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Where do I begin? The last 4 years have been a total whirlwind. It’s honestly hard to believe it’s been 4 full years since I started on a whim back then. I never thought I’m still here but I know why, I owe it all to all of you.

Today I would like to thank you. Those of you who read on my site regularly either via an email subscription, RSS feed, Facebook page, Subreddit, or visiting the site.

I am grateful for the time you have invested in reading what I translate. Translating takes a lot of time and effort but without you, the effort would be for naught.

Therefore, I want to sincerely and officially thank you for the time you have spent here each day.

Thank you to those who read my first chapter and asked for more. You gave me the courage and the belief that I could really do this.

Thank you to those who continued to encourage me throughout these years.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their day to read here.

Thank you to those who donated and my patrons who helped me a lot especially during this pandemic.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me honest and kind words – it means more than you know.

Gratefulness is becoming a lost art. Taking a moment to bless someone who is not expecting it because it can bring a small measure of joy in a world gone mad.

Anniversary Release

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 420 – It’s Spring but Spring is Still Far Away

Dropped into Another World Chapter 31 – Dire Wolf Chai

Let’s Manage the Tower Chapter 4.1 – Divine Power Ball

Item Cheat Chapter 73 – Punishment

Lazy Sigh of the Villainess Chapter 1.1 – Awakening in Various Meanings

Yuru Fuwa Nouka No Moji Bake Skill Chapter 1 – Left Behind by the Heroes’ Group

Poll Result

I’ll continue translating “Dropped Into Another World”.

I’ll translate “Yuru Fuwa Nouka No Moji Bake Skill”.

I’ll translate “Lazy Sigh of the Villainess”.

Release Schedule:

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka – 1ch/day

Let’s Manage the Tower – 2ch/week

Dropped Into Another World – 2ch/week

Lazy Sigh of the Villainess – 2ch/week

Yuru Fuwa Nouka No Moji Bake Skill – 1ch/week

Item Cheat – ???

Shameless Advertising

If you like my work and want to show your support financially, please choose any of the two methods below. You can do it once or even subscribe.

If you really want to read the next chapter and have money to spare why don’t you try buying me a coffee? You’ll be able to access 10 days worth of advance chapters for the next 30 days if you spare “any amount of money”. Please take note that this is one time payment so it’s not subscription.Number of advance chapters you can read is below.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka – 10 advance chapters

Let’s Manage the Tower – 3 advance chapters

Dropped Into Another World – 3 advance chapters

Lazy Sigh of the Villainess – 3 advance chapters

Yuru Fuwa Nouka No Moji Bake Skill – 1 advance chapters

Or you can be my patron on Patreon. It has multiple tiers and 1 tier will have the same privilege as above on the 1st tier. The number of chapters will be multiplied per tier so if you’re on 2nd tier, you’ll be able to read 20 advance chapters of Isekai Nonbiri Nouka and the number of advance chapters of other novels will be multiplied by 2 too. So far only tier 1 has complete advance chapters since the others are new. Isekai Nonbiri Nouka is available up to tier 3 so that’s 30 advance chapters. Future plan is up to tier 6.

Cost per tier: Tier 1 – $1, Tier 2 – 5$, and Tier 3 $10.

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