Chapter 419 – Goddess Statue and Pond Turtle

I thought of the supposed statue that the titans put on their stage during the parade.

If I’ll carve it, should I carve grains?

Or maybe a straw rice bale?

Let’s carve a straw rice bale for now.


It’s a straw rice bale alright.

The same thing I’ve seen on period drama shows.

It probably can stuff 60kl of rice.

It’s a good looking bale.

However, if this thing is put on the stage….I think it will be strange.

No, I shouldn’t depend on my senses alone.

Let’s hear the opinions of the other residents.

Good thing there are three high elves nearby.

「A bow target?」

「A tool for tackling practice?」

「Idiots, it is clearly an outdoor chair.」


I gifted the straw rice bale statue to the three.

Feel free to use it whatever you want.


If I really want a straw rice bale, it is better to make it from straw.

But I don’t know how to make it.

The high elves can knit anything using grass so they likely know if I ask.

Maa, let’s ask them some other time.

Some other time.

Let’s carve a statue of god this time.

Shouldn’t it be the farming god?


Let me think.

The titans’ whole body is covered with hair.

To be honest, I already feel hot and stuffy just looking at them.

If I take their image as a reference to carve the statue of the farming god….how about just putting an old man statue at their stage?

But I want it to be a little more visually appealing.


Then, how about carving a goddess?

No, wait wait.

If I carve a statue of a goddess, the female villagers will cause a commotion.

A young-handsome farming god then….

Isn’t that more dangerous?


I’m only showing it to them.

Let’s carve both for the time being.

First, the statue of the goddess.


I feel like I’m in a good shape.

The statue of the goddess was carved smoothly.


Isn’t it too beautiful?

Is this what she looks like?

The farming god is the original owner of the AFT.

Did she guide me to carve this?

W-well, no.

Let’s just carve the young ikemen farming god.

A macho was carved.

It doesn’t look bad but it looks 20% inferior to the previous goddess statue.

Is the AFT favoring the goddess statue?

Perhaps if I carve without thinking anything, the result will be the goddess statue.


Now that I carved a goddess statue on my own initiative, the female villagers…..

Am I thinking too much?

It’s a statue of a goddess after all.

It’s supposed to be beautiful.

Alright, this will be the statue.

I’ll have the titans pull the stage where it is placed.

Until then, I’ll leave you in the warehouse….hnn?

W-who is it?

Why is someone suddenly put his hand on my shoulder?




「Are you going to ask for its price? This is not for sale. Also, this is not the god of creation but the farming goddess. Ehto, I’m not accepting gold ingots.」

I carved a new goddess statue for ancestor-san.

I wonder why.

Why is the farming goddess statue really easy to carve?

Ancestor-san smiled at the finished product.

He wants the macho statue too so I gave it to him.


For now, let’s unveil the goddess statue at next year’s parade.

Until then, in the warehouse.


Before I knew it, the female villagers were already looking at the goddess statue.

「Is this the ideal cup size?」

「The slimness of the waist, that’s hard to achieve.」

「I like the hairstyle.」

「By the way, this face….it’s not Loo-sama?」

「Not Tier-sama, Flora-sama, Ria-sama, or Ann-sama too.」

「It doesn’t look like Frau-sama, Hakuren-sama, Rasuti-sama, or Senna-sama either.」

「Then, who on earth is she?」

「No way, from outside the village?」

I feel a threatening atmosphere.

I put a sign saying “Farming Goddess” in front of the goddess statue to escape the crisis.

For a while, it has become popular to cosplay the goddess.

Good grief.

It has become noisy outside of my mansion so I went out to see what’s going on.

The pond turtle came out of the reservoir and one of the kuros barks to call me.

The pond turtle looks apologetic.

What happened?

Behind the pond turtle was another pond turtle but it is smaller. It is only around 1 meter tall.

「Another one?」

I got three new shed shells.


I’ll give these to Loo.

But how did this new pond turtle get to the pond?

It is impossible to pass through the waterways considering its size.

But if it doesn’t use the waterway, that’s a pretty long walk on the ground.


It looks like one of the kuros knows.

I asked it to guide me.

This is….the twenty meter square reservoir in the north of the ranch area.

There is a drain on this reservoir that should go to the river in the east…..but since there was a pond there, I just connected it to the pond.

That’s the pond with the big frog.

Perhaps the pond had a pond turtle living in it and came all the way to the village using the waterway?

According to the kuro, that seems to be the case.

However, the waterway is not connected to the reservoir in the west.

From the reservoir in the north, it headed towards the river in the west so it moved along the waterway.

It made its way to the pond on the west after passing through the fruit area.

I see.


And the three new shed shells here are picked up from the fruit area when the pond turtle was traveling?

The kuro barked to confirm my deduction.

Tell the first pond turtle that it doesn’t need to shed shell a year if a new one comes.

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