Chapter 73 – Punishment

I think the reason for her overconfidence is because she’s wearing a powerful flame armor.

Once I strip off her magical cloak and take off her flame armor, only the girl and not the princess knight will be left.

If it is a normal human, they can never take off her flame armor but my flame resistance is also off the roof.

I noticed that when I removed the burning metal fittings of her armor.

「Why is it you’re only wearing underwear under your armor?」

「It’s hot in the armor, it hurrttssss!」

Ah, right. If I forcibly remove a fiery hot armor from her, she will get burnt because unlike me, she has normal flesh and blood.

I hurriedly took off all of her armor. Under the armor, she’s only wearing a silk bra and shorts.

「Mo-molester! Pervert! Pervert hero!」

「I’m sorry, no, it’s because your….」

Normally, she should be wearing clothes under her armor so this situation can’t be helped.

If I did not take it off, she would have gotten burnt, or maybe worse.

「Stop! Don’t be so rough!」

「Don’t say it like that.」

Her arm is broken, her body is burnt, but her will is still unbended.

Though I don’t care about her being a princess knight, seeing a girl who has just got her skin burnt is so pitiful.

I took out an elixir from the pouch of my belt and decided to give it to the princess knight.

「Hey, let’s talk about winning or losing later. Cure yourself first by drinking this elixir.」

「No, I will not receive any alms from the enemy!」

Kaching, I forcefully mount Eleonora, who’s still rampaging, to press her down.

After fixing her broken arm to the best of my ability, I forcibly thrust the bottle of elixir into her mouth and pour it.

「Now, drink!」

Glug, no…..」

I’m not going to be gentle. It’s my choice to cure her even if it means I have to force her to drink.

Still resisting! Eleonora is still trying to spit out the elixir so I gripped her cheeks to forcefully make her swallow.

「Hey, don’t resist, swallow everything!」


Since I’m holding her like this, she won’t be able to breathe unless she swallows it all.

I can finally see Eleonora’s throat moving. Her arm is now cured and even her skin burns are getting better. Fuh, that took some effort.

Perhaps because she was forced to drink, Eleonora is coughing painfully with tears in her eyes. I was a little forceful but it’s your fault for resisting like that.

I think it would be a waste if I spilled the elixir. I haven’t even asked the stores here on how much it would sell.

「No, give up. No need to say anything, it’s over.」

「Kuh….not to a man like you!」

Are you still not going to admit defeat even after mounted on? You can’t even move.

Was I wrong to make her recover this early?

Also, it’s a bit picturesque to mount a girl in her underwear.

I’m already resistant to things like this because of Ria but we’re not the only ones here. The others are….

The mercenaries around us are so excited that they are even whistling.

「Take off more!」「Hero, do more!」screams are all over. Don’t scream “take it off”, this is not that kind of show.

On the other hand, the eyes of my slave girls are getting colder. This is bad.

I have to finish this quickly.



When I was distracted with the surroundings, my ankle was grabbed and twisted.

I inadvertently lose my balance and fall off from my horse mounting position. This woman, it looks like she can use martial arts. She’s trying to shake me off.

「Do you think I’ll let you!」

「Not yet, I can still do it!」

I don’t have any martial arts techniques. I’m only relying on my hero adjustment in terms of barehanded battles.

While we were fighting with each other in an unfamiliar fighting style, it became more of a mess.

「Admit defeat!」

「No, never!」

Even if I rub her head on the ground making her blond hair dirty with soil, the princess knight’s will is still unbending.

While we were getting tangled up, Eleonora’s ass was sticking out in front of me.

「Eleonora, you, have a big ass…」

「I’ll kill you!!」

She’s now completely enraged.

How can I even end this!

「Eleonora, look around, aren’t you ashamed being dressed like that in front of everyone?」

「Uuuwwaaa, I-I’ll bite my tongue and die!」

I tried to humiliate her to admit defeat but she immediately declared suicide.

It will be bad if she dies so I stuffed my handkerchief into her mouth to prevent her from biting her tongue.

「Hmmm! Hmmm!」

「If you want to surrender, tap the ground.」

Her beautiful face is now covered with dirt and she’s even shedding tears however, she still shook her head.

「I see….then, I’ll do this」


I held down Eleonora with one hand while my other hand tickled her flank.

Eleonora’s body trembles and becomes wiggly. She can endure pain but can she endure tickling?

「Now now, it’s time to surrender!」

「Ugh! Ugh!」

Eleonora, who has a handkerchief in her mouth, is uttering a rumbling voice like fa fa but I ignore it and tickle her more.

The trembling of her body is being transmitted to me so I can say that she’s desperately enduring this. I won’t stop tickling her until she gives up!

「Fan! Fa! Faa!」

I continue tickling Eleonora with all my might while she’s making a muffled scream BGM.

Not only on her flank but also in parts with little resistance. I check her reaction while I’m tickling her arms, her flank, her thigh, and even the sole of her feet.


Even if Eleonora’s movement gradually weakens, she’s still trying to escape while her body is shaking.

After finding out that her weak point is on the upper side of her flank, I concentrated on tickling it. Her body scarily convulsed but eventually, the tremor stopped and she became quiet.

「Oi, it’s about time for you to surrender…oi?」

Until a while ago, Eleonora has been screaming like there’s no tomorrow but now, she’s completely silent.

Did I go too far?

I hurriedly removed the handkerchief I stuffed in her mouth and her pink tongue jumped out of her half-open lips. A large amount of something also went out of her mouth but she’s not reacting like she’s no longer alive.

「This, is bad….」

Eleonora’s face was completely stupefied after passing through intense agony.

Not only her face but her shoulder, mouth, and even her blue eyes already lose their color and it looks like they are staring at the void.

「This…Her eyes are open so Eleonora-san isn’t dead, right?」


There’s no reply. Is this a corpse already?

I’m sorry,….

I look around as if looking for salvation but the mercenaries are still enthusiastically screaming “take off”.

When I stare at them, they suddenly turn awkward.

Suddenly, someone said “Oh, it looks like break is over, let’s go.” and they continued capturing the dungeon again.


Ah, it feels like this is my fault after all?

Sharon came out of the flock of slave girls and spread a white sheet she’s holding to cover Eleonora’s body.

「My apologies, Sharon. Can you take care of her?」

「Master, no matter how much you think about this, you have gone overboard.」

Yeah, I know.

Even if the other party is irritating and acting like crazy, I was also childish. I should have stopped from the beginning.


I was also surprised when Sharon, who was taking care of the fainted Eleonora, screamed.

「Eh, what happened? What’s wrong?」

「Ano, master….」

Sharon looked around and whispered something to me.

「Eleonora-san lost control of her bladder.」


「If you want to apologize to someone, apologize to her.」

「Yeah, I will.」

I feel sorry for Sharon who has to deal with the rough phase of the princess knight. Even if it is a punishment, I must admit that I overdid it.

I will make use of this as a reflection point in the future, thank you for making me obtain enlightenment, Eleonora.

—Scene Change—

A familiar blonde elder brother type of guy with a green robe and composite bow on his back slowly approach me while waving.

Were you watching what’s happening with the mercenaries, Wake?

「Hero, you look as energetic as ever and above all, you’re always doing really interesting things. I look forward to meeting you every time.」

「It’s been a while Wake. I’ve shown you something embarrassing.」

The king of the thieves guild, Wake the Wake, gently touches my shoulder and shakes my hand while laughing with his unique bird calling “kukkuk” laugh.

Next to him is the long-purple haired Neneka. She bowed to me.

The Garan mercenaries also have former thieves so Neneka and her spies(scouts) were not recruited to capture the tower.

Because of that, she’s going around to various places of the Germania Empire to scout whether the imperial army is moving or not while we are capturing the tower.

「Hero-sama, presently, there’s no change in movement in the headquarters of the empire. Other tasks are progressing without fail too.」

「Is that so? I’ll continue to trouble you, Neneka.」

Since Neneka’s group is monitoring the movement of the enemy, we can work on capturing the tower with confidence.

「I was shown an interesting duel with an awesome girl. I like it, that stubborn female knight.」

「Is that so? I think it would be great if you could hit on her.」

Princess Knight Eleonora seems to be in a state where there’s no way for her to have a husband. Since he is the king of thieves, he’ll be able to match that duke’s daughter.

Wake laughed again when I told him that. It looks like the duel earlier really picked his interest.

「Maa, stop that. Even if I look like this, I’m timid and I’ll never touch a friend’s woman. It’s a source of trouble.」

「No, Wake, don’t misunderstand. We’re not like that. I’d rather have her as my enemy!」

No, Wake. Don’t “ Yeah yeah” me. Listen to me, okay?

「As expected of a hero, I envy your greatness in women. Neneka is also a compassionate woman so I thought of persuading her slowly but she’s already taken.」

「No, Wake, listen to me. Neneka and I are not like that.」

Wake laughed and untied the scarf wrapped around Neneka’s neck with his finger. As expected of the king of thieves.


「See, I thought of seducing her but I was disappointed when I was that.」

Under Neneka’s scarf is a slave collar with the inscription “Sawatari Takeru’s slave”.

Ah, I gave that to her a long time ago but that doesn’t mean anything. If it meant what you think it is, it would be bad because all slave girls or our company has one.

「Naa, wouldn’t it be interesting if you put your slave collar on the neck of that blonde female knight?」

「Eh? Yeah」

No, what are we even talking about?

Wake….he really doesn’t listen to others. He only gets involved in things he finds interesting but it can’t be helped since he’s a free guy.

「Hero, don’t you want to fold the pride of that confused noble lady? Then, while she’s fainted, you should put a slave collar on her. I have a “curse lock” here that can be removed unless you have the key.」

「Wake, that’s so evil of you….」

「Are you really telling me that, the king of thieves?」

That said, Wake shows his white teeth and that’s certainly an evil smile.

「No but I’ve gone overboard myself and I regret it.」

To be honest, I think Wake’s proposal is interesting.

But I just overdid things earlier and Sharon even got angry.

「Imagine this, the proud knight wakes up and can’t remove a collar….」


When she wakes up with a slave collar that doesn’t come off, maybe Eleonora will go crazy but that’s pretty interesting.

If you think about it, it’s not bad to have Eleonora admit defeat in exchange for the key of the collar’s lock and make her promise that she will no longer challenge me.

Wake loves to collect strange cursed tools that have negative effects. Is it because he wants to use it at times like this?

No, he probably needs cursed items for their negative effects.

「For that reason, Sharon.」

「Master….I think you already overdid it. If you do anything else, I don’t know what will happen!」

So so, Sharon tried to persuade me.

I put the slave collar on the fainted Eleonora and locked it. It now can’t be removed without the key.

If I do this, I’m sure even the unbending will of the princess knight will break.

The slave collar has a large and prominent design. If the high-spirited princess knight wears this collar, she would be embarrassed and won’t be able to walk in the city.

When I was imagining the princess knight in dogeza and begging me to remove the collar, I can’t help but look forward to it.

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