Chapter 1.2 – Eseria’s Declaration

A few more days after that.

After the twists and turns, she finally understood that no matter how much she screams or yells, reality won’t change. She decided to accept the current situation however, there’s something she can’t endure.

「……I’m bored.」

Although she still felt uncomfortable about clothing, food, and shelter, she’s not dissatisfied.

For example. All the clothes she can wear are difficult to put on and take off and the design is quite embarrassing for an arasa woman to wear. She’s familiar with the ingredients but she’s not used to eating heavy dishes. The mansion she lives is unnecessarily big. It has a lot of rooms and she even got lost. Those are still within her range of tolerance.

TN: An arasa woman is a 30  year old woman or about to turn 30.

In addition, at first, every time she was called Eseria, she feels like she wanted to say a lot of things but after a few days, she’s beginning to accept her new reality. However, what made her completely lost is t the fact that there’s no entertainment in this world that can satisfy her.


「Boring, too boring, my body is rotting….」

It was Misty, a maid who was on a stand by a little away from her. Eseria is lying on a chaise lounge in her room while groaning with resentment so the maid made a terrifying proposal.

「E-ehto….should I bring you a doll?」

When she heard that, she raised her upper body slightly and looked at Misty with her cold eyes that are obviously not suitable for her age.

「Where is the fun in dressing that thing and playing house?」

「How about embroidery?」

「Shouldn’t I leave that kind of thing to craftsmen? Do you think I’ll be happy if I show off my bad skills? I’m not a masochist.」

「Then, chess or piano.」

「That is something troublesome and it takes too much time for children to learn, do you really think I’ll be willing to do that?」


She, who made suggestions, got reprimanded terribly. She fell silent docilely. After seeing that, Eseria lays down on the sofa again and buries her face in the cushion.

(This maid, she’s useless….But more than that, I can’t stand the setting of this world. If there’s chess or piano, there should be internet too. Or even magic! Why is this world so biased against entertainment?)

After she recovered from her injury, she received approval from the doctor to freely move but not too much. And from the information she gathered about this world, that’s what she concluded.

Ever since she awakened, in her mind, it is more important for her to kill time at present rather than to avoid the bad end in the distant future.

「I can’t take it anymore…..I’m really at my limit….」

(That’s not it, not that one too, there’s nothing at all….No-noth-nothing…..if I don’t make it myself, there would be nothing….)

And she, who’s spending time doing nothing and was in agony with frustration that she can’t even tell anyone about it, was finally struck by that revelation.



She suddenly stood up from the sofa and screamed. On the other hand, Misty’s body trembled and she looked scared. While acting like she’s the only one there, she shouted more enthusiastically.

「If I don’t have bread, I’ll eat cake. If I don’t have any entertainment to enjoy, I can just create it myself! Why didn’t I realize that until now!? The wait attitude is wrong! If it is fun, it’s justice! This is the one and only truth!!」

「Wha? Ano….ojousama?」

「Look at me, I’ll be the savior of the poor, entertainment-hungry people of the world!!」

And then she continuously laughs “Ohohohohoho!!”. While she was laughing out loud like a true duke’s daughter, the door opened after a light knock. A boy several years older than her showed up.

「What’s happening? Why is it noisy here?」

「Najek-sama. Ano, Eseria-sama is….Suddenly, she’s saying something I couldn’t understand….」

He ran up to Misty who looks like she has just been saved. After she appealed to him, he looked at his sister who was still laughing at the couch. He vomited a small sigh and soothed Misty.

「Ah….yeah. It looks like the hardship you endure increases lately but please watch over her warmly while she has not reached the point where she’s destructive. I’ll tell father and mother that Eseria is being a little weird again. Rest assured, if something goes wrong, I promise it will not be your fault.」

「My apologies, Najek-sama. Thank you.」

Misty is tearing tears of gratitude and is relieved because of the words of an eight-year-old boy. The voice of the one laughing until now cut off the soothing atmosphere.

「Oh, onisama, what can I do for you! However, I’m currently very busy so let’s have a siblings talk at a later date!」

「….ah, I see. I’m busy and have something to do myself too so I’ll come back again in my spare time.」

「I’ll be waiting for you!」

He then whispered to Misty, “I’m a little worried so I’ll ask my elder sister to come and see what’s going on.”.  After whispering, he withdrew quietly.

Eseria van Sjogren.

Presently, her real age is 6 years old but her mental age is 29 years old.

Given that, she devoted herself in making entertainment as her hobby to kill time while being watched over by those around her with warm eyes.

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