Chapter 423 – Festival Broadcast

This summer’s festival is relay.

It is not between races but a mixed relay race.

The course is divided into seven sections and each section is limited by race.

First section.

A course that goes around the west reservoir of the village.

Only centaurs, horses, and unicorns can participate there.

Second section.

An obstacle course that passes through the fruit area.

Spiderlings can compete there.

Third section.

A super long course from the north end of the village to the south-eastest part of the village.

The kuros can participate there.

Fourth section.

It is a course that runs from the southeast end of the village to the dungeon entrance.

Titans, minotaurs, lamias, and dragons(dragon form, no flying) can participate.

Fifth section.

An athletic course that runs around inside the dungeon.

High elves, demons, lizardmen, beastkins, dwarves, mountain elves, dragons(human form), onis, and Village One residents can participate.

Sixth section.

A flying course that runs from the dungeon to the residential area, which is the venue of the festival.

Vampires, angels, harpies, devils, and dream demons can participate.

The nyunyu-daphnes are not good at running so they volunteered to be part of the festival committee.

In addition, there is an ongoing consultation on what section should the fairy queen, Youko, the bees, the turtles, the ghost knights, and the lions should participate in. I’ll be the final decision maker.

There are around 10 teams that will participate at once.

It looks like a sports festival.

By the way, player registration was carried out before the start and when the participants reached the second section, they’ll be transported by the universal ship at once.

Those who did not participate are eating and drinking at the festival venue while watching the race.

Wondering how they can watch the race?

I know how you feel.

It is being broadcasted.

A live video from a camera was being broadcasted on a large screen.

This is one of the technological wonders of the Sun Castle also known as Village Four.

No, when the Sun Castle first came to the village, they already used this technology.

It has no ability to record but it is already amazing enough.

This technology was brought in by one of the mercuries, Irre Foguma.

Loo was investigating how it works while burning with envy.

Loo, take care of Lupumirina and Aurora first before checking that out.

Tier is joining the next race so it’s your time to please them.

The cameras are being held by the nyunyu-daphnes while waiting at various places on the route.

Irre is responsible for switching which video should be shown and it made the broadcast exciting.

Him aside, the civil servant girls are giving live commentary.

The broadcasting department is riding the universal ship.

It has to be there to see the state of the race in real-time.

Belle and Gou are working hard for it too.

Camera is indeed useful.

Using this, it will be easier to communicate with each village.

Is it possible to connect with the castle where the demon king is?

「To my regret, long-distance is impossible. Also, there are a lot of restrictions on using it. 」

「Rephrase it in simple words. 」

「If there’s no Sun Castle or universal ship, it won’t work. 」

The limit distance between the camera and the device that shows the image is about 3 kilometers.

Even if pushed to the limit, it will only be around 5 kilometers.

Moreover, if there are obstacles between the two objects, the distance will be shorter.

Because of that, these are not useful unless we use either the Sun Castle or the universal ship.

No, no, these are useful for house security.

However, we only have a moderate number of cameras and screens and mass producing them is also difficult.

I did not even hear a good thing.

By the way.

「When we went to the Sun Castle before, we were not able to find any camera, screen, or broadcasting equipment.」

「It’s because I hid them in my private room.」

Irre Foguma.

A slender man in his thirties. He’s wearing a wide brim hat and his clothes are jet black.

He looks like a mage.

However, he’s working as a broadcasting director….is he an engineer?

He looks competent and he knows which camera has the best image to show.

Let’s work together from now on.

「Village chief, it is almost time for the next race.」


I went to the universal ship to encourage the participants.

Let’s get it on.

Riding the ship is easy but encouraging the participants is not.

If I talk too much fire, they’ll do it with too much power.

「In order to respond to village chief’s expectations, we have to win!」

Everyone is saying that.

No no, only one team will win.

Since there are 10 teams, 9 teams will cry.

It is really difficult to give moderate encouragement.

Majority of the festival executive committee are also riding the universal ship.

「Camera 23, what are you doing? Why is there no image? We have to show it with spirit! We have to show the effort of the participants!」

「A trouble occurred in the second section. It seems like the sheeps got too excited and are rampaging.」

「This camera, the image it captured is really detailed. Wai, make up, let me put some make up first.」

「Today’s third race. I can already see the leading person near the start of the third section…..the baton was passed to the third runner.」

「Contact the fourth section. Let’s go there immediately.」

「Next race, the children want to join so team formation is already being discussed.」

「Gyaaaa! The latest crepe this festival showed is already sold out at the venue! Now, a sold-out sign is being reflected on the camera!」

This festival might be the festival where the festival executive committee worked hardest.

I’ll console you next time.

It was hard but the festival has ended safely without any major accidents.

TN: I’m looking for the seventh section too.

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