Chapter 1 – Left Behind by the Heroes’ Group

-Prologue- Summoning a Farmer in Another World-

My name is Hirayama Tatsuya, 29 years old. A black company arasa employee.

TN: An arasa is an unmarried 30-year-old guy or about to turn 30.

So….apparently, I was caught up in the thing called “teleported in another world”.

On my day off, I went mountain climbing since it’s my hobby. When I was walking in the city on my way home, a magic circle suddenly appeared on the ground before I knew it…

「Oh, greetings, legendary heroes.」

After hearing that template line, I noticed that I’m already having an audience with a king on his throne.

There are luxurious furnitures lining up along a long, fluffy red carpet, and there are many armor-wearing soldiers standing by the wall.

Looking around, I saw brown and blonde hairs….there’s a group of men and women who are wearing blazers of high schoolers but they look like high school delinquents.

Maa, these guys are probably in the same situation as me.

「Where is this place?」

A blonde with missing tooth, who seems to be the leader of that delinquent group, asks the king.

「This is the Iris Kingdom—- this one is the king. This world is in serious danger.」

According to the king, it seems like monsters flood every 100 years in this world.

Every time that happens, the land and the towns are trampled and all places receive a devastating blow.

It is said that the monsters that flood are very powerful.

It seems like the knights of this world and the adventurers guild are not enough to defend against it so they usually counter it by summoning heroes.

The heroes who came from Earth possess a number of super-powerful skills and he said that those can exert outrageous power.

「This is a skill plate. The skills you currently possess will be written there.」

The king distributed a 5cm x 10cm white silver shining card.

Those are 6 sheets. One for me and five for the group of delinquents.

「Oohh! I don’t know what it is but what’s written on mine is hero’s lighting strike!」

The blonde with missing tooth, who seems to be their leader, shouted happily.

「Fumu. This lord….is similar to a legendary hero. It’s a cheat skill where the hero’s every attack has the power of lightning. 」

「As for me, what’s written is sage’s enlightenment! 」

This time, it was the long brown-haired delinquent who shouted.

「It’s a skill that makes you master offensive and healing magic from beginner’s level up to intermediate. If you train, you’ll be able to use all magic in existence….No, you can even cast the original maximum magic. 」

「Mine is holy maiden’s gospel! 」

「Mine is god of war’s fist!」

Presently, everyone is talking about cheat skills.

Then, my skill plate is….oi oi, is this a joke?

「Oi, old man who has a rucksack over there, what’s written on your skill plate? 」

Old man?….Who the heck is this toothless blonde referring to? I’m only ten years older than you.

And so, everyone’s gaze focused on me.

「Ah, my skill is — crop cultivation.」

Then, they all froze.

「My skill is crop cultivation. There’s also farming tool handling.」


Everyone’s freeze continues.

No, even if you react like that, only farming skills are written here.

There are other garbled skills too.

After the brief freeze—

「Fuhaha……..hahahahahahaha! Oi oi, we are called in this world to fight and your job is a farmer! My side! Seriously!」

「Hyahaha…..uhahahaha! Oi oi, are you serious!? It’s a hero summoning, not a farmer summoning. You’re a punchline.」

「This is exciting! A fighting farmer…..wahahaha!」

The delinquent group laughs at me like that.

They are really stupid delinquents.

That’s not how you should treat someone older than you that you met for the first time.

The king coughed.

「Then, you lords will head for the imperial capital. There, you’ll be trained for the monster flood.」

The next night.

We were camping in a large forest.

It will take a day and a half walk in the forest to the imperial capital.

As for the direction, we got a magic compass. According to what we are told, we only need to walk in the direction it’s pointing at.

This forest is actually a kind of dungeon. According to what we are told, it’s a lair of a super-powerful monster.

It is a dangerous place that is called the forest of no return.

Currently, we were able to walk casually here because when we were about to leave the kingdom, a famous clergy gave us amulets.

According to him, for the next 48 hours, we will not encounter any monsters unless we stimulate them on our own.

By the way, I only have farming skills so it seems like I’m hated by the hero party. No one talking to me has become the norm.

I couldn’t help it so I wrapped myself in a sleeping bag in a place a little far away from where they were camping….I fell asleep that day.

—Scene Change—

「The old man seems to have fallen asleep.」

A guy with missing teeth said so while checking Tatsuya’s state.

「What are you trying to do, Miyamoto? You’re thinking about the one hundred gold coins per person, aren’t you?」

A blonde girl in a miniskirt said that with a shrug.

「Oh, I’m thinking about why do we have to share money with the useless old man. We have to look for hero equipments after the training after all.」

「Yeah. Any transmigrator can use those equipments, right?」

「We are talking about equipments with outrageous performance that can significantly increase our survival rate. If we find those equipments, we also have to share it with the old man.」

Then, the blonde girl in a miniskirt quieted down her voice while checking the state of the sleeping Tatsuya.

「…..this old man is a hindrance, right? As we are told, there were a lot of people who died among those who transmigrated, right?」

「Yeah」said that blonde with missing tooth.

「This isn’t a game. This is real life and death. And since we’re friends, it is normal to distribute things fairly. However, this old man is different.」

「and he’s a useless farmer.」

Good….the toothless blonde nodded.

「Everyone—-how about we leave while this old man is sleeping?」

Then, a girl with shoulder-length, raven black hair muttered.

「No, but….that’s….」

「Oh? What’s wrong Mayu?」

「This is a den of an ultra high-level monster and the effect of the amulet is only 48 hours, right? There is only one compass so even if he is not attacked by monsters….he’ll certainly get lost and die in the wild….」

The toothless blonde made a stunned expression while saying “Huh?”.

「Then, do you want to bring that old man? Are you going to give our supplies to the old man? Are you willing to lessen our survival rate? If you’re joking, this is not funny, right?」

「No, you’re right….」

「Right? It will leave a bad aftertaste if we kill him directly but he’s still a hindrance so…we’ll leave him behind.」

「That’s the same as killing him directly….」

「In the first place, that old man…is not a hero but a farmer. He’s a piece of sh*t which is a different race from us.」

With those words, the black-haired girl thinks of something and turns her gaze in the direction of Tatsuya’s sleeping bag.

「……I’m sorry….uncle…..」

Then, the toothless blonde nodded with satisfaction.

「Okay, let’s take all the water and food…let’s move. They’ll be wasted if we leave them to the old man.」

—Scene Change—

The next morning.

I woke up as the sun rose and was at a loss for words.

「They….really did it.」

The place where the high school students were camping has been cleaned up and the water, food, and money that the king had prepared….were all gone.

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