Chapter 19 – Food….with Curse


Black lump.

It looks similar to when I first found Karen.

In other words, it could be a living being.

Come to think of it, what are the monsters that my little sister was talking about in a forest?

There are wolves, dogs, and birds.

I have yet to meet a monster.


Are Karen and Koa’s group monsters?

Hmm, monsters are creatures that attack people.

It seems like it is said that in order to become strong, a hero needs to defeat monsters.

Areh? Are they different from demons….Hmm?

The creatures that attack are monsters.

And that means that Koa’s group, which did not attack, is different from monsters.

Ah, Karen attacked but….that’s probably because of the curse.

Ever since we met, Karen has been resting on my shoulder.

She looked back at me with her lovely round eyes.

She’s definitely not a monster!


The question is, what kind of being is trapped on that black lump?

Should I go underground to check?

Sound of someone approaching can be heard from outside the barrier.

It is similar to the sound of shaking trees.

When I turned my gaze, I saw the three who ran away earlier.


They are dragging something cursed.

Eh, what, looks scary.

Or rather, I have a bad feeling.

I’m glad that Hio, Shion, and Kurou are back.

Before me is a huge cursed prey.

I was looking for food so they hunted it and brought it back to me.

But it’s cursed.

It is cursed!

The three of them are wagging their tails as if waiting for me to praise them.

I patted their heads and praised them.

Cute little ones!

Now, calm down.

As expected, there’s no other choice but to eat this because they even hunted it.

I’ll remove the curse with purification!

I’ll make sure to clean every corner of it!


I imagined a vacuum cleaner sucking all its dirt.

By the way, I’m already frustrated with curses. I don’t know who cast that curse but I’m already cursing at him in my heart!

I put my feelings in my voice and purify it with a prayer.

In front of me, the shadow in the prey completely disappeared.

I’m very satisfied.

However, I want to know what this is.

This is a monster that I have never seen before until now.

It looks like a wild boar with four fangs.

All of them are big.

Above all, its size….I don’t know how big it is but it is really big.

Yeah, it looks like it’s worth eating.


Areh? Who’ll dismantle this?

Koa and the others probably can eat it as it is.

Chai too.

What about Karen? Can she eat meat?

I’m the only one that needs this thing to be dismantled!

In short, I have to dismantle this!


When I wandered my gaze, I met Shion’s eyes full of anticipation.

…I will eat it. I will dismantle it and eat it.

Alright, I can do this!

All I have to know is how to dismantle it!

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