Chapter 426 – Menu

It may be unfair that I’m only paying attention to Village One, Village Two, and Village Three’s diet.

If it is something related to food, resentment can be easily bought.

I should treat everyone equally and pay attention to Big Tree Village, Village Four, and Village Five’s diet too.

A certain high elf’s meal.

Breakfast: Freshly baked bread, fried egg, soup with plenty of vegetables

Lunch: Fruits

Dinner: Morning baked bread, grilled killer rabbit meat, wild vegetables foraged during the day, fruits

This would be a day where she went hunting.

For lunch, she eats fruits from the fruit area since it is ready to eat.

The only problem is there are only a few kinds of fruits to choose from depending on the season.

A certain dwarf’s meal.

Breakfast: Freshly baked bread, salad, egg soup, fruits

Lunch: Meat and vegetable sandwich

Dinner: Morning baked bread, grilled fish, a small amount of alcohol

Breakfast seems to be well balanced but I heard that it’s always the same.

Lunch is prepared by oni maids and beastgirls so every day won’t be the same.

I heard that they don’t care about whatever the dinner is as long as there’s alcohol.

A certain lizardman’s meal.

Breakfast: Freshly baked bread, fruits

Lunch: Vegetable, fruits

Dinner: Morning baked bread, yakitori, fruits, a small amount of alcohol

It seems like the lizardmen bake bread in the morning and distribute it among them.

At lunch, they eat any edible vegetables or fruits they can find around.

Their main meal is dinner so they eat a lot during that time before going to sleep.

A certain oni maid’s meal.

Breakfast: Freshly baked bread, fried eggs, village vegetables salad, soup with a small amount of meat

Lunch: Pasta with tomato sauce, village vegetables salad, soup with a small amount of meat

Dinner: Grilled meat, village vegetables salad, soup with a small amount of meat, a small amount of alcohol

It was grilled meat that day.

Yeah, that was delicious.

They are basically eating the same food as mine.

The only difference is salad and soup but, what’s with those?

Food prepared for the oni maids so that they can eat anytime?

When they are truly busy, it will be worse.

I have to think about improving it.

A certain kuro’s meal.

Breakfast: Tomato

Lunch: Tomato

Dinner: Tomato

Problem detected.

I don’t really mind if you like vegetables but eat meat too.

You eat meat when you go hunting?

You’re on guard duty that day so only tomatoes?

I see.

But why tomatoes?

Don’t you like green leafy vegetables?

How about cabbage?


Its tail is down.

Don’t worry, I won’t force you.

A certain phoenix chick’s meal.

Breakfast: Grilled fish, village vegetable salad, oni maid special omelet, fruits(grapes)

Lunch: Pasta with tomato sauce and pork, edible wild herb salad, fruit juice

Dinner: Cold bean soup, River fish, steamed meat bun, sautéed beef fillet, rice(unthreshed), black tea


I’m not complaining but, isn’t this too luxurious?

Unthreshed rice, is it eating as it is?

Cooked rice is not bad but it prefers raw.


A certain fairy queen’s meal.

Breakfast: Sweet bread, fried eggs with sugar, mixed juice

Lunch: Fruit pancakes with a lot of whipped cream, ginger and honey juice

Dinner: Oyakodon, sauteed beef fillet snatched from Aegis, vegetable juice, pudding a la mode

The fairy queen, isn’t she too spoiled?

Well, it seems like the fairy queen doesn’t eat them all but distribute them to other fairies…okay.

However, Aegis is angry so stop robbing it.

If you want to complain, pudding….you understand, right?

A certain spiderling’s meal.

Breakfast: Potato(raw)

Lunch: Bean sprout, asparagus, fruit(apple)

Dinner: Killer rabbit meat(raw), french fries, baked potato with butter

They won’t give up mashed potato but baked potato with butter is their number one.

I see.

Maa, overall, it seems to be a balanced diet.

There is no problem.

By the way, who’s the one who cooked the French fries and baked potato with butter?

You get the ingredients and cook them yourself?

Be careful not to get burned.

Big Tree Village is like this.

Everyone’s been educated so there will be no major problem.

There’s also no problem with Village Four since Bell and Gou prepare breakfast and dinner while teaching everyone.

As for Village Five, most of them eat in Big Tree Village so there’s no problem.

The group cooking that Village Four is implementing might be a good idea.

Let’s propose something similar to Village One, Village Two, and Village Three.


They are doing that already?

They are eating lunch in a group.

I see.


Wait a minute.

What about that one?

A certain minotaur’s meal.

Breakfast: Tonkatsu with cabbage

Lunch: Kushikatsu

Dinner: Katsudon and vegetable juice

Are you telling me that they cooked kushikatsu for group lunch?

Cooking kushikatsu is rather easy since the more ingredients it has, the more delicious it is.

Is that the reason why they are cooking kushikatsu in a group?


Could it be that the whole Village Two is addicted to tonkatsu sauce?

If you want to eat tonkatsu or kushikatsu, you have to make a rich sauce with ketchup, soy sauce, fried sesame seeds, etc.

This kind of sauce is loved enthusiastically by some people.

Even in Big Tree Village, the problem of several high elves putting tonkatsu sauce on anything occurs.

Come to think of it, I heard that Village One is making sauce for deep fried food for Big Roof Shashaato and there’s also news that Village Two wants to cooperate too.


Maybe I’m just overthinking things but I’ll pay attention to it.


I plan on building a cafeteria in Big Tree Village.

It has been proposed by the civil servant girls for a long time.

Let’s put it in action.

If the cafeteria in Big Tree Village goes well, we can plan on building cafeterias in other villages as well.

That way, there will be no bias against lunch.

Yeah, I think that’s not a bad idea.

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