Chapter 417 – Parade Night

One of the civil servant girls announced the end of the parade which means it is time for the banquet.

It was a grand parade.

I didn’t move much but it is hard to just stand and sit.

If only everyone’s not happy, I wouldn’t do it.

Especially Zabuton.

I received a lot of help from Zabuton and I haven’t helped her back yet.

I know.

Let’s do our best next year.


However, it would be helpful if you could reduce the number of times I have to change my clothes.

Also, please emphasize on practicality a little more.

No no.

It’s not because I want to wear them every day. I just want you to make it easier for me to use the toilet.

Yeah, those clothes made me struggle to lower my pants….

It would be great if you make clothes with separate upper and lower parts. It is dangerous if it is a one-piece suit.

Thanks for Kuro and Yuki’s hard work too.

You’ve been by my side for a long time.

Ah, angels flying there.

Come here for a moment.

During the second half, there’s no bombing scheduled, right?

No, that was certainly exciting.

If the result was good, I would have forgiven you.

However, the civil servant girl there was aggrieved since something went wrong.


Also, Kuudel, you did it ten times alone?

I know you like dive-bombing but think of others….there’s no point in flattering me.

Maa, let’s not do it today.

Let’s talk about it in detail tomorrow.

Are the harpies okay?

At the end, the formation was crumbling a little.


I’m not saying they’re undisciplined.

There’s no need to be too strict.

Just learn from today’s lesson.

At the banquet, food and sake were lined up as usual.

Since there are a lot of people, half of them are standing while eating but….there seems to be no problem.

We prepared a VIP area for distinguished guests but only Ruincia and Rigune are there.

Dors, demon king, and ancestor-san….are dancing in a circle with the villagers over there.

Mayim mayim?

Looks like it.

Those who can play music began playing musical instruments.

How nice.

The kuros and the spiderlings are also beginning to participate.

I want to participate too but I can’t leave Ruincia and Rigune alone.

The conversation of these two….yeah, not happening.

As for the children….

There is a children’s area and it coincides with the VIP area.

Tiselle, my apologies but can you talk to Ruincia?

Gol, Sil, and Bron, take care of Rigune.

Can you do it?

Okay, I’ll leave it to you.

Alfred and Ursa.

Look after the other children so they don’t wander off too far.

Ah, you can eat the food on the table of the VIP area.

Also, if Tier brings Aurora, guide them to where Ruincia is.

It will be fine even if I’m not here.

Tier will definitely come.

However, she wouldn’t go near Ruincia.

That’s why I asked them.


Having said that, I also asked the oni maid Ramurias and the clay doll that’s watching over the children.

It’s not that I don’t trust the kids.

This is only insurance.

Yeah, insurance.

Fairy queen.

Don’t monopolize the sweets table.

I know that doughnuts are delicious.

I was the one who taught them how to make it.

It is not that difficult to make but it was difficult when we still don’t know how to make the dough.

At first, we separate special wheat for donuts and start a series of trial and error….listen.

Okay okay.

You can eat as much as you like but don’t monopolize them.

If you’re honest, I’ll give you your favourite pudding….tomorrow.

The mountain elves….there are quite a few of them.

Did they go to the universal ship?

In the final stages of the parade, the universal ship jumped out too.

It’s not a metaphor.

Although they already heard of it, the residents of Village One, Village Two, Village Three, who had few chances to see it, as well as the lamias and titans were surprised.

I suggested to have the ship send the lamias and titans back when they return.

There is no point in keeping it as decoration so I want it to be used effectively.

Right now, it is only being used to transport goods in Village Four.


It might not be a bad idea to have the universal ship go to the north and south dungeon regularly.

No, it would be good if it will be used to travel to both Doraim’s nest and the Howling Village too.

I wonder if it can be used that much?

Let’s propose that next meeting.

Now….please reserve food and alcohol for the mountain elves that went out to maintain the universal ship.

Sweets too.

…..Malbit, what are you doing there?

Why are you tied up rolling on the ground?

Is it Ruincia?

Okay, I’ll let you go but tell me what you did first.

Ah, were you too excited during the parade?


You also tried dive-bombing like Gran Maria and the others so you were stopped, beaten up, and tied up by Ruincia…

How many times have you been beaten?

I mean, even though Malbit had that bad idea, isn’t it too much to tie her up?

Ah, you tried to take out a horned spear?

Ruincia, thank you.

Yeah, let’s leave her tied up like that.

I’ll tell Kierbit to take care of her.


I was tired for some reason.

I’m glad that this year’s parade is only for today.

I went to each village last year.

「If you go every year, the value goes down. Let’s have a parade in each village once every few years.」

At the meeting held before this parade, that was proposed by a civil servant girl.

I was thankful for that proposal.

The representatives of each village seem to be down but they also acknowledge it.

I’m sorry.

When I go around to see the state of each village, let’s have a small banquet as an apology.

Well, I’m tired but I can still hang in there.

The phoenix chick Aegis worked harder than me today.

It was so tired that it fell asleep while eating on the table.

I’ll take it to bed.

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