Chapter 17 – Outside the Cave….Let’s Make Water!


I still have to do what I can in order to live.

Let’s head out of the cave with Koa’s group.

After securing a place to live, the next thing to look for is water.

Water is important.

If there’s no food but there’s water, you can still survive for a few more days.

There’s no water in the cave.


Let’s have an out of this cave adventure with everyone.

But it’s not really an adventure since they are living here.

…..areh? Why don’t I just ask Koa what I’m looking for then?

I can also test its comprehension skills.

I look at them and everyone is looking at me.

I’m scared.

Take it easy.

「Koa, can you take me to a place where there is water?」

When it heard what I said, it turned its gaze to the foot of the mountain.

Ah, we’ll have to go down after all.

It was easy to climb up but it’s scary to climb down.

A cliff with 60 degrees slope.

Kurou and Shion started running ahead.

I have no choice but to hang in there and follow them.

They understand water, right?

I’m slightly uneasy.

By the way, I stepped on the edge of the cliff and jumped.

Next to me is Koa.


Oh, great, I can freely run down the cliff.

In Japan, this is nothing but suicide. Jumping from the top of the cliff.

I was able to follow Kurou and Shion without incident.

I’m not even short of breath.

What’s going on with my body?

….maa, for now, let’s look at it positively.

It seems like there’s no water within the barrier.

We have to go out to get to the place with water….I’ll just purify it when the time comes.


We arrived.

This means that Koa and the others understand what I’m saying.

We’ve arrived at a place with water.

It seems like they understand water but not what I mean.

Hmm? Do they really not understand?

We came to a place with water but this is disgusting.

There’s a pond but there’s shadow in it.

There’s also a river but it has shadow too.

If I drink from there, I’ll surely be cursed….

I’m sorry but I can’t drink here.

However, I need to get some water.

But even if I purify the water before me, I wouldn’t want to drink it.

What should I do?

Kurou tilted its head in front of me.

Oh my god! So cute!

…no, I have to deal with the water problem first.

But I want to escape from reality!

My subconscious is scary.

I’ve endured everything so far but I finally broke down.

I stroke Kurou’s head using both of my hands.

Kurou has a surprised expression.

I’m sorry. My heart is breaking because of the curse in the pond.

Please, heal me a little.

Water….water….in front of me….impossible.

Suddenly, Koa cut in between Kurou and me.

What’s wrong?

? It rubs its face into my hand.

Forget the water, I squeeze Koa’s head.

For some reason, everyone wants me to pat them.

Were they affected by my melancholy?

Let’s face reality.

The water in the pond is non-drinkable so I slowly head back to the cave.

Purification, purification, purification.

There’s no curse as far as my eyes could reach…I destroyed them all.

Can’t I drink Japan’s spring water?


Splash splash

Solution, I can make water with magic.

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