Chapter 26 – A Certain Kingdom’s King

A man kneels before me saying that there’s an incident in the forest.

What a joke.

That forest is just this king’s plaything.

Nothing more.

No matter what anyone does with it, it will all be in vain.

What are you being restless for?


「Sacrifice blood and strengthen it.」

Laughter spills over the back of the mage that had just an audience.

It’s just a little incident. A little bit more and the world will be mine.

In that forest lives the damned kings but that was a long time ago.

Many may have died but there are still those who survive.

I will use them to death under my rule.

They should be honored because they can be of help to the king of this world.



What happened to the forest?

It was so far that nothing is certain but there’s news that it has shone faintly.

What has occurred?

The forest…did it die?

The Emperors Kingdom casted a compound evil eye magic over the entire forest.

Because of this, the balance fell apart.

Many holy beasts in the forest disappeared and the unrestricted monsters and demon beasts overflowed.

Compound evil eye magic, how did they cast it?

There’s a rumor that they had a sacrificial ritual for it.

No one knows the truth but anyone who speaks of it will be taken care of by the kingdom.

「If the forest is ruled by the Emperors Kingdom….」



Hearing the report, I can hear breaths around me.

It has been nearly 200 years since the Emperors Kingdom began to control the forest.

Little by little, the forest is changing.

What does this incident mean?

There were two countries around the Emperors Kingdom.

Those countries disappeared about 200 years ago.

It is said that many people suddenly disappeared.

At first, the compound evil eye magic is something that was made to rule the forest.

There was a rumor saying that in order to cast it, sacrifices are needed.

Everyone thought it was just a rumor.

Of course, if it is the truth, it means hundreds of thousands of lives and blood would have been sacrificed.

A taboo like that can’t be violated.

However, that rumor might have been true.

The Emperors Kingdom Violated the taboo.

We were wrong all this time.

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