Chapter 37 – Evolution of the Storage Room….Familiar Taste?

Bosss-san has grown.

Its size now is as big as an L-size Japanese watermelon.

Its wings have also grown and it gives off a very mysterious atmosphere.

By the way, will it still grow?

How big will it grow?

The fruits here are big so do the wolves and dogs.

The 1st basement had a higher ceiling than the rest of the floors, could it be….no way, right?


I’m worried about the storage room.

Now, the storage room has a function of a refrigerator.

It also has an auto-clean function like what I did in the toilet.

I tried making a refrigerator and this is the result.

I imagined a refrigerator that cools things and magic spread on the rocks of the storage room.

As a result, this room became a functional refrigerator.

However, for today’s harvest of fruits and vegetables….

To be honest, I harvested a lot and if I put them in the refrigerator, their freshness will fall.

A freezer is also not a good place to preserve vegetables.

I’m now thinking what can I do for that or is there something that I can replicate to do that.

I want to keep their current freshness.

I’m thinking about that while taking out the fruits and vegetables out of the bag.

An impossible amount of fruits and vegetables come out of an ordinary bag.

No matter who sees it, that person will surely find it strange.

By the way, if you turn the bag over, everything will come out.

More fruits and vegetables came out than I counted.

I’m sure I’ve counted them carefully….just why?


How to keep their freshness.

They should be fresh as they are now.

I can say that in words but I can’t imagine it.

I imagine a warm meal and then imagine the calendar about the passage of time.

Imagine steaming food.

Then, imagine the January 1, 2018 calendar and change it to 2118 calendar.

Stopping time in order to keep it as it is.

「Time stop」

The whole room is shrouded in a bright light and returns to its original state after that.

I don’t know if I succeeded.

Let’s put some fruits and vegetables and observe them.

I built rock shelves.

I add time stop magic on the shelves too.

This has evolved into a high-performance food storage.

There are only a few shelves with nothing.

On my 1st day of forest exploration, my harvest was more than expected.


The bright yellow-green fruit smells like a combination of lemon and orange.

I was impressed when I tried to season the meat with it.

The vegetable meat rolls are good too.

I want yakiniku sauce…

When I peeled the bluish fruit, sweet and sour aroma spread.

When I eat it….hnn? Is this a strawberry….

The texture is crispy like an apple.

Its taste is similar to a strawberry.

It was delicious but I feel like it’s somewhat of a complex fruit.

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