Chapter 27 – Barrier, Activate!….Once Again

I was scared.

To be honest, if Koa and the others weren’t here, I would have screamed and panicked.

I was sleeping soundly and I don’t know what time it is but I suddenly heard a loud bursting sound.

I jumped up.

Isn’t that scary?

I’m sure anyone will jump out of bed too.

You’re tired and sleeping one quiet night and you suddenly hear a bursting sound. Anyone will be scared.

Therefore, I’m scared too!

It is pointless to cheer myself up.

In the past, I have a little sister that makes a fool out of me when I’m depressed….

There’s no point in reminiscing. I’ll be more upset.

Let’s move forward.

Take a deep breath and check it out.

What happened?

Let’s go outside and check.


It’s night. There’s no way I can see anything.

I waited a while but nothing happened.

I’ll just wait a little longer then.

I’m sleepy.

I’ll just check it out tomorrow.

I’m tired because of processing the house today.

I failed in processing the skin to leather too.

Since I became able to feel magic power, let’s try feeling the magic power from this rocky mountain to the lake.

That’s far, is it too far?

I have no choice but to try?

I spread magic power to the left and right.

I let magic power seep into the basements and seep more underground.

It’s quite deep.

Eventually, my magic power spreads in a huge circle that surrounds the rocky mountain to the lake.

Under that magic circle, my magic power seeped deep.

With this, I can even purify this whole place.

I imagined the mold in the bath.

I imagined mold remover slowly removing black mold including the dense roots.

Mold is persistent.

Every year-end cleaning, I have to deal with them in the bathroom.

Also, I have to return it to sender.

I will return the curse as I receive.


Next is the barrier.

There is no problem with the barrier on the ground but I found the problem deep underground.

The curse flows with underground water.

I imagined an oil strainer.

The thing that is used in activated carbon filters.

Mother was really impressed when she used one.

By the way, I stacked 3 of them and strengthened them too.

Should I have made five?

I probably can’t gather the curse and send them back but…

Yeah, let’s return it to the sender one day.

I think it’s good to add a little color.

By the way, it looks like my purification failed.

I should really give back something more.


It’s a refreshing morning.

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