Chapter 29 – In a Convenient House….I Miss Wooden Floor

The processing from the 2nd basement to the 4th floor is complete.

The 4th floor is 2 big spaces.

It was only 1 at first but it was too wide so I made a wall in the middle.

One of them is my bedroom.

Everyone sleeps together in that room and the second room is being neglected.

I wanted a window so I drilled a hole.

However, it can’t be called a window because I can’t even close it.

If it stays as a hole, rain and insects will come through it.

I already gave up on it but when I was practicing magic using an ore, I was able to make something unexpected.

A glass-like material.

It was possible to spread the silver ore from the basement thinly.

Moreover, it can be translucent that even light passes through.

I was surprised and became playful so I tried various things.

Why is Kurou looking at me all this time? Is it because I can use magic?

….by the way, can they use magic?

Let’s check next time.

The silver ore is better than the gold ore in terms of magic conductivity.

Rock is the best magic conductor since it is easy to reshape it.

Is magic conductivity and strength linked?

The gold ore is stronger but the rock is more conductive. Strange.

Gold ore > Silver ore > Rock

I fitted the glass-like material into the rock with a hole.

A new window was completed and even if the glass is big, it is durable.

I made a rather large window for light.

I added a window to each floor depending on the best location I think.

I also put on the stairs.

The level of improvement of my house is satisfying.


I thought of creating something on the 2nd and 3rd floors but I can’t think of anything.

What I want are bedroom, kitchen, dining room, toilet, and bath.

All of those are already created on the 4th and 1st floors.

What’s left are…big spaces. Let’s leave it for the time being.

I created a pillar from the rock I removed when I was creating a space.

A huge pillar in a huge space makes it look like an archaeological site.

Ancient ruins….I tried to create an atmosphere like that and even extend the windows vertically.

When I calmed down….I completed an eerie space.

It’s definitely unnecessary work.


I want flooring.

I’m polishing the rocks so I don’t have a problem with my daily life.

However, I miss the warmth of wood.

Outside my house is a forest.

Materials can be easily obtained.

My next move is to make flooring.

At the same time, I’ll look for ingredients.

Ever since I came here, Hio and Shion have hunted for us.

There’s no problem with food but we only have meat.

I really want vegetables too.

Are there vegetables in a forest?

I have my doubt but I might be able to find something.

I also want to look for anything that I can use as seasonings.

I want to make the meat tasty.

Even salt would do!

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