Arc 1 Chapter 3.6 – Change


After hearing the report of the opening of the first store on the 5th floor, Kousuke was relieved since they’re having a good start. Presently, he’s being surrounded by gray wolves on the 7th floor.

They were stuck in the development of the status checker divine tool guild card(plan) so Isnani advised him to go out for a change of pace.

The number of gray wolves on the 7th floor has increased and become around a hundred.

The number of individuals with <Command> skill has increased as the summoned individuals increased.

Thanks to that, the whole area around that part is completely their territory.

However, they are not enough to suppress the entire 7th floor. Considering the wolves’ activity range, it might be hard for them to expand their base further than what they currently have.

On the other hand, if another base is poorly created on the 7th floor, there is a possibility of a power struggle between the two bases. Kousuke doesn’t want that to happen.

When he was thinking of what to do, a wolf came near Kousuke so he stroked its neck.

The wolf wags its tail happily.

Looking at the wolf, Kousuke noticed a slight sense of incongruity.

…….Areh? Aren’t you a little whiter?

Noticing the reason for the incongruity, he compared it to others. Its color is definitely whiter.

He checked its status in a hurry.


Personal Name: Nana

Race: White Wolf

Inherent Skills: Howl LV4, Tackle LV5, Bite LV4, Intimidate LV4, Group Action LV4, Language Comprehension(Familiar) LV1, Divine Power Control LV1

Blessing Skills: Command LV3, Great God’s Shard(New Moon)

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar, Great God’s Messenger


The number of skills and titles had increased and he had never seen them before.

Other wolves don’t have <Divine Power Control> and this is the first time he has ever seen < Great God’s Shard(New Moon)> and < Great God’s Messenger>.

It might be because oogami(Great God) = ookami(Wolf) but he can’t find any other wolf with that title.

The race also changed from gray wolf to white wolf.

It’s unclear if this also changed because it received special title or skill or is it because it became a white wolf that it got those titles and skills.

(Yeah…..I can’t compare her with anyone because there’s no one to compare her with….)

If he can see another white wolf, he might be able to compare them. Unfortunately, there’s no white wolf on the summon list and he has never seen a white wolf on any floor of the tower.

For the time being, he asked Mitsuki who came to that floor with him.

Mitsuki, have you heard white wolf or great god?

Great god….never heard of it but I’ve heard of white wolf.


Yes. It is a wolf that can be found in cold regions with snow.

Cold region….

The tower managed by Kousuke should not have had any snowy floor so it is normal that they have never seen one.

If you want to know more, why don’t you ask someone who’s more familiar with it?

Someone who’s more familiar….? Do we know anyone like that?

There are people living here that used to live in a cold snowy region, right?

….ah, right, the elves.

The elves who have migrated to the 73rd floor originally lived in a snowy region.

Kousuke decided to take Nana to the 73rd floor.


—Scene Change—


Presently, the migration of the elves on the 73rd floor is steadily progressing.

Release, the representative of the elves, entertained the visiting Kousuke.

My apologies. I know you were busy with the migration works.

No no, not at all. May I know the reason why you came here?

I have something to ask you….about this white wolf.

Kousuke said so as he stroked Nana’s neck.

Nana’s tail wags happily as Kousuke strokes her.

Release saw that and sighed.

…Is that a white wolf?

? Yes, what about it?

No, I’m sorry….For us, while wolves are our natural enemies….

That means there are white wolves in that village, right?

Release tilted his head slightly to Kousuke, who’s listening intensely, and continued to talk.

Yeah. Even if it is alone, it is a dangerous opponent especially if you were caught off guard. It is a very formidable opponent if it attacks in a group. Fortunately, there’s no large group of them because of the harsh environment so we can deal with them.

….I see. That means I shouldn’t bring it here as much as possible, right?

No, you don’t have to go that far. We elves can tell if it is a wild animal or a tamed beast. Of course, if it does something bad, we will peel off its fangs immediately so you don’t have to worry about it.

Is that so? Good.

Is that that the only thing you wanted to hear?

No, actually….have you heard any relationship between the great god and the white wolf?

Release opened his eyes wide to Kousuke’s question.

For the elves who worship nature, the great god is one of the most commonly known pillars of god.

However, he did not expect that he would hear the great god from a human’s mouth.

Isn’t the white wolf just a wolf….unfortunately, I don’t….

There was a person who intervened what Release was about to say.

Incarnation of great god, white wolf.

It was Esena, the world tree’s fairy, who spoke in a sloppy tone.

She might have noticed that Kousuke went to the 73rd floor.

Unfortunately, she’s still learning how to speak properly and her words are lacking so it is difficult to convey what she wants to say.

…….The great god is the god of nature. A high elf might know more.

From Esena’s tone, Release said that there might be some sort of relationship between the great god and the white wolf.


Zepar, who happened to be in the village, was called.

They repeated Esena’s words earlier and asked him if he could find something with those words.

Zepar closed his eyes and thought for a while. Soon, he opened his mouth.

This is nothing but a legendary fairy tale, should I say it?

Anything is fine. If you know something, say it.

Understood….In the past, when this world was just created, the great god lived normally on earth and there’s a story saying that the great god appeared as a white wolf. However, not in the size of the current white wolf but an incomparably big white wolf.

I see….

Although only a few of us believe it, it is a fact that it has been passed down from generation to generation as a fairy tale.

Release nods after hearing the reason why it was not passed down to the elves.

By the way, why do you want to hear that story?

After being asked by Zepar, Kousuke told Nana’s situation.

When Zepar and Release heard it, they broke down.

…….wha, maa

No, well, I don’t know if it is related to that story.


Anyway, that was helpful. Thanks.

If you want to ask anything, just stop by anytime.

Zepar and Release said to Kousuke.


After leaving the elf village with Mitsuki and Nana, Kousuke went to see the foxes next.

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