Chapter 2 – Cheat Skill Suddenly Activated

– Farmer’s Garbled Skill

Now, this is a large forest.

It’s forest as far as my eye can see….I mean, I can also see mountains so is this a mountainous region or something?

I’m currently in a place where I don’t know anything about.

It seems like monsters appear when you’re in distress and I’m obviously in the worst distress.

「First, check all equipment….」 

Sleeping bag

Water bottle

Pet bottle



One-handed pot


Salt and pepper



Solid Curry

This is all I have.

They are the same equipment I had when I was returning home from my mountain walk.

I don’t have enough food for a day but the most critical issue is water.

I have 1500ml but assuming that I would walk all day, it won’t last.

-There’s no water, there’s no food. Perhaps, as an omake, I should worry about the dangers of monsters.

According to the king, without a map, it might be hard to even find a village because we don’t know both location and direction.

If I blindly walk towards a place I don’t know the direction of, there’s no doubt that I will soon die from lack of water and food.

For the time being, while I still can survive in this area, I should grasp the surrounding geography little by little.

Then, I gave out a deep sigh.

—Scene Change—

Immediate priority

1. Securing water

2. Securing shelter

3. Securing food

That is all.

If I don’t eat food for a week, I will not die but if I can’t drink water, I’ll be out in two or three days.

Securing shelter has been achieved.

I found a cave near the place I was left behind.

It’s about 2 meters high and a depth of about 7 meters.

Looking around the cave, I decided to make a temporary sleeping place. I raked up withered tree branches and grass.

Then, I burned the withered tree branches and grass in the cave.

This is to smoke out indigenous insects and small animals. If I did not do this, I won’t be able to sleep since I’ll worry about insects all night.

「Now, it’s time to look for water….」 

When I walked around this area before I discovered the cave, I saw a river.

However, the water quality is a little muddy….it is a small smelly dirty river which I can’t drink directly.

To drink its water, it is necessary to boil it to disinfect after filtering but I don’t know how to filter.

「Is it really possible for me to drink this…」 

While looking at the muddy water that I had drawn using the pet bottle a while ago, I tilted my neck.

For the time being, I guess I’ll leave it for a while and wait for the impurities to settle at the bottom of the bottle due to gravity…

「At times like this, I wish I can use internet….」 

Skill: Net Search Level 10 has been activated】

「I can use it!」 

It seems like one of my garbled skills is this.

【Note: Level 5 skill is the maximum and 10 is the maximum limit break level.】

I took my phone out of my rucksack and turned it on.

「Amazing….the battery power became ∞….the signal looks good too.」 

The voice of god said that skill level 10 is the maximum limit break level….I guess it’s a cheat.

I am thankful for this.

Then, I searched for a method of filtration using pet bottles.

Use a handkerchief or a towel, after that will be things like natural gravel and sand. I tried it and it actually worked.

Then, I boiled the water using the one-handed pot and drank it.

The water was good and my stomach did not hurt after that.

「As expected, net search system is the strongest.」 

That way, I managed to clear my shelter and water problem.

—Scene Change—

Now, what’s left is food.

For now, I’ll collect nuts and hunt animals…can I do it?

When I was strolling and wondering where I could find something to eat in the forest….


I found a skeletonized corpse in the forest.

To be honest, I don’t feel good but let’s pray for it.

「But, why does it have farming tools?」 

Looking around the vicinity, I found a ruined hut and a desolate field.

Apparently, this person was a farmer in this place.

So, it seems like this person fell due to illness or something while working on the farm. There’s a rusted hoe beside the corpse.

「It will be me tomorrow, isn’t it?」 

Since this is a different world, there will be monsters, and there’s also the risk of starving to death.

I looked around at the ruined hut but there’s no preserved food. All I could find that I could use are some tableware.

Yeah…it would be nice if I could recultivate this field here and grow crops…

The field is full of weeds and even if I plow it, I don’t have seeds.

Skill: Seed Creation Level 10 has been activated. In your case, it is judged that the fastest growing crop you can plant is bean sprouts.】

That’s so elaborate.

….ah, beans of bean sprouts came out.

When I was thinking about why my palm was shining, I realized that I already had a hand full of bean sprout beans.

I don’t know why and in a sense, it scares me. I assume that this is also a skill of mine?

Ehto….if I’m not mistaken, beansprouts are made by not exposing them to sunlight.

I heard that if you put them in a dim place, after a week, you can already plant them.

Maa, let’s just accept this situation that I received a ready-to-use vegetable seed.

Then, I took the hoe…

Skill: Farming Tool Handling Level 10 has been activated.】

「Oh! Music to my ears!」 

Apparently, this is also a cheat skill.

I didn’t feel its weight when I tried waving it around.

In a blink of an eye, I plowed the area around and scattered the seed from my palm. Finally, I assembled some woods from the hut to shade them.

And I heard the voice of god again.

Skill: Crop Cultivation Level 10 has been activated.】

Hnn? What is this skill?

Does it mean that I can make the crops grow faster or something?

However, the voice of god did not respond to my question.

「….now, it’s dull if there are only beansprouts.」 

Beansprout aside, the most important nutrient is sugar….in short, carbohydrates.

If we talk about the most carbohydrate-rich vegetables, root crops are the fastest growing.

This may be surprising but lotus root and carrots contain lots of carbohydrates.

For now, that’s the only thing that I can use as a substitute for rice and wheat grains.

Skill: Seed Creation Level 10 has been activated. 】

「Good good, carrot seed-like thing came out.」 

I want to cultivate wheat and rice in the future but not now so I will put that plan on hold.

When I was thinking about that, cold sweat flowed on my back.

「ah….this is bad」 

I saw something really bad behind a tree.

Right, it’s about 30 meters away from me – a giant wolf.

It’s a wolf that looks like a Siberian husky only five times bigger. The name silver fang looks suitable for it.

Or rather, it’s a monster no matter how you look at it….is the effect of the amulet already expired?

Oi oi, what can I do?

For now, I can only hold the hoe—

–our eyes met.

It is bigger than the tigers in the zoo and there’s no iron bar between us.

Of course, my heart is about to stop.

As cold sweat came from my back, my leg almost gave off.

After a short eye to eye match, it dashed to me.

「Uwaaa! Don’t come! Don’t come here!」 

I wave the hoe to intimidate it.

However, that kind of threat won’t do anything against the wolf whose large mouth is already approaching me.

Skill: Farming Tool Handling Level 10 has been activated.】

Eh? Skill activation?


The hoe pierced the wolf’s head and it even produced a wind-slashing sound.

At the same time, something hot flowed from me that looked like something magical. It flowed towards the hoe….and finally to the wolf’s body.


There’s an explosion.

Some sort of aggressive magic exploded in the wolf’s body.

「That is not at the level of farming tool handling….」 

The flesh of the wolf, that exploded, scattered around.

Looking at the carbonized pieces of meat, I was stunned on the spot for a while.

After a while, I thought that maybe I could eat monster meat.

However, when I picked up a piece of wolf meat, it was completely carbonized that I couldn’t eat much.

「It looks like it is difficult to get food from monsters.」 

I made a deep sigh.

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