Chapter 32 – Wood Processing….Fine Tuning is Difficult

A gigantic tree that is worthy of being a tree of this forest is standing before me.

 The tree is in a strange state.

I intended to process it and then put it on the floor when I used magic.

Where did I go wrong?

I think this three is now barked and perhaps even dried.

Methods of processing wood according to what I barely remember.

Remove all the barks, dry it, and cut in according to the thickness you desire.

Drying is important.

Looking at its current state….

Barked, dried, and even cut into 25cm thickness although not obvious.

It’s a success if it is not standing.

This is a failure.

The very first step is cutting down the big tree.

I completely forgot it.

Now, how should I bring this big tree down?

This is already dozens of boards so if I make a mistake, it will fall apart.

I have to cut it anyway.

Should I use wind magic?

After that, teleport them down by imagining that they are lying down horizontally on the ground.

This is a challenge.

I had Koa and the others move to a safe place and use wind magic.

I also used teleportation at the same time.

Magic has a high degree of freedom. As long as you can imagine it, you can do anything.

Well, imagining is difficult.

And the result, the tree was too long to lie down.

It got caught in other trees….and fell apart.

Cutting a gigantic tree first is definitely a must!


I put the wooden boards in a room on the 4th floor.

5 gigantic trees.

No wonder why I feel tired.

Koa and the other’s faces looked terrible for a number of times…

Or is it my imagination?

However, I somehow managed to move them to the 4th floor.

All I have to do now is to arrange them.

It will be easy now since it is only lining them up on the floor.

….it should be easy.

I only need to make sure there’s no gap between them.

It is quite difficult to adjust them to another place 1mm apart from the previous one using teleportation.

Or rather, I’m not good at it.

I never thought of myself as someone with a rough personality but….

Looking at the pile of wooden boards, I don’t want to manually move them after laying them down.

It is probably because I didn’t cut them shorter.

It’s impossible for me to do that.

「It would be great if I can adjust their place just by looking at them」

I think while I’m looking at the boards.

What should I use to make big things move?

If I’m in Japan, I would use a crane.

I remember the scene of a crane moving a container.

Can I do it?

Can I lift things like a crane?


I tried pushing it by hand.

…oh, this is fun.

I never thought I could do it….


I adjusted the wooden board to make sure there will be no gap as it descends.

It went well.

….looking at the pile of boards and the size of this room, I suddenly felt a little dizzy.

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