Chapter 36 – The Forest is Wide….Boss-san?

The red fruits that are harvested by the spiderlings are thrown into the bag one after another.

No way, the bag I brought has become a magic bag?

Thanks to a famous robot!

The spiderlings already harvested 30 fruits but there seems to be more. Is it harvest season?

The spiderlings are moving freely from trees to trees.

They are like mini ninjas.

I followed the spiderlings through the forest.

For some reason, the spiderlings are leading the way.

Thank you.

A spiderling passes in front of me.

I stopped and checked why and it seems like there’s a small tree with overgrown leaves a few steps away.

When I approached it, the spiderlings started harvesting again.

A cabbage-like thing can be seen in those overgrown leaves.

They brought me one of those.

It’s quite big. As big as a basketball.

Looking at the size of the spiderlings, I’m even wondering how they managed to harvest this.

I peel one piece of leaf from the vegetable and eat it.

There’s no tingling substance, it is crispy, and it has a gentle sweetness.

It doesn’t taste like cabbage or lettuce so is it somewhere in between?

It’s hard to explain but it’s good.

I put it in my bag again.

Are those vegetable trees? There are dozens of them.

We managed to harvest a lot because they are nearby each other.

We got 50 in total.

….they might rot before we can eat them.

When I get home, I’ll think about whether I can cast some magic into the storage room.

….I walk quite a bit but there seem to be few trees with edible fruits.

There are also a fair number of monsters that tried to attack us but Koa’s growl drives them away.

Koa’s the strongest!

When she growls, even I get scared!

We discover a bright yellow-green fruit tree.

The spiderlings harvested fist-size fruits this time.

It has a refreshing lemon-like smell.

This time, we harvested bluish fruit from the same tree.

However…it’s odorless.

It’s strange but I still put it in my bag.

We harvested 50 pieces in total.

There are three types of that fruit.

Let’s go back to the house for the time being.

When we got home, there were 5 preys in front of Shion and Chai who acted separately.

There were 7 in front of Soa and Hio.

There are 2 in front of Kurou.

The number of prey they hunt is increasing each day.

However, these are already a lot.

We all only eat 1 to 3 preys per day so I asked them not to hunt too much.

But before that, let me stroke your heads for a job well done.

I’m already used to dismantling so it didn’t take a long time.

I also can skin them using magic which saves a lot of time.

I teleport the meat to the refrigerated room.

As for the skin….still thinking about what to do with it.

In order to check the size of the spiderlings, I called out Boss-san.


Boss-san, are you growing too….?

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