many things I don’t know about magic.

For now, let’s leave it alone.

I have no time to spare.

For now, let’s sit down and take a break.

When I sit down to think, a  lot of things come to my mind.

About this world, about this place, about that shadow curse, about magic.

There are too many and if I take every small thing as a problem, I’ll absolutely die here.

….it is also uncertain if that shadow curse is really a curse.

Thinking about it, it is impossible for me to come up with an answer.

Since that is the case, I’ll treat it as a curse.

That’s how I dealt with it and once I can no longer do so, I’ll think about it then.

There are things that I have to worry about more.

I don’t know and I’m curious….about the wolves lying near me.

They look much better.

They can’t even stand straight when I met them and now, they can do so.

There’s also a dog that got mixed in.

Did they eat anything? No.

They’ve been with me ever since I met them.

Then, why did they become energetic?

They are near me so I’m anxious about it.  

Should I leave them as they are?

I don’t know what to do even if I think about it.


I took a deep breath.

Let’s sort it out for now.

What I need now is a place where I can sleep with peace of mind, water, and food.

In order to live, I need those.

I have to survive no matter what!

If I get caught up in something that doesn’t even make sense, I might end up dying.

That’s why I need a place where I feel safe.

This cave is a good candidate.

If I put a barrier at the entrance, I will be able to sleep with peace of mind.

The barrier will protect me.

After that….the shadows.

The fact that the entrance is still emitting light means it’s coming again and again.

I won’t feel safe until after I deal with it.

The first step is to purify all the shadows in this cave.

This is for my peace of mind.

Whenever I see a shadow, I feel uneasy.

I absolutely have to do something about it.

I can’t get rid of the shadows without knowing the whole picture of the cave.

Can spatial recognition give me what I need?

I have no choice but to try.

「Spatial recognition」

It seems like I’ve succeeded but…the shadow is too thick for me to feel anything.

The influence of the shadow is too great.

However, there seems to be another space aside from the two I’ve been.

That’s the only thing I got.

Hmm, I wonder if I can see the whole cave from the outside?

「Spatial recognition」

….it looks like I failed.

It seems like spatial recognition only works when you’re inside.

Perhaps I need a long distance view or clairvoyance.

Which one is easier to imagine?

How do I imagine seeing something far?


What I want is magic that can see the whole cave’s bird’s eye or 3D perspective view.

Should I try clairvoyance?

Something that can make me freely view something…..ah, drone.

I’ve seen them on TV but they can move around freely to see things around.

I will use drones as an inspiration for my imagination.

The sunset projected on the monitor was beautiful.


That scared me.

The monitor suddenly projected what’s before me.

It projected a rocky mountain. I seem to have succeeded but it scared me.

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