Chapter 424 – Broadcasting Department

My name is Irre.

Irre Foguma.

I’m one of the mercuries that manages the Sun Castle.

I woke up sixty days ago.

To be honest, I never thought that they’ll wake me up again but the feeling of being able to freely move my body is great.

But it was not my expected scene of the Sun Castle that greeted my awakening…’s a field.

Yeah, both inside and outside of the castle have turned into fields.

What’s going on?

Bell and Gou, what is happe….read the shared memory?

No, that’s too troublesome.

It will be hard for me to read memories since it is not just 100 or 200 years that passed since I slept.

I should just read the last few years?


I finally understood why there are a lot of fields.

Sun Castle has changed its name to Village Four.

However, are those all true?

It’s true.

Got it.

For the time being, Bell.

Can you educate me?

I have to learn the current common sense and language.


What’s going on?

That kind of instant education will never work.

Teaching for 180 days is already terrible and you want to shorten it to 40 days?

Ah, yes, yes, so our new lord asked you to hurry.

I understand.

When we meet, I’ll properly work for him.

I shouldn’t address him as master?

Then, lord?

Village chief-sama then.

I understand, I’ll remember.

I don’t need to add “sama”?

Is it really okay to address him that?

A weirdo.

Even if you say that, I don’t even know what work I will do yet.

My job is shooting.

Use a camera and broadcast what the camera captured.

To put it simply, my job is to make sure there’s no blind spot in the humongous Sun Castle.

I’m proud of this job.

However, my treatment at Sun Castle is not that good.

It is because there is a “distant view” magic that makes one able to see any place he wants to.

Of course, the good thing about shooting is that it can even be used by those who can’t use magic. However, most of the people that come to the Sun Castle can use magic.

In addition, the Sun Castle itself is equipped with that magic.

It can’t be helped that shooting is treated like that.

In addition, shooting is a one-way street. It can only send images and audio. On the other hand, distant view magic makes two places able to see and talk with each other.

In terms of fuel economy, distant view magic is also better since the camera must be maintained regularly.

I was asked to give some points where shooting is better than distant view magic….

「It takes a lot of time and effort so you’ll get attached to it.」

That’s the best answer I can think of.

You can consider my job as a full time hobby.

When the fuel problem of the Sun Castle arises, I was the first one to be sent to sleep.

I’m not resenting the other guys.

I also agree with them.

「Eh? You can shoot using this and it will be reflected here? Amazing! Is it possible to record what you shoot? Record means whatever you shoot using this can be seen again many times here. It can’t? What a shame.  But is it possible to make it stop like a painting? Yeah, a photo. That’s enough. Let’s use this to broadcast the festival. You can’t do it alone? How many people do you need? Not just people, you need sun stones too? Sun stone is thermal insulation stone. I’ll give you as much as you want.」

I found the lord I’m truly willing to serve.

Since that is the case, I have no choice but to go all out to shoot the festival.

First of all, gather the staff!

Inferno wolf and demon spider.

Super scary.

However, it seems like they can hold the camera.

They can operate it too.

These guys are not bad.

I put a camera on an inferno wolf’s head.

Though it shakes up and down, it gives off a sense of reality.

I gave the demon spiders three cameras.

They were able to shoot from great angles.

Oh, wait a minute.

Let me say this first.

Never shoot women changing clothes or under their skirts.

The same is true for men.

Also, shooting in bedrooms especially at night is strictly prohibited.

This is the will of the mage who invented the camera.

If you don’t understand anything, just ask me.


The inferno wolf nods while the three demon spiders raise their legs.

It looks like they understand.


I discover talents.

The nyunyu-daphnes.

It seems like they can stand in the same place for hours.

Their weakness is their low movement speed but their patience can make up for it.

After practicing shooting, I left various parts of the festival to them.

Ah, this is a communication device.

This can only send audio.

Use it to listen to instructions.

Ehto, dragon-san.

Cameras might be rare but do you really have to be the photography subject…..

No, I’m thankful.

Yeah, that angle looks cool.

I’ll remember it.


 You have a camera on your nest?

It is covered with dust. Can you give it to me(ore)….no, to me(watashi)?

Thank you.

You’ll give it to me after the festival?


So, what and how should I shoot you?

If it doesn’t go against village chief’s wishes, I can accept certain requests….hahaha

I found another talent.

From the group of demonesses called civil servant girls, there was someone who’s looking at the camera with the same eyes as me.

That moment, I knew I found a comrade.

「I’ll leave the commentary to you.」

We did a test and she cleared it easily.

To tell you the truth, she’s way better than me so I leave it to her.

At the same time, I hired the civil servant girls as staff.

They are so good that I don’t even have to train them.

The headquarters of the shooting was planned to be set up in the Sun Castle but there was a better place.

It is an airship called universal ship.

It is not rare if you ask me but it seems like it is rare in this era.

We were provided with a big room in the universal ship as our headquarters.

Thank you, village chief.

Trouble occurred during the shooting in the dungeon.

There are many obstacles in the dungeon so we can’t pick up sounds and images that were sent by the camera clearly.

However, I already know that will happen.

So we use that.

A wired transponder.

If we put that inside the dungeon, the problem will be solved.

……ano, the lady over there.

Oh, she’s a vampire and she’s also village chief’s wife.

Please do not disassemble the camera.

I’ll tell her to village chief.

And on the day of the festival.

They finally understand.

First, I took village chief’s majestic picture and showed it to the villagers.

Zabuton-san, who’s in charge of wardrobes, made village chief’s costume….as expected.

Now, let’s start shooting.

Each area’s preparations are good.

I pray for the success of this festival.

And I pray for the success of the first ever task of the broadcasting department.


The demon king was asking something to village chief.

It seems like there’s something he wants to shoot.


He wants to shoot baseball on the field and broadcast it in a restaurant.


Good times have come.

Let’s do our best.

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