Chapter 20 – Dismantling…I Did My Best


Calm down.

Let’s cool down first.

It is necessary to be calm when thinking.

If this rots, it will be a waste.

I imagined strawberries being cooled in a refrigerator.

Unfortunately, the strawberry I imagined is a high grade that I can only eat during payday. I eat it in my imagination.


When I gently touch it, it feels cold so I seem to have succeeded.

I wonder if this is a little too cold.

Well, fuh….

Is it okay to dismantle something outside?

I also likely fail.

What are the things I need?

The fishy smell is probably the blood and internal organs.

Ah, I need to drain the blood!

I cut off the neck and turned it upside down….I remembered from a drama that I have to do this for 2 hours.

But that’s on the drama.

This is reality, can I do it?

It’s difficult that I probably won’t be able to sleep.

I wonder if I can do something using magic.


Should I drain it out…? It won’t be good if it dries up.

For the time being, I looked inside the prey using spatial recognition.

It feels disgusting so I stopped it.

What do I even need to look at the stomach and the heart for?

What am I even thinking….


Fuh, let’s calm down first in order to be able to think straight.

Blood….blood vessels.

It’s easy to imagine blood vessels and…extract them.

Though it would be best if it comes out naturally from the prey.

Blood vessels are slippery so….crawl out….

I seemed to have daydreamed.

It’s horrible.


What should I do? What should I imagine for the prey’s blood vessels?

Hnn? What can I use?

Erase…what should I erase? What will happen after?

Instead of erasing blood vessels, I should move them to another place.

Teleport it out and burn it to ashes.

Good idea!

Let’s go with that.

I put my hand on the boar and imagined only the blood vessels.

….well, there are also thin blood vessels.

I barely understand the image that popped out of my mind.

Yeah, imagining blood vessels without even recognizing them.

Pull it out of the wild boar and burn it.

Let’s go with this.

「Teleport, burn」

….ashes pours over the prey.

I should have moved it further.


I regained my consciousness. Next is the internal organs.

Let’s burn them too.

I imagined the internal organs.

I’ve only seen internal organs of fishes but it shouldn’t be too different.

The internal organs I know are heart and stomach…..let’s make it similar to humans.

I’ve seen anatomy models of humans in science rooms.

For a child, it may look as nothing but a creepy toy but it helps a lot for studying…

I can still remember it.

Now, let’s imagine the internal organs of the anatomy model.

Hmm, brain, eyes, heart…internal organs…kidney…

「Teleport, burn」

I think I was able to do it.

And from now on, when I cast this magic, I must absolutely do it with my eyes closed.

This is a must!

Wind magic is amazing.

The prey was neatly split into two.

Ah, I forgot to peel it off.

….should I only take the meat for eating purposes?

This is different from what I imagined but I think this time’s dismantling is a success.

Raw meat is scary so I roast the meat using burn magic.

I forgot that it charred the internal organs in an instant.

As a result, charcoal…nothing remains.

That’s a natural result.

Burn magic is casted with imaginative burning.

It was burnt but it is enough to be my food for day 1.

What a bad day.

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