Chapter 16 – Companions….Name



My body was leaning forward and was scared.

I seemed to have fallen asleep before I knew it.

I raise both of my hands up and stretch.

……my spine, it gave out a good sound.

Now, what should I do next?

One wolf is using my leg as a pillow.

「Hey, are you going to be with me?」

It raised its face and looked at me as if agreeing.

Its face is as ferocious as ever…but it looks cute.

It looks 1.5 times better!

It doesn’t matter now though.

It barks and grumbles.

I’m not sure if understands me but….

From now on, I’ll treat it as my companion.

Let’s not separate from each other!

Since it is my companion, I have to give it a name.

「Can I name you?」


….I don’t know what it means.

But I won’t let you leave me!!

Let’s just name it.

This is the largest wolf I’ve seen and she’s female.

Her fur is a little long and beautiful.

Although it is not long enough to call it long.

Her face is a little scary…no, quite ferocious….but cute.

She also has red eyes.

Deep crimson.

I look at the other wolves.

There are two of them, a male and a female, and they have the same color as the first wolf.

Are they parent and child?

The black and white wolves are both males.

The dog with brown and black fur mix is a male.

As for the red bird, gender unknown.

Now, what should I do….they won’t understand it even if I ask.

Should I just name them without permission?

Red….bright red.

Why don’t I try using kanji?

The first wolf is “Scarlet Heart《Koa》”.

The two animals with the same color will be “Scarlet Sky《Soa》”female and “Scarlet Sakura《Hio》male”.

The black wolf will be “Black Sakura 《Kurou》”.

The white wolf will be “White Sound 《Shion》”.

I named the wolves without asking them.

There’s no problem…..I’m sure.


There’s only 1 dog.

This guy is big too.

Not as big as a wolf but if it stands with its hind legs, it will be taller than me.

Its fur is brown so let’s call you “Great Tea 《Chai》”.

Last is the red bird.

The color gradation in its wings is beautiful so I’ll name it “Red Flame《Karen》”.

I just named them on my own, are they dissatisfied?

….doesn’t look like it.


Yeah, I was so excited about naming them.

It delayed me seeing reality.

Well, since I’ve given you names, let’s face reality together.

No, maybe later….

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