Chapter 4.2 – Nansen’s Guild

The tower managed by Kousuke is located in the center of the Central Continent.

There are six other towers surrounding it (they are rather far away).

As for their locations, two are in the north and south, another two are in the northeast and northwest, and the last two are in the southeast and southwest.

If you connect the six towers with a line, they will form a regular hexagon however, that is something no one has investigated in detail about.

The Central Continent, which has a total of seven towers, has a vast terrain that’s why reclamation has not advanced that much. For the humans of other continents, the Central Continent is an untouched land.

The shape of the Central Continent is more of a diamond than a circle.

Ryuusen City, which was first connected to the tower when Kousuke put a teleportation gate there, is located in the northeast of the continent.

Opposite to Ryuusen, in the southwestern part of the continent, there’s a town called Nansen.

Schmidt listed Nansen as the first candidate for the next teleportation gate location to the 5th floor of the tower.

Nansen City, like any other city on the Central Continent, was built along the coast. However, on the land side, opposite the sea, was the long Nansen Mountain Range.

Thanks to the existence of the mountain range, traveling to Nansen City via land is quite difficult.

However, there are a lot of resources produced from the nearby mountains so a lot of craftsmen live there.

Many adventurers in Nansen City are tasked with mining resources in mines or guarding mining teams.

Schmidt listed it as a site candidate for the second teleportation gate because Ryuusen doesn’t have any resources that the craftsmen of this city produced.

In particular, the armor made by the city’s craftsmen is necessary for the adventurers of the tower.

Kousuke visited Nansen with Mitsuki along with Nana and Wanli.

As for how they came in that place, they used the <Teleport> function that was added when the tower’s level rose to LV4.

<Teleport> is only one way. You have to do something on your own in order to return.

However, Kousuke is with Mitsuki so there’s no problem in returning home. Mitsuki has the ability to teleport them back to the foot of the tower.

The teleport of Kouhi and Mitsuki can only be used in places they have been to so they used the function of the tower this time to go there.

So far, because they can’t just teleport inside the city, they teleported to a place near Nansen.

Kousuke’s party walked from that place towards Nansen.

By the way, Nana and Wanli have collars.

It is a measure to avoid being suddenly attacked by someone.

Both of them did not particularly dislike it so Kousuke was able to bring them.

According to Schmidt, monster or beast tamers can be normally seen around so as long as they have collars, there won’t be any problem.

Of course, there are those who would attack just because they want to.

Kousuke and Mitsuki were able to enter with Nana and Wanli, who have collars, in Nansen without any particular problem.

Kousuke and Mitsuki have guild cards from the public guild in Ryuusen as ID so they’re not suspicious in any way.

After entering the city, the first thing that they did was to look for an inn (of course, one room) and headed to the public guild of Nansen.

Their purpose was not only to survey the craftsmen but the adventurers too.

He wants to see what kind of requests are posted in the public guild.

If possible, he wants to invite(guide) skillful craftsmen to the tower.

He would like to particularly invite architectural craftsmen.

The current 5th floor can’t keep up with the demand for new buildings.

Though he can just use divine power PT to build them, he doesn’t want to use that method if possible.

He thinks that the village should be made by human hands as much as possible.

Kousuke’s party, who visited the public guild, immediately received a lot of gaze at the dining area and tavern of the guild as soon as they entered.

It’s all Mitsuki’s fault, that’s the only reason in Kousuke’s mind. This has always been the case so Kousuke just moves forward.

However, he soon realized that the gaze was different than usual.

The cause could soon be found in the dining area.

A pair of women are eating in a corner of the dining area to avoid being stared at.

They are quite beautiful even though they are not as beautiful as Mitsuki (some say that it is impolite to compare).

—Scene Change—

Collete was disgusted in her heart while poking the vegetable soup.

She knew from her travels that her appearance is attractive to humans.

Even among her fellow elves, her appearance can be categorized as beautiful. Needless to say to humans.

In addition, Sylvia, her party member sitting opposite of her, is also someone who looks as good as her.

Thus, they are nothing but eye-catching.

She knew it well but still wanted to eat in peace.

「Collete, I know how you feel but if you don’t eat now, it will get cold, okay?」

Sylvia urges Collete to be indifferent to what’s happening and just eat.

「….I know but」

The elves as a race, have sharper senses than humans.

She feels that everyone’s eyes are on them so it is impossible for her to eat.

「Or, do you want to eat elsewhere?」

She nodded to Sylvia’s suggestion but after a moment, she eventually shook her head.

She thought about it several times.

However, since there’s already food before her, she can’t. Collete takes pride in not wasting food.

All ingredients are blessings of nature.

As an elf, she could not afford to waste them.

Sylvia, who is not acquainted with her for a short time, also knows that so she has not said anything more.

When Collete tried to eat while enduring the gazes around her, that happened.

The entrance door has opened and all eyes focused on that direction.

That’s a common scene if only it lasted for a moment.

It can be said that it is the habit of adventurers to check the person who’ll be in their presence.

However, continuously looking at the newcomer is rare.

That rare thing was happening at that moment.

The reason is obvious.

It was because of the woman among the pair that entered.

In addition to her appearance that will fascinate even the same sex, she has a well-balanced body that can only be described as bewitching.

All the men in the cafeteria are gazing in one direction. The two mountains were incredibly big.

The man, due to his unimpressive appearance, has received little attention which is expected.

Fortunately or unfortunately (for Collete, it’s definitely fortunately), that made Collete able to clean up the rest of her food.

For Collete, the ingredients are more of a concern than a couple of strangers.

Sylvia, on the other hand, has already finished her food so she’s also observing the two who she had never seen before.

There wasn’t that much in the first place so she was able to finish it in no time.

Sylvia talks to Colette as soon as she finishes her food.

The attention directed towards the two of them is now directed to someone else.

「Collete, have you noticed?」

「You mean the man from that pair looking at us?」

Given her experience, she misunderstood that gaze of the said man.

However, Sylvia shook her head upon seeing Collete’s expression.

「He’s not looking at us like that.」

「….then, what?」

She’s sure they have never met those two.

Not only the woman but also the man.

「I feel like they are familiar. What do you think?」

「I don’t recall meeting them.」


「Maa, there’s no point in asking me if you’re that convinced. If you really want to, why don’t you just go and talk to them?」


Seeing Sylvia like that, Collete is kind of confused.

「What? Do you have any problems with those two?」

「No, I don’t. Perhaps I’m overthinking things.」

Collete changed her mind because of Sylvia’s expression.

When Sylvia is like that, she probably has a premonition. It would be either good or bad for them.

She doesn’t know what it is but there’s no such thing as being over careful.

And that premonition of Sylvia eventually happened.

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