Chapter 34 – Knight of a Certain Country

-Emperors Kingdom’s 1st Knight’s Commander’s POV-

When I was walking hastily down the corridor, I heard a voice from behind.

「Have you heard about it?」


The entire castle is wrapped in tension because of that topic.

The king who received the report killed the knight who reported it on the spot.

Killing the knight won’t change anything.

However, if you said something like that, it will be your head who’ll be flying next or even fall into slavery.

Either way, your life is over.

It started with an incident in the forest.

The king probably thought it was the last stand.

Because of that, he tried to conclude it by strengthening the evil eye power.

However, the result is.


One magic stone supports the compound evil eye magic.

It is a magic stone that is said to have been found in an ancient ruin.

Compound evil eye magic was realized with the discovery of this magic stone.

The magic stone possesses extraordinary power. Even if a mage studies it, it won’t result in anything.

I heard that blood of many mages flowed because of it.

The king of our country used the magic stone.

At first, he stopped the aging of his body using the power of the stone.

No, it’s not that it completely stopped it. It only delayed the inevitable.

It seems like he is getting older little by little.

Next, in order to become the king of the world, he used it to strengthen the compound evil eye magic.

Over tens of thousands of sacrifices poured into the magic stone.

Because of the blood sacrifice, the magic stone became stronger and the compound evil eye magic became stronger too.

Everyone believed and no one doubted that he would get the forest and become the king of the world.

That stone, has that much power.


The magic stone cracked.

A really small crack.

I feel sorry for the mage who found it out.

He has found something that touches the king’s inverse scale.

And now.

It seems like the 4th knights have gathered.

Perhaps they will be ordered to go to the forest and investigate.

There is still a place where the power of the kings of the forest exists.

The area around the forest seems to have been suppressed.

Looking at the whole forest, it’s probably less than 10 to 1.

Moreover, it is in the centermost part of the forest.

There’s no way the Emperors’ Knights can go there and return.

However, what’s happening?

I heard that the magic stone has been significantly strengthened since it was first found.

There is no existence that can scratch the magic stone.

It is said that the kings of the forest have repeatedly counterattacked.

However, they don’t have enough power to fight against the magic stone.

Suddenly, this has happened.

Did something awaken?

An existence more powerful than the kings of the forest?

Isn’t the only one above kings is god?

Did a god awaken?

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