Chapter 22 – Magic…I Understand a Little

The boss spider flew flutteringly and got on my head.

To be honest, I was a little scared.

I’m glad I don’t need to brush it off with my hand.

The spiderlings hopped on Chai.

It seems like they can’t fly.

They’re not parent and children after all.

The spiderlings are small and they look like bugs that came out of Chai….

Chai was startled for a moment, is he okay?

They didn’t get off my head nor on Chai so I decided to let them come with us.

What strange spiders.

While looking around at the 2nd basement, I thought about it a little.

When I was attacked by a group of spiderlings, I instinctively shouted purification that I used the most.

However, I was not thinking of anything back then.

I thought that imagination was important for magic so I always used it with imagination but, am I wrong?

Do I need to say something?

What should I try?

How about fire without thinking of fire?


Nothing happened.

Then, water.


There’s now a puddle next to me…


This time, I said fire while imagining a fireball.

I did it.

A fireball is floating in the air.

This thing is scary if you find it floating in the middle of the night.

Then, I look at the water puddle beside me before saying fire.

Two fireballs are now flying around me.

Looking at the result, when I use new magic, I need to imagine it.

Does that mean imagination is unnecessary for the second time?

That makes it easier to use magic.

It is exhausting to imagine every time I cast magic.

For the time being, I have no choice but to try various things.

Once I’ve tried it for a number of times, I’ll know the answer.

Along with the fireballs, I arrived at the last space on the 2nd basement.

It seems to be a space with nothing.

The fireballs that were flying next to me are swaying in a certain direction.


When I checked, there was a crack in the wall.

I peeped into the crack but it’s too dark.

I want light.

For now, let’s use Spatial recognition.

There’s a huge space but there’s no lump of curse.


In the space at the other side of the crack, I imagined a large fireball.


Ah, I made a mistake and said fireball.

…..I also imagined it….let’s be careful next time.

… looks like the fireball was too big.

Light is overflowing from the cracks so it is hard to see what’s inside.

Let’s make the fireball smaller.

…….adjustment is difficult.

I repeat thrice to complete the adjustment.

I became tired in using magic.

On the other side of the crack, there seems to be a ores different from the rocks around.

The light of the fireball is in the way so I couldn’t even see the color.

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