Chapter 30 – Fenrir King Koa

-POV of Koa who was mistaken for a wolf-

I’m looking at his lordship staring at a tree.

His lordship liberated me from the unpleasant evil eye magic and even gave me a name.


It is the first time a Fenrir king acknowledges a lord.

But I have no regrets.

His lordship is overflowing with magic power and just being by his side feels good.


An unpleasant evil eye magic covered the entire forest since 200 years ago.

It’s not a magic that a person can cast.

However, it was casted on the forest by using some sort of method.

Just remembering it already makes my blood boil.

Purification magic only has a temporary effect and any kind of barrier will be depleted after some time because it blocks something all the time.

No matter how strong, even if we erect it using strong magical power, it will be continuously eroded.

Our weak companions were swallowed and after that, they attacked others and died.

Our strong companions who don’t want to be swallowed ended their lives voluntarily.

For 200 years, I continued watching my companions die.

When my consciousness was slowly being swallowed, I felt the presence of a person in the forest.


Disgust and anger swirls within me.

I rushed to the place where I felt the presence of the person while my consciousness was being swallowed.

The only thing running on my mind at that time was to kill.

I can see the back of the person.

He was just standing there without an ounce of anxiousness.

I tried to attack him at once but my body swayed for a moment.

Our eyes met.

I put all my remaining strength to kill him but I wasn’t able to do so.

It was frustrating. Was I weakened that much?

Even though the enemy is in front of me, I can’t even do anything against it.

Despair struck me but I’ll intimidate him with my stare until the end.

The next moment, the power swallowing my body activates.

It was able to swallow me and I hate myself for it.

My whole body refuses to let my consciousness disappear.

That moment, I thought that my last string of consciousness would fade.

Suddenly, my body becomes lighter and the discomfort that has been bothering me for hundreds of years disappeared.

And it was through normal purification magic. The ineffective purification magic.

I prepared myself for the after effect of the purification magic……?

I was surprised that the after effect did not come so I checked my body.

What did he do?

I looked at the man….bottomless magic power.

This is not something a human can possess.

Even I, the one who stands at the top of the fenrirs, can’t measure his magic power.

When our eyes meet, magic power flows from the human.

It sinks in my badly hurt body and I was healed inside and out.

I gently approached and submitted.

This is the first time that the Fenrir king has made a human her lord.

However, this man deserves to be my lord.

Before I noticed it, my body became beautiful as if it was cleaned.

The magic power of his lordship is so precise that I have never seen anyone like him. That’s in addition to his bottomless magic power.

The one that can stand as the king has appeared in the forest.


By the way, your lordship, he made that tree into something strange.

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