Chapter 4.7 – Goddess Erisamir

Asgard’s main religion is polytheism.

To be precise, each religion enshrines one god but it is common sense in this world that there is more than one god.

Since ancient times, though very rare, gods have actually descended into the world and no one denies it.

Each god has different things to govern and the people of Asgard choose their god according to their belief or which suits them the most.

In addition, it’s normal for someone to worship not only one god but multiple gods.

The only people who worship one god are the priests and shrine maidens who serve gods.

The reason is quite simple, there are so many gods(around 8 million) so it is normal to worship several gods in your life.

If the gods rejected such practice, each person would be worshipping only one god but the gods did not stop people from worshiping multiple gods and they even recommended it.

The reason why the gods recommend multiple faiths have been discussed among the clerics since ancient times but up to this day, there’s no answer.

Thus, ordinary people of Asgards did not even bother thinking why they are worshipping multiple gods.

There are gods that can only be read in a religion’s forbidden tome and only the high-ranking clerics can read them.

Of course, there are also religious organizations that unite the clerics.

However, rather than calling it an organization, it is better to call them temples of a certain area. The relationship of the religions there is more of a horizontal relationship rather than a vertical relationship. Of course, there are well-known temples but there is no central temple that brings all religions together.

Therefore, since ancient times, people called those groups of clerics as temples or churches.

—Scene Change—

Sylvia finds the conversation between Kousuke and Collete as nothing interesting. She tells herself that she’s not jealous but she can’t hide how upset she is with Esena’s remark.

The people around seemed to understand what’s happening but they didn’t voice it out.

At this point, Sylvia is also aware of her feelings but she’s also doubting it.

Until today, he’s someone she has never met.

She didn’t think that she’s the type that falls in love at first sight so she’s wondering why. Kousuke’s face is not even her type.

When Sylvia was trying to sort out her feelings, Kousuke asked her a strange question.

「Goddess Eris…?」

「No, isn’t Goddess Erisamir also called Goddess Eris?」

Sylvia thought about Kousuke’s question.

Erisamir Religion is the religion she belongs to.

Although she is far from the temple, she has not quit her faith.

When she registered at the main temple, she had the opportunity to touch a book called forbidden tome, so she was confident that her knowledge of Goddess Erisamir was second to none.

「…..I can’t say.」

「What do you mean?」

「It’s not like there’s no book where Erisamir-sama was referred to as Eris. However, she only allows other gods to call her that.」

「Ah, I see.」

Sylvia was confused when she saw Kousuke being convinced with that explanation.

To put it simply, Kousuke doesn’t look so religious. He doesn’t look like someone who’ll involve himself with a temple.

She was wondering why he knew about other gods calling goddess Erisamir with the name Eris.

Collete, who is beside her, was actually impressed by that piece of information.

「Collete, don’t misunderstand. Actually, there are only two others that can call her that. And that’s only something I read so there’s no evidence if that is true.」

「Is that so?….then, who are those two?」

「As far as I know, only Goddess Jamir and Goddess Spica.」

If you are a person of this world, you should know that the two are major goddesses.

By the way, together with Goddess Erisamir, they are called the three great gods.

「I see.」

It is probably a name that they should not say carelessly.

「By the way, why are you talking like that earlier?」

「By the way, why are you asking me that?」

「Ah, yeah….before answering your question, I need to ask you something….Sylvia, have you ever tried divine descend?」

Hearing another technical question, Sylvia made a smug face.

「Of course, that’s a shrine maiden’s specialty. I naturally have tried that before.」

Sylvia, who said that and stuck out her chest, felt that the line of sight of Kousuke was concentrated to a certain part of her body but she ignored it.

She’s embarrassed but it is strange that she’s not disgusted.

「Then, can I ask you to be the subject of the divine descend?」

「Of course you can, but why are you suddenly requesting me to do so?」

「No, it’s the quickest way to explain everything, I think.」

「….? Maa, fine. Do it anytime you want.」

When Sylvia said so, Kousuke took her right hand and cast a summoning spell.

「I call upon her by the name of Kousuke. Use Sylvia, come out, Eris.」

Hearing Kousuke’s spell, Sylvia felt something else enter her body.

Until that point, it was no different from the divine descent she has been doing.

However, she felt an enormous amount of divinity and that made her instinctively panic.

And from her mouth, words that are not her own were said.

「Ano, Kousuke-sama, no matter how you think this is, it’s too forceful, don’t you think so too?」

When Sylvia said those, it is obvious that she’s not the one who’s saying them. Collete’s eyes widened and her heart tightened.

「Ahahaha…..I thought it would be okay since it is Sylvia….Am I wrong?」

「You are not that wrong but doing it like this won’t last for a long time…Now that you’ve seen this is possible, I can go now, right?」

「Yes. I just want Sylvia to understand. I’ll do it officially in that place next time.」

「Please do so. Then, see you again after a few days.」

After the conversation ended with surprising swiftness, Sylvia felt that the other party had left her body.

She can only be stunned given the huge amount of divine energy residue in her body.

Looking at Sylvia’s state, Kousuke got anxious.

「Are you okay? Was I a little forceful?」

「No….wait a minute. Let me sort out my mind first….」

The lingering feeling of the divine being that remained in her body is something that Sylvia felt in the temple of her religion. To be exact, it is the powerful version of that feeling.

She knows what it means but she still can’t believe it.

Unfortunately, she can’t deny it so she’s sorting out her mind.

In addition, her heart was disturbed by the goddess’ parting gift.

Sylvia managed to unify her spirit. Even if she serves as a shrine maiden in the temple all her life, she won’t be able to do it.

「……I’m sorry. I managed to calm down.」

「Great….how’s your body?」

「Yeah. In the first place, being the subject of divine descend would barely affect the body…, it depends on who’ll descend.」


Kousuke has no choice but to laugh dryly given how Sylvia stares at him.

「Wait a minute! Are you telling me that a god descended just now?」

Hearing the two’s conversation, Collete immediately intervenes.

「Yeah, that’s right….it was Erisamir-sama.」


Collete instinctively held her head.

Her reaction is normal.

In the first place, Eris, who is one of the three great gods, is not an entity that can easily manifest in this world.

She’s not the casual type of goddess that someone can easily call. That’s the world’s common sense.

「Haa. I still have a lot to say but I’m already tired for today.」

「True desuwa. I want to take a rest too.」

「Then, let’s dissolve for the time being.」

「Right」「Right desuwa」

After saying that, the two stood up and Kousuke reminded them.

「You may have forgotten but, don’t go out alone.」

Given the shock from what had just happened, the two had completely forgotten why they were there in the first place. However, they don’t even feel like going out.

「Don’t worry. I don’t even feel like going out.」

「…me too.」

Kousuke could only smile wryly given the two’s tired expression.

—Scene Change—

「Sylvia, time doesn’t pass in this place but it’s not a good idea to take our time here so I will talk to you briefly.」

「Eh? A-ano, where is this? Who are you?」

「Calm down. Think of this place as something in your consciousness however, it is not. Maa, anyway, there’s something I wanted to say to you right now that’s why I took this form.」


「I’ll talk about me some other time. For now, let’s talk about you….what you’re thinking will not go as you wish but I’m rooting for you so do your best.」


「Unfortunately, you can’t monopolize him.」

「N-no, unfortunate, truly unfortunate….what are you making me say!」

「Fufufu. Maa, anyway, you don’t need to worry about my existence and do your best.」

「…..Thank you?」

「We are reaching the limit so I’ll take my leave. See you later.」

That way was the parting gift Sylvia got….whether this conversation will be known to others or not, it will not be from Sylvia’s mouth.

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