Chapter 421 – Medicinal Herb and Festival Preparation

A hospital was built in Village Five.

This is because I proposed that the taxes the villagers in Village Five paid should be used in Village Five.

To be honest, considering the amount of tax revenue, treatment for the residents of Village Five can be free.

Since the hospital was built, I went to check it out before it opened….

It was different from the hospital I know.

There are hospitals in this world too.

However, it is not common.

It’s because there’s healing magic.

There are a lot of people in the church that can use healing magic.

As a normal procedure, if someone is sick or injured, he only needs to rush to the church.

So, what is the use of hospitals then?

They grow medicinal herbs and sell them.

Therefore, rather than a hospital, it seems to be better to be called a medicinal herb cultivation greenhouse.

Thus, I am now before a big medicinal herb cultivation facility.


There are 20 nervous herb cultivators hired in Village Five that are lined up before me.

「I look forward to working with you from now on.」

That’s all I can say.

Yeah, I don’t want this place to be wasted after all.

By the way, there’s no free treatment for Village Five residents since there are already ultra-low-cost healing services at the church.

It seems like it was the idea of Youko and holy maiden Celes.

By the way, Loo, Tier, and Flora are really pleased with the completion of the hospital.

However, Loo went to Shashaato City for research and Flora went to the miso and soy sauce making facilities in Village Five.

I only have Tier with me.

Immediately after Ruincia, her mother, left, she looked lonely. Now she’s back to normal.

「One oversized room, four large rooms, and twelve small rooms. It is possible to adjust the room temperature of each room. Did Loo-san set up magic tools for each room?」

「That’s right. I heard that she also mobilized Shashaato’s researchers for this….what is that jar with overflowing water?」

「That’s also a magic tool. It is likely responsible for water circulation.」

It’s a pair of magic tools that moves water from low to high places.

It seems to be indispensable for medicinal herb cultivation.

「That’s convenient. What’s the maximum distance that they can be used?」

「It can’t be used in far distances. If that is here, the other one is probably in the next room. Because of various restrictions, the pump used in our village is more convenient.」

Is that so?

「That’s amazing. I never thought that it was running without magical power! Even the chief herself look it up?」

「Eh? She examined it?」

「Please rest assured. My mother stopped her.」

「N-no. I don’t mind even if she did.」

「Thank you very much. But please, don’t spoil her too much.」

「O-of course.」

Pump is not a dangerous thing so I think it is alright for it to spread.

Maa, whatever.

I followed Tier’s instruction and used the AFT on each room of the medicinal herb greenhouse.

Loo was researching in Shashaato City.

Her research topic is the teleportation gate.

However, it seems that it did not work.

After coming back to the village, she had to be spoiled by me.


Okay okay.

For the time being, let’s continue after harvesting.

Is that the reason why you came back?

I really have to spoil you.

「I feel like I worked so hard that I didn’t have time to get depressed.」

「Thank you for your help with harvesting. Here’s tea.」

「Thank you.」

「So, did your research fail? If you are frustrated, I’ll listen to you.」

「You don’t have to, I’m okay. Can I go to Shashaato City again?」

「After the festival?」


「I understand what you want to do but you have to convince both Alfred and Lupumirina yourself.」

「Alfred will be fine but Lupumirina…..maybe she’ll cry.」

「Recently, I feel like she’s more fond of Tier rather than you. She’s like Aurora’s twin.」

「Uuuggghhhh, my position as mother….but the research.」

「Hahaha. Well, anyway, don’t overdo things and don’t accumulate too much stress.」

「I’ll do my best.」

Preparations have begun for the summer festival.

I can rest assured since this year’s festival will also be organized by the civil servant girls.

「Maybe you should lessen….」

「We will ask you about the details later. Please leave everything to us now.」

They are really reliable.

Since they are reliable, they should reduce my workload, right?

「I should do less….」

「Please rest assured. We will not do anything that will disturb village chief’s heart.」

Oh, is that so?

But I’m not an idiot either.

「If possible, I would like you to reduce my involvement….」

「We can promise you that. We’ll reduce your involvement.」

「Good. Then, let me know if it’s already my turn.」

Thank you very much.

「But, as a confirmation, where should we reduce your involvement?」


Ah, I looked away.

I will change the topic with all my might.

It’s not a good thing to lie.


I looked around and saw Zabuton making new clothes.

That’s a man’s clothes.

Looking at the size, it is probably mine.

It is too small to be Gulf or Gutt’s clothes and if it is theirs, there shouldn’t be a lot of decorations.

I probably need to work hard for this year’s festival too.

However, I recalled what I said to Loo.

Don’t overdo things and don’t accumulate too much stress.


「I’ll allow you to involve me in some things but make sure you take your breaks too. Also, it doesn’t mean that the festival will no longer be held if I leave. 」

That’s a lot of pressure.

「We will do our best to meet village chief’s expectations. 」

Thank you in advance.

I plow the harvested field using the AFT.

Once I complete this, the festival will begin.

It is still a few days away but each village is already preparing little by little.

I wonder what will be this year’s festival.

I look forward to it.

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