Chapter 1.7 – Inviolable Rule in Living in the World

「Ehto, this is how to do it, right?」

「Yeah, that’s the way to do it. Please let that piece go, aniisama.」

「Got it. It’s my first time after all.」

「Fufufu. It’s my first time too so aren’t we the same? You’re not trying to lose, are you? Take this!」

「So, you want to play that way, aneue. I’ll move here.」

「Maa, Najek, aren’t you being too cheeky?」

At first, Cornelia is the only one who’s placing pieces with little confidence but when they got the gist of it, their game advances as if they are tapping their hands. Wallace, who was watching the match, unconsciously puts his hand on his chin and is lost in thought.

「Hou? This is pretty good….」

Next to him, who was watching the match with a merchant’s eyes, is Digress, who’s looking down at his daughter with admiration.

「Eseria, this is the first time I’ve seen this. Did you think about it on your own?」

「Yes, father. Chess rules are too complicated and children will have a hard time deciding on the next move. But with this, the rules are simple and placing a piece is also easy, right?」

「Certainly. There are also several ways to place the pieces so there will be a considerable difference depending on what you choose.」

「Yeah, that’s how it is.」

He nodded in satisfaction upon hearing Eseria. However, it is Eseria who’s truly satisfied with the fact that they understood her idea. While watching the game develop before her, she became worried and several thoughts passed through her head.

(As expected of aneesama and aniisama, they got absorbed into it. Even if they have no prior knowledge about it, at least they can play decently. However….)

She unconsciously raises her eyebrows when she can no longer endure what she’s seeing.

「Ehto….then, I’ll place it here.」

「Aneesama, please wait!」

「Eh? Eseria, what’s wrong?」

Hearing Eseria’s scream, not only Cornelia, but the others were also startled. However, without minding everyone’s startled expression, Eseria steps forward, stretches her hand, and explains the situation.

「Sure, if aneesama place the piece here, you can turn these three to white piece but if the black put its piece here, you’ll be overturned.」

「Ah…..right, you are right.」

After being specifically pointed out, Cornelia understood what she’s trying to say. Eseria, then, continued her explanation.

「In this case, it is okay to leave it here. Though you can only turn one piece to white, it is at the corner which is a very good position later.」

「However, if I do that, won’t the number that I can turnover be smaller? Isn’t the goal of the game to turn as many pieces as you can to your color?」

When she heard such simple questions, Eseria approached her.

「Aneesama, those pieces will come in handy later. The edge is better than the center, the corner is better than the edge, that is your goal!」


「Yeah. This is the same as life. If you get caught up in trivial events or a spur of the moment, you’ll lose sight of the big picture!?」

Everyone was stunned when they heard Eseria saying that with a serious expression. Cornelia can only ask back.

「Ano, Eseria? What is the big picture?」

「For example, rather than blaming your husband for cheating and lowering your reputation by being frowned at by everyone, closely monitor the mistress and get evidence of cheating. Once you get hold of the weakness of your husband, you can grasp the real power in your husband’s family!」


Cornelia, who was advised like that by a little girl, suddenly shut up. Not only her but the room was silent. Then, Eseria turns her head to her older brother and talks.

「To give an easy to understand analogy to you aniisama, you’re certainly aspiring to be a bureaucrat at the royal castle, right?」

「Y-yes….Why are you….」

「Let’s assume that in the future, aniisama will be working under an incompetent low-life boss.」

Najek, who was brought up with such an assumption, immediately commented.

「Wait a minute, Eseria. I feel like I heard a word that is not very suitable for a young lady to use.」

「Supposed that aniisama got angry at the boss after being robbed of an achievement, you are probably going to appeal to an official in a higher position. However, that’s not the right move.」

「Eh? Why?」

When he was told with something unexpected, he forgot to doubt and asked her. Eseria flatly asserted.

「If that low life like that has that position, it is obvious that he’s good at bribing and stuffs!」


That powerful claim made the room silent again. Meanwhile, Eseria’s claims continue.

「In that case, you should form an amicable relationship with that low-life boss. Take some job, win his trust, and secretly gather evidence of his injustice and corruption. After that, go directly to his majesty, the king, or at least a minister! I can assure you that this is the best toy to cultivate a child’s “important things rather than small things” and “win or lose” spirit!! 」

「Ano… or lose….gather evidence….. 」

Seeing her little sister’s unusual behavior, Najek muttered in stupor. Cornelia, on the other hand, was excited and even praised her little sister.

「You’re amazing, Eseria! I can’t believe you can think of such great things even though you’re young!? 」

「Eh? A-aneue? 」

「Aneesama? 」

「Truly amazing! You’re like an old scholar! I really respect you! 」

「A-ano…..I might have been a little cheeky for a moment. 」

(They might think suspiciously of me because I talked too much….that’s not really appropriate for my age.)

Although Eseria and Najek were pulled by their elder sister’s excitement, Cornelia’s not really suspicious about her and even urges her brother with a smile.

「Then, Najeck, Eseria taught us the essence of like that we can learn from this game, so let’s continue!」

「Yeah, right….」

Najek took up a piece and resumed the game while having a twitchy smile. While watching the situation, Digress couldn’t help but ask her daughter who made the game.

「Eseria, does this game has a name?」

「Yeah. I named it kashis(reversal).」

「Hou? Kashis? I see. Certainly.」

Next to her nodding father who’s saying those, Eseria smiles wryly.

(It won’t work if I name it Othello or reversi since it wouldn’t make sense. If I say that I knew it from my previous life, they’ll treat me as someone crazy.)

Finally remembering that he was there, Eseria looked up at Wallace who’s standing diagonally behind.

「Ah, Wallace-san, I have something I want you to make again. I brought something with design and explanation so, can you make a prototype again?」

「Yes….I’ll be glad to.」

(Ufufu, it’s going well. I have a lot in my mind but I’ll make them one by one!)

Looking at the confused Wallace who nodded in confusion, Eseria further thought of the ideas in her head as she smiles satisfactorily.

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