Arc 1 Chapter 3.7 – Chance


Kousuke, who came to the 8th floor with Mitsuki and Nana, started checking the status of the foxes.

He used to check it every time he goes there but he has been skipping on checking them recently.

Currently, the number of foxes he summoned there had increased to 30.

Like the wolves, he doesn’t know how many is too much so he stopped at that number.

The first thing he did was check the status of the foxes who were hanging around the spring.

Perhaps they sensed Kousuke’s arrival, a quite number of foxes have approached and in terms of status, he did not find anything out of ordinary.

Like the wolves, their highest skill level is LV 5 and most are LV4.

The foxes, like the wolves, were unable to rise in LV.

By the way, this is the first time Kousuke brought Nana there but it seems like the foxes know that they are all familiars of Kousuke. They did not fight and only sniff each other.

Their next destination is the shrine.

There are always a few foxes there.

When he tried to check the first fox, he noticed the obvious difference of it compared to other foxes.

It has two tails.


Personal Name: Wanli

Race Name: Multi-Tailed Fox

Inherent Skill: Fox Fire LV5, Bite LV4, Evasion LV4, Detection LV4, Language Comprehension(Familiar) LV2, Divine Power Control LV1

Blessing Skill: Transform LV1, Telepathy LV1

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar


The race name had become multi-tailed fox.

It is obvious that it is the reason why its number of tails increased.

Its differences from other foxes aside from that are the skills <Divine Power Control> and <Transform> and <Telepathy>.

Though he’s also anxious about <Transform> and <Telepathy>, what caught Kousuke’s attention is <Divine Power Control>.

(Just like Nana, Wanli has it too. Maybe that’s the reason for their changes?)

Though it is only a complete guess, that’s the only reason he can think of now.

When Kousuke is looking at Wanli, Nana, who came with him, approaches Wanli and sniffs her. Wanli also began sniffing Nana.

While watching what’s happening, he thought of Wanli’s skill.

(There’s also transform and telepathy…. Transform is what it is but who will be the partner of its telepathy?……partner!?)

Upon realizing something, he unintentionally voiced out what he’s thinking.

「Right, partner…!!」

The two animals who were playing with each other were startled.

「….ah, sorry sorry」

He patted the two while saying that.

However, Kousuke’s thought is already flying somewhere.

「Nana, let’s go. Mitsuki, let’s go back to the management floor.」

「Alright but….what’s wrong?」

Looking at Kousuke’s state, Mitsuki wondered what’s going on. However, Kousuke’s answer answered her doubt.

「Maybe I can finally make the guild card.」

Thanks to Wanli, his problem might finally be solved.


—Scene Change—


After returning to the management floor using the teleportation gate of the 8th floor, Kousuke rushed into his workroom.

The workroom was a private room that was originally made for Wahid’s group. They were transformed into workroom and laboratory.

Isnani, who was working there, stood up in surprise after seeing Kousuke rushing in.

「Ko-Kousuke-sama……!? What’s the matter!?」

「Isnani, it’s telepathy, telepathy.」

Isnani’s eyes are black and white in bewilderment.

「….what’s with telepathy?」

「Telepathy doesn’t work alone. There should be a partner in order to communicate…..! 」

「Haa, of course, if there’s no partner….partner!? 」

That said, Isnani also noticed.

「Yes, that’s right…..why didn’t we notice such a simple thing….! 」

「Maa, that’s it. Let’s try it immediately….! 」

「Yes….! 」


Kouhi came to Mitsuki who’s watching the two working on something with joy.

「….what’s happening? 」

「Nothing. He suddenly started running when he was looking at this child and now they are doing that….they are working on that tool…. 」

What happened earlier was so Sudden that Mitsuki didn’t even hear anything about it when they were heading back to the management floor.

「Is that so? Do they have a chance of completing it?  」

Kouhi looked at Kousuke while patting Wanli.

「I hope so. 」

If status can be displayed on the card like object, it can be used as a guild card.

Of course, that will not be used elsewhere. Their guild will be the only one in the world that will use it.

Thinking about placing a guild branch other than in the tower village, it can be quite advantageous.

For that reason, they have not built a guild in the tower village until now.

In terms of timing, the store in the village will open up soon so it is the right time to make a guild. At least after the guild card was made.

That is why Kousuke was rushing to complete the status checking tool as quickly as possible.

Seeing the two completely focused on their work, Kouhi and Mitsuki decided to return to the management room to do their respective works.


—Scene Change—


「It’s done!!」

It was only after two days after bringing Nana and Wanli on the management floor that Kousuke’s voice echoed.

Considering what was done in the past, it was abnormally fast.

However, for these past two days, Isnani and Kousuke had not been eating nor sleeping.

It can be said that until the desired result comes out, they will not stop working on it.

Mitsuki stopped Kousuke, who’s already trying various things with the end product.

「Wait a minute. Kousuke-sama, you hardly slept these past two days. You have to sleep first before checking if it’s working properly.」


Mitsuki smiled at the dissatisfied Kousuke.

「If you say something selfish, should I hypnotize you?」

「….understood. I get it. I’ll sleep now.」

Kousuke raised his hands and took a pose of someone surrendering.

After taking a bath, he took Nana and Wanli to the bedroom.


With the introduction of this guild card, the first guild in the 5th floor village was to be formed.

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