Chapter 24 – Forest, Forest, Forest…Person

I cut off the projection of the drone clairvoyance in front of me.

It has been 5 days.

5 days.

Now that we have a base, I decided to search the inside and outside of the forest.

The drone clairvoyance took an active part there.

Koa’s group is here but I still want to find people that I can get information from.

It can’t be helped.

Somebody, please give me information! I started searching for that wish to be fulfilled.

While being excited, I drive the drone clairvoyance at a considerable speed.

I don’t know how fast it is but I think it was quite fast.

It’s hard to see because of the shadow but I can still barely see the forest so I wouldn’t be able to overlook everything.

I’ve already found many animals.

There were also places where curse is really dense.

However, I wasn’t able to find what I’m looking for.

「Not a single person」

Yes, there’s not even a shadow of a person.

Since this is a forest, I expected that there would be a village.

However, nothing appeared in the projection at all.

Moreover, all I can see is forest.

There are no people but there’s forest everywhere.

I felt bad as the drone clairvoyance flew over the rocky mountain.

Go as high as you could.

It became so high that I couldn’t see anything in detail but in all directions, there’s only forest as far as my eyes could see.

The drone clairvoyance flew lower little by little.

I’m trying to look for paths or open places in the forest but I can’t find one.

I get that this forest is huge.

And it is unlikely to have people in it.

There’s still a place I have not been able to find yet so let’s expect something there.

An uneasiness hits my head.

It is the possibility of this world not having a single person.

I have not thought of that yet but this world is different from earth.

…is it possible?

….No, there must be people in places I haven’t found yet!

Let’s not give up and look for it.

I roll around the floor.

There are days that I feel like doing this like today!

The smooth floor doesn’t hurt even if I roll around and it even feels good for my head that’s becoming hot because of thinking of a lot of things

There are already dark clouds on my second day of search for people.

On the 3rd day, as a change of pace, I tried thinking about where humans would build a community and explore those places.

I was also worried about the fact that there are gold ores, that is different from the silver ore, here on the first floor.

I failed on a certain part when I was processing it.

It seems like magical power can’t easily pass through to the ores taken out from the rocky mountain.

The moment Chai took it out, I was scared for some reason.

I was also scared by the fact that there might be something behind these ores.

However, there was nothing, so can this be considered good?


It was difficult to process the floor.

When I processed it while imagining that someone might slightly slip on it, it became frighteningly smooth.

It was even possible to skate there. I slipped and fell a number of times and I can only think about the pain of my butt hitting the floor while I was in agony.

If I process it to a non-slip type, it will become rough.

I’m not good at fine-tuning magic.

I did my best and managed to do it so it became like the floor of an apartment entrance….

It’s still a bit slippery but it is already at the level of it doesn’t matter.

The wall looks like it is made from bricks as a measure for the spiders.

If it is bricks, it wouldn’t matter even if it is rough!

Next thing to brag!

Stairs from the 1st floor to the 4th floor.

From the 1st to the 3rd floor, I processed the slope going up into staircases.

It was surprisingly easy.

The 3rd floor to the 4th floor is more of digging holes than processing.

I cut blocks of rocks less than 1 meter on all sides and teleport them to the room on the 3rd floor.

The cut-out rock became the steps of the stair.

The processing of the stairs seems to have refined my teleportation technique.

I can move it to the place I like even if it’s a little far away.

I’m also actively using it on dismantling.

It became possible to instantly teleport the internal organs and blood vessels and burn them somewhere.

This is a joyous thing.

I was able to do it without even seeing them.

However, if the teleportation fails, the rock will replace the fire and destroy the meat.

When I was making the stairs, I was so scared when I saw internal organs on the rock.

I made a bit of a disaster.

Prior to teleportation, I should properly identify what will I teleport and where they would be teleported.

A large amount of blood on the rock is scary.

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