Arc 1 Chapter 3.10 – Discussion with Schmidt 2

Schmidt, whose chest is already tightening, was pushed further by Wahid.

「…..this is?」

At first glance, it was just an ordinary palm-sized card.

As urged by Wahid, he picked it up.

The back and front were beautifully decorated and seemed to be folded in half.

When he opened it and looked inside, several items were written.

Schmidt was also familiar with those items.

「This, is this a guild card? It seems to be too big….and what is this status?」

The one who answered Schmidt’s question was Kousuke who has been silently listening to them.

「As you heard, that is going to be used as Crown’s Card. Regarding its size, it is related to the status…. To put it simply, the status field shows the skills of the owner.」

「What skill…?」

「Simply put, it records the skills someone has. It is kind of difficult to explain so let’s just make a card for Schmidt-dono.」

Kousuke said so and put a box on the table.

It is a box that has a crystal gem inside.

Kousuke takes Schmidt’s card and inserts it into the hole in the box.

「Can you put your hand on the crystal?」

「Like this?」

When Schmidt put his right hand on the crystal as he was requested to, it glowed lightly.

Schmidt hurriedly takes off his hand.

「It’s okay. Please touch it a little longer.」

As Kousuke said, the light disappeared in about 15 seconds.

After confirming that the light was out, Kousuke speaks with Schmidt.

「It’s over. You can remove your hand now.」

After confirming that Schmidt had let go, Kousuke pulled out the card he inserted into the box earlier and handed it to Schmidt again.

Schmidt, who was given with the card, checks its content.

In the status field, the skills that Kousuke had said earlier were added.

「……..this is!?」

Schmidt took a deep breath upon seeing the list of skills written.

He finally understood what’s the meaning of “skills of the owner” Kousuke said earlier.

「Do you get it now? You can use this tool to display your skills on that card. Of course, if you have skills you don’t want others to see, you can hide them.」

At first glance, Schmidt understood the usefulness of that card.

You can view what skills you have or what you lack.

This is not only valuable to adventurers whose lives are directly related to their skills but even to those who are of different professions.

And the fact that this card is referred to as Crown Card can immediately announce that it belongs to a certain organization.

Wahid continued in Kousuke’s stead.

「Of course, this card will be used in the guild. If other people can’t use it, there’s no meaning in creating a card like this. It will be used by other people.」

「….what do you mean?」

「Upon registering, the person will be asked for his identity by using holy power, magic power, and divine power. If someone tries to rewrite something on it by force, the contents will be erased. 」

It is the perfect crime prevention.

「If you want to ask if it can be rewritten, it is possible using this tool but that would be difficult.」


「This tool is using divine power. In other words, this is a divine tool.」

Schmidt, who was already speechless several times, has become speechless again.

Schmidt has never heard of someone that can create something like that.

There are rare cases where sacred tools were brought out of a tower but in the first place, there’s no one in this world that understood how they work.

Even if you have heard holy power and magic power, divine power is something that only a small number of clergy can use.

Schmidt had no choice but to laugh at this point.

「….It would be better for me to not ask the origin.」

He said that for his own sake.

It is not necessary for him to poke the bushes.

Wahid continued to explain the use of that card.

「This card, it is scheduled to be given to all members of crown. You can think of it as a privilege.」

「Privilege, is it?」

「We are still thinking of some things but the most important one is the free use of the teleportation gate.」


He was both surprised and convinced.

As an organization founded by the tower, that is the best privilege they can give.

It will be almost irrelevant to those who spend their whole lives in the tower but people like that would be very rare.

「Of course, and we plan to apply it not only to people but to luggage too.」

When he said those words, Schmidt threw away all his worries.

For merchants who want to make money using the tower, the card is all they ever wanted.

It is worth it even if they will be tied to an organization called Crown.

The toll is a burden to all merchants.

If you are eventually going to be part of Crown, you should become part of it from the beginning.

No matter how he thinks about it, he can’t think of something that will stop him from joining.

After all, he knows that he’ll definitely make a profit.

Even merchants with bad business skills will obviously understand that there is only profit.

「…..I understand. About your proposal earlier, I’ll gladly accept it.」

「Oh. Is that so? Good. I look forward to working with you.」


That said, Schmidt and Wahid shake hands.

He also shook hands with Kousuke who then dropped another bomb.

「Thank you for accepting. Wahid would tell you the details but I request of you of one thing.」

「What will it be?」

「If this village becomes a little more stable, we will increase the gates. I want you to think of the next locations.」

Increase the gates. Schmidt understood what it meant. He looked at the future and his chest tightened again since it is the ideal situation for a merchant.

After all, this village can be used as a relay point and it will be easy to go from one city to another.

Given the monsters around this village, it can be said that it is at least safe as a commercial road.

If two cities can be connected, the utility value will be considerable.

Schmidt started searching for candidate sites in his brain immediately and did not notice that he was doing so.

As he heard from Kousuke, he’ll increase the number of gates and not just one.

Thanks to that, it wasn’t until a while that Schmidt held his head.

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