Chapter 4.1 – Divine Power Ball

After receiving a report from Wahid that the guild’s launch at the 5th floor had gone better than expected, Kousuke decided to play with Nana, Wanli, and Esena on the management floor because he finally had free time after so long.

As for why Esena is on the management floor, when he went to the world tree the other day, Esena requested to sign a contract with him.

As a result, Esena was able to come out freely in the place where Kousuke is.

Esena basically comes out on a whim but she never comes out when Kousuke is in a difficult situation so he just lets her do what she wants.

Especially when Kousuke is playing with Nana and Wanli. Esena appeared every time that happened and even now, she appeared when they were playing.

When Kousuke was stroking Wanli’s body, Esena was chasing after Nana.

Perhaps Nana Knew that too so she did not run away seriously and even looks back at Esena from time to time.

Both Nana and Wanli had <Language Comprehension> skills and its LV had risen when they started living with Kousuke and the others.

If you think about it, it is normal for its LV to not rise unless they are with someone who can speak language.

Kousuke thinks that there will be individuals that already have the skill at LV 1 will appear from time to time during summoning.

As the LV of the skills of both animals went up, they really began to listen to what Kousuke was saying.

Nana, in particular, has become his loyal dog even though she’s a wolf.

Wanli is more capricious than Nana but she’s not as capricious as cats.

He feels that their characteristics are not because of their race but because of their individual personality.

Also, the skills of Wanli, <Transform> and <Telepathy>, are not something he understands well.

He tried various things but no matter what words Kousuke used to order Wanli to do it, there’s no result. There’s not even a single sign of those skills activating.

It is unknown whether they don’t have the right conditions to activate the skills or whether Wanli herself doesn’t know how to use them.

Even if she can understand Kousuke’s words to some degree because of <Language Comprehension>, it doesn’t mean that it is possible for them to converse.

He’s not particularly impatient about it and plans to examine it carefully.

By the way, this has nothing to do with the topic but when he appraised the water on the management floor, it came out as divine water.

It is similar to what happened to the floors where Nana and Wanli were.

He tried installing a divine stone in the management floor as an experiment and it really came out as divine water like the previous ones.

Because of that, Nana and Wanli can still drink divine water like the wolves and foxes of the other floors.

—Scene Change—

Kousuke, who was watching Esena and Nana play, suddenly came up with something.

Both Nana and Wanli have <Divine Power Control> skills.  He remembers that it hasn’t changed from LV 1 so he wants to try a certain game.

He stopped stroking Wanli with his hand and created a lump of divine power on the palm of this right hand.

He made it into the form of a ball and made it roll before Wanli.

Perhaps it has taken her interest, Wanli poked the shinrikidama (Note: named by Kousuke) with her nose.

At that moment, the divine power ball disappeared with a popping sound.

Wanli was startled.

「Ahahaha. If you handle it roughly it will disappear immediately. You have to use your own divine power to touch it.」

Kousuke said that and made another divine power ball and made it roll to Wanli.

This time, Wanli carefully poke it with her nose.

She managed to make it roll without breaking it.

Wanli chased after it and poked it again with the tip of her nose.

It rolled the same way as the earlier.

It looks like she liked it so she repeated it over and over again.

It didn’t break which means she’s now used to controlling divine power.

It looks like she got tired of making it roll using her nose so she’s poking it with her foreleg this time.

She used her foreleg dexterously and touched it without breaking it.

She looks like a cat or a dog that’s playing with a hairball.

Seeing Wanli playing with the divine power ball, Nana got interested so she’s looking at Kousuke.

「Do you want to play with that too?」


In response to Nana’s cute request, Kousuke made a bigger divine power ball for Nana.

Just like Wanli, she tried poking it with her nose when it rolled over to her. It broke as expected.

Kousuke made one again and this time, she managed to play like Wanli.

「Kou, Esena, too」

Seeing the two playing with divine power balls, Esena requested a divine power ball for herself too.

There’s no reason to refuse so he made a divine power ball for her too.

Since it is for Esena, he made the ball as big as a temari.

As expected of someone who received the knowledge of the incarnation of the world tree, Esena catches it without breaking it. She began playing with it after.

Getting tired of playing it like that, she began changing its characteristic and dropped it to the floor. It didn’t break and even bounced back on her hands.

She’s completely treating it as a temari.

Nana and Wanli tried to do the same but that only broke their divine power ball, several times.

Each time, Kousuke makes one for them again and again, since it is his purpose in the first place.

By the way, Kousuke can change the characteristics of the divine power ball like Esena but he did not dare do it.

His purpose is to raise the LV of the <Divine Power Control> of the two.

Though playing like this might not raise the level, they are having fun so Kousuke’s fine with it.

They only need to play.

Kousuke’s having fun watching them too so he doesn’t mind if his main purpose fails.

When Kousuke was watching over them, the fairy and the two animals began treating the divine power ball like a volleyball and played with each other.

The ball goes back and forth to the three of them.

Nana and Wanli are hitting the divine power ball with their noses. They are good enough for the ball to not drop.

Their rally lasted for quite a long time. Even so, they did not get bored.

Their game continued until the three of them got tired.

Kousuke, who’s now checking the status of the both tired and resting Nana and Wanli, confirmed that their <Divine Power Control> has risen to LV3. He was convinced that his experiment is a success.

The skill <Divine Power Control> will naturally not rise unless you use your divine power.

Since divine power is a power that is not used in everyday life (magical power and holy power are consumed by different kinds of skills), it remained LV1 until now.

Kousuke thought that they might be able to raise their skills while playing.

More than anything, Kousuke himself was healed by seeing them play so he definitely wants them to play.

By the way…

Shrine and Isnani, who witnessed Nana and Wanli playing with the divine power ball, were speechless at that scene. Kousuke and the three know that Kouhi and Mitsuki are there but they didn’t notice the other two until the end. 

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