Chapter 28 – To the Lake…Ah, As Expected

I noticed after the purification.

Water is difficult to purify.

The reason for failure is due to the fact that the curse was mixed with water that has seeped into the barrier.

I went to the lake for the time being.


The lake is a little far away.

There’s no problem given my current body but it is really far.

And now, I’m in front of the cursed lake.

Purification failed.

For the time being, I shut the lake and river by erecting a barrier.

Hnn, water purification.

How can I make this lake beautiful?

I’m troubled because I can’t think of anything.

Shadow, curse, dirt….dirt?

Can I use the image of collecting dirt by using static electricity?

Dust that is flying around a room can be collected with the use of a mop with static electricity.

Can I do it?

Well….let’s try.


Countless of black lumps floated in the lake.

Just one side and you have this many black lumps.

I’m scared! Creepy!

Should I purify it?…No, let’s give it back.

I realized that I was able to grasp magic power.

My technique might have been successful.

I was lost for a moment.

What should I do if that causes a problem?

However, seeing that there are many shadows in the forest, we can consider it as a consequence of one’s own deed.

I thought that I should give it all back at once and shouldn’t hesitate.

Soa, Chai, and even the spiderlings were troubled by the curse. Which weighs more to me?

Yeah, give it all back.

I don’t know what the source of the curse is but whatever did it should bear the responsibility.

I imagined the curse returning to the source.

「Return technique +」

The lake shines so bright. It turned into a beautiful lake.

I was a little impressed for the first time ever since I came to this world after receiving the glittering reflection of the sun from the lake.

Shadow gradually disappears in the river too.

5 curse filters are enough to prevent the curse from flowing in from the river outside the strengthened barrier.

Is there fish here?


House processing? Renovation? What should I do first?

The 1st floor is the place where I cook food and it is also where I eat.

It was so spacious that it is alright for everyone to eat together.

Well, a little too wide.

And the bath!

Aside from making water, I can also make it hotter using magic.

Though there’s clean, a bath is much better!

This bath is particularly big.

When I made it, I thought of Koa and the others bathing with me too.

I became able to control the luminous intensity of the light emitting rock to some degree.

Though fine tuning is still impossible.

And the long-awaited toilet.

In my private room, I turned a rock into a western style toilet bowl.

When I imagined it, I got an unexpected result.

When I was making it, I imagined it into a self-cleaning restroom like in japan and it worked.

Automatic clean magic.

I did not notice it at first so when I first used it, it scared me.

Now….I want a door.

I made toilets from the 2nd basement to the 4th floor.

I somehow made them safely.

I wonder if I should make a toilet for Koa and the others.

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