Chapter 439 – One Autumn Day

Early in the morning, I received a consultation for a problem.

The other party is the pond turtle.

Since the world tree grew up, it was wondering if its shell’s value fell.

I don’t know so I asked Loo for backup.

「Your shed shell can be used not only as medicine material but in magic tool making too. It’s super valuable. You shouldn’t care about the leaves. First of all, shed shells of pond turtles is recognized by all as something amazing. As for the leaves, no one knows about it since it was hidden by the angels. 」

Loo praised the shed shell of the pond turtle so hard that its worry was resolved.

Loo, on the other hand, is very happy too as she was given a shed shell as consultation fee.

You don’t need to pay a consultation fee next time.

「By the way Loo, comparing the shed shell and the leaf, is shed shell more valuable? 」

「The research period of the two is completely different so the pond turtle’s shed shell is overwhelmingly superior in terms of application range. Even as a medicine, we have yet to confirm if the world tree leaves are as effective as described in the record.」

「Won’t you be able to confirm it by crushing a leaf and applying it?」

「I actually believe what’s written but confirmation aside, there might be side effects.」

Right, certainly.

「I won’t use it unless it’s an emergency.」

In any case, I want to avoid any situation where the leaves of the world tree are needed.

「I want the effect to be confirmed as soon as possible to be able to use it but…. It’s a tree that the angels are taking care of so if you have to use it outside, you have to speak with Tier and Gran Maria first. 」

「Right. I’ll keep that in mind.」

In the residential area of Big Tree Village, the construction of the angel’s village has begun.

I looked for trees of the right sizes in the forest…well, the kuros looked for them for me and I cut it down using the AFT to turn them into usable timber.

It was done before lunch because the titans helped with transporting timber.

Thank you.

After lunch, the high elves and titans went ahead and started building the villa.

I thought of participating but I was stopped by a civil servant girl.

If I participate more than this, the construction cost will shoot up so I shouldn’t.

I have no choice but to give up participating.

What should I do?

I still have some free time.


The kuros are looking at me with eyes full of expectations.

This is….why did you bring a ball?


I’ll play with you until dinner.

In the dog area, I throw the ball.

There are four who head towards the ball I threw to compete for it.

One of them managed to bite the ball so the game was over.

I stroke the head of the kuro who brought me the ball.

The kuro who managed to get the ball took the bench at once.

It was substituted by another kuro.

I threw the ball again.


Yeah, let’s take a break.

My arms are already…

The way they look at me hurts.

All right, running.

Let’s run together.

Above all, the kuros were pleased.

All right.

I’m just a little tired.

Let me lie down.

Let me recover.


After dinner, there was a fist-size spiderling that showed up in front of me.

It has a piece of wood tied to its back and legs with web.

And posing.

Hahaha, cool.

By the way, what’s with that getup?

Ah, a theatrical costume for your play at the harvest festival.


Can I help you?

Rather than tying each part using your web, it feels like you should wear it over your body….

The shape of that piece of wood is as it is so it might hinder your movement.

Armor is only worn to increase defense.

You should be particular with details.

Please get a piece of cloth from Zabuton.

Let’s paste it there.

We’ll hide it using carvings.

Let’s carve the big tree image.

Color it.

What color?

How about red?

Let’s make it glossy too.

How about your weapon?

Since you don’t have hands that can grasp it, let’s make something that can fit your leg.

If you equipped it with your two front legs, won’t you find it hard to move?

If that is the case, why don’t you just equip all your legs?

Ooohhhhh, cool.

You look strong.

I like it.

By the way, I didn’t ask earlier….

Is your costume for the justice side?

Or are you on the villain’s side?

On the justice side huh.

I see…..

I’ve never seen an ally of justice wearing red, full body armor.


Let’s remove your leg weapons.

You don’t want to?

However, those weapons look evil-like.

Also, wearing tons of armor is a minus point for an ally of justice.

It made a pose that it will never take them off.

I’m glad you like it but doesn’t that break your stage play?


Let’s think of a solution.

The solution came out quickly.

Another spiderling suggested to me.

Change the role.

The spiderling that suggested that to me is the villain.

I’m sorry if what you practiced until now will be wasted.

Allies of justice are popular so everyone’s practicing it?

That’s amazing.

Oh, I understand.

I’ll make a costume for the ally of justice.

Light, white-colored clothes.

A cloak for finishing touch and it’s done.

The next day.

There were two spiderlings in front of me.

Uh, did you evolve with your costumes?

Are you okay?

No, you look cool….

Ehto, are their adaptability that high?

Next to me, who was confused, is a calm civil servant girl.

「They evolved into a new species. Let’s name their race….armor demon spider. The red one is Red Armor and the white one is White Armor.」

Red Armor and White Armor happily raise their front legs.

If the spiders in question are happy, why should I mind?

The problem is….other spiderlings are attaching woods on their backs.

Are you guys part of the play too?

They are about 20 of them.


I worked hard.

However, they did not evolve like the first two.

I was relieved but the other spiderlings were disappointed.

I’m sorry.

However, your current appearance is majestic enough.

Good luck with your play.

However, is there a law in evolution?

Are you not going to evolve unless you have the leading roles?

There’s no way that’s true, right?

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