Chapter 23 – Boss-san…Tripping Prevention

It jumps off my head and quickly rushes into the crack.

The boss spider came back with a small silver ore.

I was surprised by the reactive power of boss spider-san.

Since it was presented to me, I received the 10 yen coin size ore.

Is this beautiful silver ore what’s beyond the crack?

「Thank you, boss-san.」

….though I said boss-san, is it okay with it?

By the way, I haven’t named it yet.

Boss-san feels like the boss of spiders.

As for the spiderlings…


Hold on, I can’t even tell one apart.

They are of the same size, the same color, the same type….how can I tell them apart?

The crack is small so I can’t go in as expected.

I checked the details again using spatial recognition to see if there are some other cracks or holes in the space with the silver ores.


I finally conquered the rocky mountain!

For the time being, I put the silver ore in my pocket.

I don’t know the name of the ore but it is important because boss-san gave it to me.

While walking to the ground level, I picked up a piece of rock.

By the way, I feel like this cave is full of rocks.

I have picked up a rock for the first time….isn’t this too hard?

I wonder if this can be processed.

I’m planning to use this place as a base to explore the surroundings to look for people.

I look around.

No matter where I look, it is all bumpy.

I’ve stumbled a number of times already and one day, I might get seriously injured because of stumbling.

Especially at night!

Hmm, this is difficult to process.

It’s a rock.

I can file it to smoothen the surface though wood would be easier to smoothen.

I remember the shelf I made as a hobby before.

It was painful to have a thorn stuck in my hand but I tried my best to file it.

「Hmm, processing」


The rock in my hand became smooth.

Perhaps the things around it are only dregs.

Can I process this with magic?

If that is the case, magic is really amazing.

With Karen on my shoulder and boss-san on my head, I stare at the ore that has become smooth.

Koa and Chai, who are a little far away, are also getting closer.

I mean they are really close.

I wonder why.

Is it unusual for a rock to become smooth?

Is it hard to see something like this naturally?

Maa, with this, I can make the comfort of living here a little better.

Let’s polish all the surfaces of the space for the time being.

1 spiderling jumped off Chai towards a smooth rock.

It slips and falls as it is….


Let’s make the floor not slippery.

Boss-san and spiderlings are banned from running on the floor!

That’s dangerous.

I’m glad I didn’t step on them.

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