Chapter 437 – Sapling

After the martial arts tournament was over, the village changed a little.

First of all, some of the lamias from the south dungeon and titans from the north dungeon who participated in the martial arts tournament remained in the village.

It seems like they will work in the village until the autumn harvest.

The lamias will help with brewing alcohol.

The titans will be helping with blacksmithing at Gutt’s place.

Do your best then.

Malbit, the angel’s chief, and Ruincia, the vice chief, came in the middle of the martial arts tournament.

They will not return even after the martial arts tournament is over and plan to stay at the village as they are.

「Thank you for taking care of us last winter.」

Malbit said so and went to my mansion.

And returned immediately.

「The kotatsu is gone!」

「It’s still autumn.」

Ignoring Malbit, Ruincia gave me a present.

「It’s late.」

It was a book made of parchment and a one-meter tall sapling.

「It’s a tree that has been growing in the angel’s village for generations. If you don’t mind, please plant it in this village.」

「Thank you very much.」

Tier and Gran Maria will probably be pleased if I plant a tree that came from the angel’s village.

Let’s make sure it will grow.

But, what kind of tree is this?

I’d be happy if it bears fruit …

After Ruincia went to Tiselle and Aurora, Kierbit came in a hurry.

She stared at my new sapling.

「Uwwaaaaa, uwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaa……」


Is this dangerous?

Kierbit didn’t answer my question.

She looked away pretending that she didn’t hear me and flew away.

There’s no other way but to ask Tier then.

「This thing, do you know what it is? 」

「Eh? Eh? That? Eh? 」

I decided not to ask Tier either.


I hid the sapling and asked Gran Maria.

「Gran Maria, I heard about a certain tree growing in the angel’s village, what is it? 」

「I know all the trees there but they are only fruit trees like the ones in this village….ah, perhaps you meant that tree? 」

「Is there a strange tree there?」

「Rather than a strange tree, it can be called a symbol. Do you want to know about it?」


「During the old days, when the angels still refer to themselves as godkins, there is a tree that had a contract with the earth god.」

「Contract with the earth god? That sounds awesome.」

「It is. I don’t know if that is true though. However, the angels revered that tree as the symbol of angels and raised it carefully. However, no matter how careful they raise it, it doesn’t seem to grow.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, and it also doesn’t die even if it is placed in a scorching land or a frigid land.」

「That’s amazing but, why did they even put it in such an environment?」

「When the angels are still referring to themselves as godkins, they have done a lot of unreasonable things. It’s embarrassing.」

「No, well, I guess so.」

The black history of angels.

Cough. Let’s get back to the topic. The tree is amazing not only because it doesn’t wither. What made it really amazing is the effect of its leaves. If you crush a leaf and put it on an injury, all kinds of injuries will be healed. If you boil two leaves and drink it, you can recover from any disease. And it said that if you roast three leaves and eat them, it can even regenerate lost limbs.」

「That is indeed amazing.」

「Yeah, but they are all rumors. I don’t know if it can really heal injuries.」

「Hahaha. Right. It would be surprising if there’s such a convenient tree.」

「Right. However, along with that story, it has become the symbol of angels. Of course, it is tightly guarded. If village chief wants to see it, Malbit-sama might show you but…..Ruincia-sama will definitely stop you. That’s the tree.」

I see.

Since I got a tree sapling of that tree, it troubled both Kierbit and Tier.

However, I don’t think that’s enough to act like that.

Well, it’s their symbol. The way they feel about it is definitely different from mine.

Gran Maria….she’s pregnant so let’s hide it from her.

「By the way, what’s the name of the tree?」

「I think it’s an exaggeration but in the angel’s village, it is called world tree(Yggdrasil).」

「I’m sure that’s an exaggeration.」

I went out of Gran Maria’s room and went to the place where I hid the sapling.


What should I do with this sapling?

Maa, I still feel that I should properly plant and raise it.

However, it looks like an important tree of the angels so I can’t just plant it anywhere.

The children might also bump and crash it when they’re playing.


The safest place in the village is either my mansion or the residential area.

Let’s plant it in the middle of the residential area.

And make a wall.

A wall surrounding four sides of the place where it is planted.

I asked the high elves and it was completed in no time.


It looks bad.

It’s just a wall.

It looks like a shed without a roof.

It’s good enough.

Then, let’s plant this immediately at the center of the shed.

If the sapling grows, it might act like a roof.

No, I want it to be its roof.

I wished that so while using the AFT to dig the ground where I’ll plant it.

A remote place.

Kuudel found Gran Maria.

「Gran Maria, is it okay for you to move around?」

「I should move a little. Rather than that, where’s village chief?」

「Ah, he’s making something over there. Do you want me to ask him to come here?」

「No need. It’s not a big deal.」

「Right right. It’s not a big deal but pregnant women shouldn’t move around.」

「If you’re worried, then come with me.」

「Okay. So, what’s the “not a big deal” you’re talking about?」

「I just told village chief about the world tree but I forgot to tell him something.」

「What did you forget?」

「The size of the world tree. It has been around 2000 years since we started raising it but it has only grown for about a meter.」

「Ah, no matter where you plant it, it will not wither but it will not grow unless it is planted in a suitable place.」

「Right right. I have to tell him that too. However, why did village chief suddenly want to hear about the world tree?」

「Malbit-sama and Ruincia-sama are both here so he probably heard it from them.」

「I see. I think I’ll have to ask the two of them first for more details.」

「Certainly. Ah, that was….as usual, they built things so fast. Looks like it’s already done.」

「It’s so fashionable to make a big tree as a roof.」

「Yeah, I like it too. By the way, the nyunyu-daphnes are gathering around the shed….」

「Are they worshipping something? Did village chief do something again?」

「Maybe. However, looking at that roof tree, I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere…………n-no way.」

「……it might have an effect on the child in my womb so I will not look at it for a while.」

「G-good idea.」

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