Chapter 425 – Departure of the Broadcasting Team and Food in Each Village

The festival is over.

The participants and the spectators have gone home so it has quieted down a little.

Ancestor-san and Dors are still here though.

As Loo has said before, she left for Shashaato City to research about teleportation gate.

Do your best.

During Loo’s absence, Alfred will be entrusted to Ann and Lupumirina will be entrusted to Tier.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Of course, I’ll be the one who’ll take care of them if I don’t have anything else to do.

Irre also has to go to Shashaato City to shoot baseball as requested by the demon king but he wasn’t able to go with Loo.

He still has to transport the shooting equipment.

It would have been easy if he could use the universal ship but that’s not possible so he has to do so in another way.

Thus, carriage was considered.

The mountain elves started remodeling one to make it into a shooting friendly carriage that can also act as the headquarters.

It seems like their experience in building camping coaches has been helpful.

They made five carriages but each has a different function.

The first one is a broadcasting headquarters carriage.

It is equipped with a device that manages the images taken by the camera and selects which image should be displayed on the screen.

In its riding form, two people can ride it but if you want to deploy and use its functionality, then people should work together.

The second one is a reception carriage.

It is made with the function of receiving the image taken by the camera.

Its main feature is being able to hold an antenna on the roof.

The maximum height you can extend the built-in antenna is five meters but you can’t stretch the antenna that high when the carriage is moving because the balance is bad.

It is mainly used to connect with the first one.

The third one is an equipment carriage.

There are shelves in it that contain cameras, cables, and relay equipment.

It is an equipment only carriage so people can’t get in.

The fourth is a screen carriage.

The side of the carriage is a screen where you can see the image taken by the camera.

There is also a function to transform it onto a 6m X 10m screen.

The fifth carriage is a staff carriage.

It is a camping coach packed with functions like toilet, kitchen, and nap room.

This is Irre’s request.

There is also a carriage for shooting staff so the team will be at least six carriages.

Considering the guards, Irre said that the whole team is about 10 carriages.

While waiting for the completion, I made a tripod and a crane for the camera.

The camera is a rectangular square box with a small hole so even though I don’t know that it is a camera when I first see it, I already thought it was a camera.

To operate it, you need to hold the box with both hands and push the switch at the side of the box.

It may be enough if you install it somewhere and use it like that but it is not easy if you have to move and hold it in your hands.

Thus, I made tripod and crane.

A tripod is a three-legged device with adjustable height that you can mount your camera on.

After making the height fixed, you can change the direction of the camera up and down, left and right. Its main purpose is to be able to do those while keeping the image stable.

The crane is a device that moves the camera itself up, down, left, or right in a TV studio.

This will allow you to shoot in three dimensions.

A tripod might have been enough but having a crane is good too.

Irre liked them but please, I’ll only make this crane.

The structure is not so difficult but reducing its weight is hard.

The tripod will be mounted on the equipment carriage and the crane will be mounted on the screen carriage.

The broadcasting team is composed of Irre, three civil servant girls, one minotaur from Village Two, five devils from Village Four, and two dream demons from Village Four.

One of the three civil servant girls was the demoness who played an active role in live commentary during the festival while the other two also demonstrated a strange talent.

Irre asked Frau to let them join his team.

As for the minotaur of Village Two and devils and dream demons of Village Four, they got interested after seeing the broadcast.

There’s no problem because they were permitted by their own villages.

Irre also wanted to take a kuro and some spiderlings but he was stopped by everyone.

The demon king even asked me to not let them go so I can only ask him to give up with that idea.

I don’t want the kuros or the spiderlings being hurt because everyone got scared of them for nothing.

As for the rest of the staff, they will be hired in Shashaato City.

However, they don’t have money.

I’ll just give them then.

If that’s not enough, just go ask for Michael-san from Goroun Company.

Aside from Loo, Shashaato City also have Marcos and Paula from Village One. They are working at Marla.

Mio, who’s also a mercury like Irre, is there along with civil servant girls who were dispatched to help her.

They won’t be troubled to find help.

But for the time being, let’s write a letter to Michael-san and the governor of Shashaato City.

Loo’s not here so I’ll ask Frau to check my letter for me later.

The five carriages have already been completed but Irre’s group hasn’t departed yet.

It’s because he is waiting for Raimeiren.

It seems like Raimeiren promised Irre to give him her unused cameras.

I see.

So that’s why Hiichirou’s video often plays during the festival.

It seems like Raimeiren was late because of some trouble.

Immediately after sending that message, Grafaloon brought it on her instead.

「This is the promised camera.」

The camera that Grafaloon brought was also box-shaped but it was bigger.

That will be hard to carry even with using both of your hands….ah, the minotaur seems to be okay.

It seems like it also has various functions so Irre is very excited.

「Ah, there’s also this item…」

It’s a large crystal about 1 meter in diameter and a height of 2 meters.

Irre heard what she said too but doesn’t look interested as he’s still checking the camera out so I asked Grafallon myself.

「What’s this?」

「It is a crystal that can record images taken from the camera.」

Irre stopped moving after hearing her.

I also stopped moving.

「There are various restrictions but mother in law said that you can probably use it.」

Recording device?

Irre and I were very excited.

And a sixth carriage was built in a hurry.

A record carriage was made.

The broadcasting team departed.

Using the teleportation gate, I had the centaurs pull the carriages to Village Five.

After arriving in Village Five, they changed to regular horses.

Together with the guards they hired in Village Five, they left for Shashaato City.

I pray for their safety.

Now, I’ll face the problem that’s occurring in each village.

It’s a problem I’ve recently noticed.

It’s food.

Not really food.

It’s the diet problem of those who are not eating with me.

Let me give you an example.

This is the daily meal of a certain minotaur.

Breakfast: Tonkatsu

Lunch: Kushikatsu

Dinner: Tonkatsu

This is the daily meal of a certain centaur.

Breakfast: Vegetable Tempura

Lunch: Fish Tempura

Dinner: Fish and Vegetable Tempura

This is the daily meal of a certain Village One resident.

Breakfast: Tomato Stew and Bread

Lunch: Tomato Stew

Dinner: Tomato Stew

Not only in Big Tree Village but each village can cook a variety of meals on their own. I relaxed my guard down because Ann’s group serves me different dishes every day.

Just recently, I heard from a certain errand maid minotaur about her diet so I investigated it.

And finally found out about the diet problem.

Though only a few, there are even Big Tree Villagers that have a similar diet.

But not as terrible as Village One, Village Two, and Village Three.

However, there are also some convincing aspects when I heard about the circumstances of each village.

Everyone has their own respective jobs so they can’t spend that much time cooking.

Because of that, they just cooked a lot in the morning and make it last the whole day.

Or, they’ll cook something for breakfast, and cook it again for lunch and dinner since the preparation would be the same.


I finally understand.


Certain minotaur-san.

Breakfast: Tonkatsu

Lunch: Kushikatsu

Dinner: Tonkatsu

I heard that this diet continued for a week.

It is okay since kushikatsu has different ingredients and you change how you cut the tonkatsu?


Because of that, I ordered an emergency meeting.

Let’s think about countermeasures.

I understand that it will be hard to cook different things every meal.

I also understand that they want to make a living so they put time on work as much as possible.

The reason why Village Four is not included is because Bell and Gou are there to manage things.

If that is the case, should I have someone to manage each village?

「Village chief, I have a suggestion.」

Rashaashi, the caretaker of Village Three, raised her hand.

I was thinking about what to do and it should be simple.

「Each village will randomly select one family per day and have them report the content of their meal.」

They don’t know which family will be chosen so everyone will be careful.

「If we continue to do it for a month, I think that the idea of changing each meal will take root.」

I see.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

「But, can it really be improved just by reporting?」

That’s the dwarf Donovan’s opinion.

Now that he said that, he might be right.

It’s just a report after all.

We won’t punish them if they’re not able to do it, won’t we?

「That’s what I want to talk about.」

Rashaashi sticks out her chest.

Each village has begun reporting on their meal.

The caretaker of each village will randomly select a family, listen to that family’s report, and record it.

There are no penalties for reporting.

However, there is an additional line at the end of the report.

「Village chief will take a look at this meal report.」

I wondered if it would really work but improvement can be seen from the report’s content.

This is the daily meal of a certain minotaur.

Breakfast: Tonkatsu and Cabbage

Lunch: Kushikatsu

Dinner: Katsudon and Vegetable Juice


Thinking about it, the residents of Village One, Village Two, and Village Three might not have the concept of a well-balanced diet.

Reflect, me.

Let’s take our time and slowly teach them.

For the time being, let’s warn them not to eat too oily food as much as possible. I decided to continue with the report until the martial arts tournament in fall.

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