Chapter 35 – Explore the Forest….Parent Spider? Spiderling?

These rock dolls are great.

I only need to prepare boards for the 3rd and 2nd floor and they’ll stack them up themselves.

These rock dolls are great helpers.


Since my hands are free, I decided to explore the forest.

As for Soa’s group, they are both scouting the forest and hunting for prey.

My companion is Koa.

I want vegetables and seasonings.

The way the big trees look changes a little when we move away from the rocky mountain.

They seem to be influenced by the shadow.

The shadows here are clearly thicker than the trees near the rocky mountain.

I used purification and made sure that even the insides of the trees will be purified.

A gentle light wraps the trees.

After a few seconds, the light gathers in the air and flies somewhere.

I look in the direction it flew by.

This is the first time I saw the light after purification.

It was more dazzling than I imagined but why did it go somewhere?

I wonder if there is a curse source in the direction it flew.

It’s scary to think about it.

When I checked the trees, their colors became vivid probably because the effect of the shadow is gone.

It’s great but they are really big.

Even the fruit on that tree seems to be difficult to harvest.


I’m now in front of the tree.

When I look up, I can see that it has red fruits.

This is the first time I see this red fruit in this world.

The question now is whether it is edible or not and how to get them.

When I was thinking about what to do, boss-san came….

It climbs the tree…..


There are many boss-san.

8 of them, areh?

No way, those are the spiderlings?

Yeah, they have no wings.

They are larger compared to when I saw them before.

They look like they are almost as big as boss-san.

Did they grow?

In just a few days?


While I was busy being surprised, a spiderling brought me a red fruit.

I now have a red fruit on my hand.

Thank you.

The 8 spiderlings are around the size of a 500 yen coin.

They’ve grown up.

Actually, the fruit it gave me looks like a small watermelon.

I cut it using the silver ore knife and tried to eat it.

It’s crispy and the taste is….fresh and sweet like a peach.


I finally ate something other than meat for the first time in a few days.

It is ripe so it is sweet and I’m somewhat healed.

After everyone finished eating, we resumed the harvesting.


The spiderlings harvested dozens of red fruits.

How are we going to bring them home?

When I was teleported into this world, I only had my clothes and shoes with me.

The black sling bag on my shoulder has my wallet and smartphone.

Even if I use my bag, it can only fit one small ball size fruit.

I wish this bag could be used like the pocket of that famous robot.

In that case, I would be able to store as much as I want.

The bag becomes lighter.

I was surprised to see that the fruit on the bag that I just put in is no longer there.

「Areh?… disappeared?」

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