Chapter 412 – Ria’s Mother

Ria’s mother will come to the village.

It was Bron, who’s in the demon king’s kingdom’s school, who found her and Beezel will send her here.

It was sudden but we must prepare in order not to be rude.

Ria’s group has been helping me a lot after all.

It would be nice if all of them meet their mothers too.


Why are Ria and the other preparing for battle?

And they are quite serious.


I think Beezel will come from the south side of the village as usual.

Build a camp on the south side of the village?

I don’t mind but it’s still winter.

Isn’t it cold?

Then, I’ll…..ah, you want me to wait at my mansion?


Is this some sort of high elf ritual in welcoming a mother?

Ria’s mother, who came to greet me, was in tatters.

Did Ria’s group do it?


Ria is in tatters too.

This kind of tatters….can only be made by the kuros.

From a while ago, they have been looking at me like they want me to praise them.

I’ll do so when the greeting is over.

「Rigune, head warrior of the Riff clan.」

「I’m the village chief, Hiraku-desu.」

The greeting ended normally.

It was short because Ria took Rigune to the bath.

Both of them are in tatters.

Let’s talk about the full story at dinner.

As Ria and Rigune headed to the bath, the kuros came as expected.

I praised them.

However, I never thought that Rigune and Malbit knew each other.

If you have lived a long life, you indeed can get to know more people.

Is she acquainted with Loo and Tier too?

Only rumors?

Is that so?

Perhaps Rigune is a famous person?

Oohh, I’m sorry.

I was rough in praising you.


Let’s start over.

Well done.


I praised them because they wanted me to praise them but why did they even fight with Rigune?


At dinner, we eat at the same table as Ria’s mother, Rigune.

Loo, Tier, and Ria are present.

I wish Ririus would sit with me.


That reminds me, I heard from Ria before that she’s someone of a sister or cousins with Risu, Riri, Rifu, Rikoto, Rize, and Rita.

Doesn’t that mean that Rigune has other daughters?

I asked her.

「Riri and Rita are also my daughters, adopted daughters to be specific. They are likely holding back.」

「Is that so?」

When I looked at Riri and Rita at a table a little away, they sent me a signal saying not to worry about it.

If the persons themselves are okay with it, I guess there’s no problem….

Maa, they’ll probably talk tonight.

Let’s give them alcohol.

The talk during the meal was centered on Rigune and Ria.

「I have looked for them for a hundred years. I never thought that they would run into the forest of death.」

「I have no choice since we have to shake off those who are chasing us. I’m sorry.」

「I’m the one who should apologize. I’m sorry.」


I thought that the atmosphere was going to be heavy but Ria changed the topic immediately.

「Speaking of which, I heard from Bron that mother was in a ruin? Was there a ruin in Rita forest?」

Rita forest is the forest north of the school where Bron and the others are attending.

I heard that Ria’s clan used to live in a village there.

「You likely don’t know because you were still children back then. That’s the ruin that the clan managed. I come there every now and then to hunt monsters and demon beasts or they will turn it into their nest. I don’t know what kind of facilities there are at that place though.」

「So, mother has been managing the ruins all this time?」

「Because it is the role of our clan. Not these last 50 years though. I left it alone for a long time so a lot of monsters and demon beasts had entered. It was hard to kill them all and most of the moss cultivated in the ruins was also destroyed. It will be hard to restore it.」


「Yeah. Hair gloss moss.」

Hearing her answer, Loo reacted.

「If it’s okay with you, can you tell us how to cultivate it?」

「It’s a secret of our clan. I want to say but…..I don’t mind. The clan already belongs here, right?」

Rigune looks at me to confirm so I nod.

Then, Tier hit me under the table.

「Say your line.」

Is it not enough to nod?

Ah, I’ll say it.

In fact, Loo, Tier, and Ria had prepared several lines in advance depending on the situation.

「The high elves are an important family that makes up our Big Tree Village.」

Is that all right?

I got an OK sign from Tier.


As for Rigune, she’s….crying!

「I would like to thank you for giving my whole family a place where they can live in peace.」

A-aren’t you exaggerating?

No, they have had a hard life before.

It seems like Ria and the other have always been living in camps until they joined us.

「I hope Rigune-san can live in this village too.」

「Thank you for the invitation. I would be happy to be a member of the village. However, I think my work is not here but at the school of the demon king’s kingdom.」

「The school? The one the Bron and the others are attending?」

「Yes. I was invited by Bron-kun. I can also manage the ruins from there. Of course, as a member of Big Tree Village, I will not embarrass you and if there’s any crisis in the village, I will rush back.」

No, you don’t have to be so enthusiastic.

But can’t we live together?

It’s a bit disappointing.

However, since Gol, Sil, and Bron are at the school, it would be helpful if she stays there, right?

Ria and the others will be lonely though.


Am I hallucinating? Ria seems to be happy.

At the table of the high elves a little away, cheers can be heard.


「……however, I heard that school will start this spring. Until then, I would like to train the clan here. It will be for a short time but please take care of me.」

Rigune’s words made Ria’s smile freeze.

Ah, I see.

She’s tough.

I heard that Ria’s training on Gomura is strict but it seems like Ria and the others hate training themself.

「Why don’t you join us?」


I’m interested but I’ll decline.

Ria, don’t look at me with a sly face.

It is almost spring so I have a lot of work to do.

Three days later.

A large scale defensive camp was constructed in the south of the village.

Rigune’s voice echoes.

「Slow! You should have built this place in a day.」

「Y-yes! Sorry!」

The lined-up high elves answer together.

「Good. Now, start dismantling them. Complete it in half day.」


「It’s easier than building. Do it. If you can’t, you’ll be punished. What, it won’t be too hard. I’m just going to ask you to do a special little training I thought of. Since you trained in the forest of death, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Ah, is that the penalty? It is but let’s add a mock battle. The opponent is….the vice chief of the angels. She’s really good, you should enjoy it. Malbit? You want to fight someone who focuses on politics in a mock battle? Terrible. I hate it. But I want to make your wishes come true. Let’s negotiate.」

The high elves seem to have strongly wished for spring to come.

It’s still too early for Ririus, Riguru, and Ratte to join.

It will also be cold if I visit their training.

I’ll just have the kids play with me.


You called me father.


You don’t have to be shy.


Hair gloss moss is a strange name.

Is it a medicine that cleans hair?

I asked Rigune.

「Energy medicine….it’s a material of a medicine that can help you with night exercise.」

「Why rephase? I mean, why is it named like that if it is a material for that kind of medicine? Does it look like hair?」

「No, it looks like a normal moss. It is called like that because women’s hair becomes shiny and beautiful when that medicine is used.」

「Areh? Then, it means that it is the women that take the medicine?」

「No, it’s the men.」


The man will take the medicine but it will be the woman that will have beautiful hair, how could that happen?

Let’s not mind the details.

However, Riguen’s eyes seem to have changed.

「I’m raising them because I want to earn a living.」

However, why didn’t you teach your children where you are cultivating them?

「A high elf male is regretfully very light….cough. Since village chief wanted some, I’ll bring you the highest quality products.」

No, don’t.

I don’t need it.

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